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    All dogis in the picture are for sale. Zeni or U55 Stones Only. Private message me on the forums with your offer and ingame name or expect no reply.

    I'm not saying PvP would be balanced right at 55 cap. I said it would be easiest to balance at 55 cap. I don't know if you were directing that at me but I'm a PVE player not PvP. By all means make the 55 cap 2 weeks like Supernamek said if you don't care about the long term health of this game.

    As always we ( pve player's ) have to do what pvp one's say's / want ... bro it's not because the lvl 55 pvp in you'r oppinion is great and balanced ( cuz it's not the case anymore) that the whole community have to wait 6 mounth to do great dungeon's such as cc100 - tmq7 how is this even possible...

    In my opinion 55 cap should last the longest out of all the caps. I'd say 6 months is the sweet spot, not too long and not too short. 60 Cap should be around 3 months because it's only an increment of 5 levels and it should really just be a preparation for 70 cap. I have no idea what some people are talking about that there's no content at 55 cap , there's plenty. You get new TMQs , UDs, Dojo and Scramble are the best. I know people are saying 55 cap won't be the same because of 70 skills already in the game but the thing that made 55 cap balanced was the limited amount of SP available. Balancing just gets harder as the cap increases.

    1. Why don't you? Especially considering the main thing you have issue with is already common practice.

    2. That requires a complete game restructure.

    3. The game was dead because of a lack of development that resulted from poor cash sales. This resulted in both cashers and non cashers leaving. The Chinese disapeared from Server 2, which allowed Uprise to pretty much dominate the PVP aspect of the game, as our major competition was gone.

    4. Your preaching about ignorance, when you cant see past your own view point. In addition, I don't care about other korean games and ask myself why you would? 3rd your just being insulting for no reason other than somebody has a different view to you.

    5. Cashers are the only thing that will keep this game running. You are the one who is ignorant if you think anything other than this. Plus are you saying this game is dead? If so what are you moaning about?

    1. My main issue is people like you who want to make this game more pay to win than it is

    2. It doesn't. You just delete them & could compensate the cashers like myself with anything like wagu coins or idk. I rather see them being added somewhere else for f2p players as well.

    3. They disappeared because they cashed so much and got everything the game had to offer so fast , why was there a point to stay? P2W kills games Period.

    4. I was being insulting because you clearly don't know anything about Korean MMOs so you tried to deflect onto me. Again a quick google search and you can learn all about the differences between an Asian MMO and Western MMO.

    5. Cashers are the only ones making this game run but it doesn't mean you cater to them that's stupid , they are the minority , they won't cash in a dead game I was using it in a future tense not present.

    1. Suck it up

    2. Okay so remove brown boxes completely and grind for your gear , the people who don't grind won't have it and the people who do would have earned it

    3. The game was dead because the cashers drove free to play players away and then once there weren't any more players they didn't want to cash in a dead game, cashers cash in order to be superior to everyone else in the game

    4. I haven't played any other korean games because they're hard to obtain an account for , but do a quick google search and your ignorant self will be taught something

    5. Do you think cashers will want to cash in a dead game?

    1. Okay? It isn't supposed to be easy getting max or near max stats on ANYTHING in any game , Also are we in the 70 cap?

    2. Write a thread asking to increase the TMQ drop rate or ask for CC Gear Changes , I would support that I would love seeing players doing CC all the time

    3. Just because it was in the retail game doesn't mean it was right , that game is DEAD , get it?

    4. This games armor has random stats because its a KOREAN game and its supposed to be a grind , that is how their mmos are designed

    At the end of the day , your change will never see the light of day because daneos won't want backlash from 90% of his playerbase

    Core Game Items? Lmfaoo , Brown Boxes and Dogi Balls were added to generate income for the game and I'm sure it did give a boost to their pockets but it sped up the games downfall. How about you spam TMQ until you get the desired effect instead of trying to box it. That is how the game was original intended to be played. Core Game Item lmfaoooo

    I have an idea that can help make the game less P2W and help the community interact more together. Bring back when TMQ awarded each player an item every single time you completed the TMQ. You randomly got either a jacket , pants , or shoes but you got an item every single time. One piece of armor could possibly be made really hard to get for people not to complete their set so easily. Possibly the jacket? The stats on the armor would be completely random. For gloves and sub-weapons, they should be dropped by the final boss , RNG based. The perfect drop rates can be adjusted to find the right one so it is not too easy but not impossible. I feel like TMQs should be a more popular thing and this coupled with another change will do just that.

    Remove the ability for brown boxes to be used on jackets , pants , shoes. They would still be able to be used on accessories , gloves and sub-weapons. And that's just enough. You shouldn't be able to just box your whole character right? Every player should work for their gear, even a little bit. Since most people are saving their brown boxes for 70 cap , this change wouldn't take away the value of their items just adjust it.

    Please discuss below , I'd love to hear opinions

    If you want to have a chance against sk then wear damn antibleed accessories in order to reduce bleed duration and wear physical defense armors to reduce life drain damage. Problem solved, no?
    You bums should take example from the good players seriously.. Besides have you ever seen any of them talking about nerf? instead they're making plenty of ways how to beat a good SK players and then you asking for the nerf because most of you are lack of knownledge in this ordinary game.

    that bias lmfaooooooooo

    I agree Sks should get some type of nerf , we all know it from either Taiwan or Hong Kong or now , they have been the most powerful class in the game for a long time in both PvE and PvP which is just unfair and needs to be balanced if this game has a future

    I found this while browsing dbocom's old posts , defense rate could actually be something op we don't understand fully right now , like when properties were being first discovered , but we need verification or testing I suppose , IF its working properly


    The original designers of the game made it that way cuz that's how the class works. They gave fighter low defense but compensated it with dodge so they gave him DEX to increase that dodge. When daneos changed it, fighters now would go STR which would remove the dodge and they already have shit defense. You see how a change in the stats ruins everything ?

    The original designers also didn't care enough for balance changes to make this game not die out. Change is good , I support this.

    I want every account to receive one maybe two stones to do with whatever they please. It's how original DBO TW did it since KR had already been released.

    Yo can you just shut up , you just spam this thread and reading your comments makes me lose brain cells