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    Su buffo de attack speed lo hace indispensable a la hora de hacer Dungeons mas dificiles que requieren una Party Full Attack Speed.

    Ademas por su alta defensa puede ser buildeado como tanke y liberar el espacio del tanke para otro DPS.

    O sino, puede ser llevado como un DPS si se buildea con mucho prop y attack speed.

    Mientras tanto puedes comprar la Card31 en e ingresar el código en la sección buy cash // Card31

    Newgameway acepta Paypal como pago entre otra decena de tipos de pago.

    100% efectivo!

    Buena Jotah! tanto tiempo! oye te queria preguntar si existe alguna forma de pagar con SMS, como anteriormente se podía con Mobiamo. Saludos!

    After 4 runs in kraken i´ve notices a few differences with BID4 on Retail DBO (TW):

    1) Kraken is not buffing himself with invincible if you kill him too fast.

    2) Super summoning frequency is too fast, and it summons 4 mobs each time. In TW he only summoned 2 each time.

    3) Poison debuff is not draining ep.

    4) Legendary Drop rate is still too high.

    They was binded but you could sell them, but now the items dissappear after 30 secs.

    Back in the times you put in trade for example: "SELL Legendary Earrings in BID4)" and someone with good money pay to one person in the party and after that you invite that person to the party and he gets the item.

    Then the person that received the money gives money to each player in the party.

    Hope i helped you ^^

    Hi, i played TW and used to spam BID4 Kraken frequently.

    After an hour spamming in DBOG i´ve noticed a few things:

    About the BOSS:

    1) Kraken is not buffing himself invincible when you kill it too fast.

    2) Kraken is not summoning little octopus minions (SUPER).

    3) Kraken is buffing himself with the reflect buff but it is a retarded effect (you see yourself dying and then you see the kraken throwing ink)

    About the DROP:

    1) It almost only drop legendary rings

    2) It is not dropping excellent earrings or necklaces.

    3) It is dropping mystery items.

    Thank you all for reading, hope i can help the staff.

    I think that the worst part of leveling up is from 49-55, due to the bad quests that are given on red and yellow map, so it is a good idea to work on TMQ4 for leveling up this faster.

    Another possitive aspect of working on this Time Machine Quest is all the duels outside and the party making that was awesome on the old DBO, people meet each other and watch their progress, it was really fun.

    Chill. :thumbsup:

    Hi community

    I tried focus firstly with my karma, and its not giving any Energy Critical Rate, so i've been told that soul was giving that function. So then, i bought as much soul as i could, and not giving energy crit rate, the only thing that changes this stat is the one that directly increases the crit rate.

    Just want to know what happen with this stat.

    Thanks :D


    yes! so what a stupid Passive of Karmas.
    And I agree, they have to nerf fighters, so the classes will be more balanced.
    As well with SK, that bleed its just ridiculous.
    Thanks for your feedback!

    I know that dexterity gives you Dodge rate and physical critical rate. But what about energy critical rate? Because, i think about the Karma´s passive Agility Rage, that increases your dexterity.