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    Looks beautiful! The current launcher looks like wet dog, this is a big improvement ;)

    Hey everyone,

    So, as the title may say, I'm a potential returning player to DBOG, but I've been wondering a few things. First and foremost, please keep your meme answers to yourself. I'm looking for actual answers to my questions. Secondly, don't start a flame war about 'huehue DBOG is dead. Kappa LOL GET LAID find girlfriend' or any other BS like that. Let's keep it civil, folks. I've been wanting to play this game again maybe with a friend or two, but I'm wondering if this game is still lively enough to warrant that. Lively not just in community and player base, but lively also in the fact that this game is still being worked on. I saw that a server wipe was being planned back in late April. Has that already happened, or is it still going to happen? And if so, when will it happen?

    Thank you for your time reading this.

    To summarize:

    - Live servers are currently inactive in terms of both the population/updates.

    - A new client is being developed which you can download in order to gain access to the developmental server. If you wanna try it you can always download it, but it's pretty unstable and barren in itself. It is there where the updates are taking place in order to get the new client up to the standard it should be.

    - Once the new client is up to standards and necessary changes have been implemented (like a new upgrade system) then it will be used instead of the old client.

    - The wipe hasn't happened YET. It will happen when new client is 100% ready for release.

    - There is no ETA for the wipe, sadly.


    Regarding playing with a friend; I would wait until the new client is ready/wipe happens. Not really much point starting again to lose it in the future, is there?

    Hello, I just finished my adult quest and got my subclass as a fighter. I now want to learn how to fly but when I visit the namek named Dayrl he doesn't have a quest for me. Am I missing something?

    You need to complete the entire chain-quest, starting from when you are a low level:

    I do agree that this community is not the best, and that some people are not appreciative of what DBOG has managed to accomplish over the years. Daneos and his progress over those with the AKCore at RageZone back in the day is pretty remarkable.

    He branched out and developed the game faster than the others. :thumbup:

    However, there are some things I have to correct you on:

    - The DBO community, did not abandon Citrinate in any way.

    DBOCOM was simply a forum for a section of the DBO community. How was he abandoned, as when the game shut down he openly supported DBOR? He openly supported what was 'DBOPS' at the time, even back when they were simply a forum guild on his website.

    Moreover, if you check his website, there are links to both private server projects. He wasn't abandoned in any way shape or form - his site was simply for the original DBO, and has simply gone inactive now.

    - Abandon everything in glimpse of something better.

    Despite DBOUR being announced and what not, are there still not people playing this game? Are we not having this conversation on the DBOG forum? I cannot speak for everyone, but I know for certain there are a large number of us that are loyal to this version of the game.

    - Give nothing in return.

    This is not true in the slightest.

    People enjoy this game, and as a result they give hours - real time spent - in this game. There are people who donate hundreds and thousands of dollars - hard earned currency - to this game and Daneos.

    People make content about the game and try to help advertise it. People report bugs, moderate chats and offer their services even if they are not a member of the staff-team.

    Why? Because they care about the game. Isn't that giving back?


    Let us not forget why people are mad in the first place. Yes, there are people who whine over nothing and for no reason - but some people are fed up with being told empty promises.

    They are promised something one date, that kept getting delayed and delayed (New Client). That is what is why people are constantly bickering, but whether or not that is right of them or not is completely subjective.

    He was a member of the staff-team at one point.

    Regardless, can an active member of this community not voice their concerns? Everybody has a right to speak their mind, whether or not they've had a direct contribution to the game.

    Listening to - or at very minimum taking into account - players/customers is a golden rule for running a successful game/business.

    Just gonna drop my two-cents rq, but only briefly:

    - Aggro System.

    Seems pretty fine to me the way it is now; aside from any bugs it seemed fine when I did more than 100 runs of CCBD.

    - Majins.

    I hate the absolute beasts that is UM in DBOG. Everyone hates playing against them in Budokai etc because of how broken they are, so they definitely need some sort of nerf. Yet, I'm not sure where spins come into this? They're pretty good for PVE - I wouldn't call them 'broken' in that regard.

    - Props/Attributes.

    For simplicity's sake I would've kept the prop system the way it is if I were Daneos, atleast for now. This is because just by changing props, he has to change PVP drastically as well as PVE, and this not only effects skill-trees but damages dealt by bosses, mobs etc.

    Moreover, there are not a lot of people equip on the Dev Server to test out these changes - as many do not have props or adequate gear with props, and just in general there are not a lot of people doing ranked on there.

    There were workarounds to the prop differences in PVP and there are - but I can see why he wants to change it: to decrease the RNG element in PVP.

    If he truly is fixed on changing the prop system, it shouldn't be now considering there is other aspects of the client that have to be brought up to standard first before he can add new features/change existing ones.

    - Dogi Balls/Brown Boxes.

    Being able to get Dogi Balls/Boxes from CCBD has been really convenient - especially for F2P people - and it makes things much fairer for everyone.

    However, I do agree that more can be done. For example, getting one box from the World Boss really isn't enough especially because of the RNG element of boxes and how many coins a single box costs.

    So yes, I do agree that he could add some alternatives, such as some special sort of quest or as Dungeon/TMQ rewards for F2P players.

    - Crafting Rates.

    These could do with some minor tinkering I suppose - they shouldn't be too rewarding but it shouldn't be to the point where everyone has garbage/overpowered stats.

    From what I've heard from friends that are heavily into crafting on the Dev server - they are pretty trashy right now, and take a lot of time/resources that have to be sunk in to get something far from max stats.


    Whether or not these were asked for or not, the priority should be getting this new client up to standard before we - as a community - decide what we want changed or not.