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    I don t agree with you , people who had high lvls chara will be avantaged because they can farm a new gear faster then others so they can will get stronger in short amount of time , everyone who had a lot of 60 lvls charas used multi client to lvl up them , understand that we need a fresh start understand and admit it . But , about resating chara to lvl 1 and keep the unsurnames would accepteble and ok

    man wow what stupid argument here, well since lv 60 players was playing the game until now is just fair they can build a new gear quickly duh, u too if u play it and even if you are a lv30 u will farm quikly a gear for the next lv gear. So what is that stupid argument ? is a natural thing from a mmorpg game, u do not reset priston tale or perfect world because a new player come in a high lv world because the game has years online.

    Now as the token shop was terminated players will not get the golden 24 sloted box, that will be a great $h1t, so what about of modify the quests of low sloted box gained in quests and instead put the 24 sloted box?

    It'll be good if the transformations had an information about the buff you gain when trasform, and that informaton were displayed while we pass the mouse over the transformation icon, just like the other skills.

    wipe with no cash points return is absolute money scam and robbery and Daneos would never even think of taking people's cash and whip their characters entirely. Because he knows if that happens, all the cash users who fund this game will say bye bye and go jump to the next game in the blink of an eye. How can you even think of such a thing? People spent their money on the game so you saying they should lose both their characters and no cash points return either? So do you expect them to pay money again? What a joke.

    auehauehau if u think like this u can't be in favor of a server wipe, "

    How can you even think of such a thing? People spent their money on the game so you saying they should lose both their characters and no cash points return either?" and what about the time spent for the free players ? "How can you even think of such a thing?" realy ? u don't got it ? What a joke. u sound like a player mad for advantages. so the free players [email protected]# and the cash players grow stronger and take the place of people who exploit the bugs and are the alleged reason for a wipe yeaaah after that, the majority reach 70cap and the game don't receive any new update, the players go out again and it ruins the economy, meanwhile in the forum a new wipe is organized. Anybody will not play in a instable server like this.

    Every time as the players go to the last level in majority on the server the server will wiped, only because a bunch of high level players it and that, while the game do not gain atualizations and people run out the game and the economy get stucked, but hey is only do a new wipe "because the lv 60 players has the ultimate edge equipment and the rest of the players has no chance against", and after that other wipe and it will go for ever because the members of the comunity who want a wipe, think all players of the game are on the forum and get his opnions considered without expose a single one, so for the best create 2 servers the actual server for who want continue and a new one to who want the wipe, so they can create new chars and go, a wipe is not a necessity and erase all is a desrespect with the players who don't want it. but hey who want a wipe is a majority on the forum so [email protected]#, cause democracy is a poison.

    Stop of say shit man, much players won't it and a bunch will leave, only because of people o want a wipe, i was playing too and now i don't anymore because of wipe, i have college, i played to see all erased if u like erase your acc go ahead delete your own char but not mine, for me and others like it is a absurd and will be the end, my friends are erasing the game from theirs PCs only because of i said about the possibility of a wipe, my clan is only me now, that wipe is the end only, but for you all who love end the game and the fun of the others only because can't get the lv and the money for gear and more, shut up and play, play for not need a wipe because the others are best or more stronger than u, because u is the Pathetic one.

    If there is a wipe it should be a 100% wipe with no multi client. Grind how the game was meant to be grinded which isn't even bad at all. Unlike most MMORPG's this DBOG game is a walk in the park to level up with 1 character at a time.

    Man i have 30 pets, one of each, without that ep dash or autopick 1lv4, 3 lv3, and all lv 2 uping it all discarding pets with dash and autopick and without cash so i will lose 2 chars lv 60 one char lv 43 and all pets andq equips and hours of game, and it while i was waiting to up to lv 65 that is bullshit, and like it was not to much the people who use cash, will receive all back acumulated to use again from the start, pay to win time while i lose all. I beggin in this game asking to the GMs if this server was be wiped and they said no, so i played a lot and now it ? unfair and ridiculous. it is not just a easy level up this is a true !#[email protected]%$#%$%$*& my fighter, my karma and my poko and the pets. go and level up my 3 accounts if have a wipe, give my stuff back and after that u can up your account.

    About that wipe conversation. These wipe subjection is coming only from those who are weak players and want a chance to be an overpowered player if a wipe occurs, because they want play from the beggning of server, it is a noob talk.

    Only respect the opinion of the ones who don't wanna a wipe, imagine get 60lv without cheating while we wait the 70 cap to play again we create other char and go, and wait, and again.... so it is confirmed it will come and u got the server wipe....yeah with college and all so it is over... pff all efforts, man if you don't care about your acc ok, but i care about mine, so my side is just more fair

    I think u are the only selfish here.

    I m sur that i m more stuffed then 99.99% of the people you talking about even you drama boi , a wipe is necessary or ok i don t care go play a game with chinas with their 25 acc + 15 izi and don't cry when they bash kill you . Maybe you are one of this people who bug etc so you don't realy mind a wipe :/

    aheuaheua u makes me laugh, u are try acusing me beause u have no arguments, and if before much time before players are using bugs now the new ones will start better than others, with cash reward from the old cash system. so it cames only to downgrade the free players lvl 60 chars and teir things while a other bunch of new people can spend accumulated cash and beggin Overpowered, while me a total free player has to the swallow it dry, with 2 lv 60 chars and rising a new one playing all alone and all erased.

    Sounds legit but i still miss bank share between characters on the same account - yardat key

    Players should be able to share their equip between characters is ridiculous when u need make new accessories for every new character especially when it cost most of boxes and time is enough that u need buy new weapons/armors for other class.

    When player will get bored of his class he will just quit or try sell/trade his acc over starting again from 0

    Change character bound to Account bound.

    Because of it normal people creat others accs without ruin the space of the bank with inumerous itens coming from 2 or more chars and in that game when u put dragon balls on the bank u will kill the space with other chars dragon balls ?