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    Well, at least we got to expirience dbo again after tw, kr and hk went down.

    At least i am gratefull..

    I deviated from the topic XD, yeah man I have enjoyed every bit of the PvE content in this game to the max, it's a sad sight seeing a wipe when you have levelled every class to the max even though it was not the first time. Will remember being online on 6 accounts at the same time sometimes helping other players out and levelling/grinding my own at the others.

    Well, at least we got to expirience dbo again after tw, kr and hk went down.

    At least i am gratefull...

    You know what man, that is SO true. I am happy to have played the game even after it's two wipes which we were promised won't happen but it's over at this point. I love seeing players desperately asking whether this time we should believe them that it's the last wipe but listen up ya'll we were In this exact same spot the year before last and some years before that. There will be another time once these 10 y/o start whining for another wipe, it's another cycle. You may choose to believe me or not is your choice but veteran players have been here, NEVER TRUST THE DEVS, they are incompetent and they are uninterested. Worst combination ever!

    What's to make everyone believe there will not be another wipe in another year from the one that is coming? :)))))

    Everyone who sticks to playing it after the third wipe must be some real low lives to keep playing a game which could have been quite decent if It had some devs who were serious about it's direction. Been playing since the start and it pains me to see how miserable the state of the game is.

    P.S Killing the dual-client option is just cherry on top

    For a perspective let me name some games:

    1) World of Warcraft (the biggest MMORPG to ever walk the face of the earth and published by one of the biggest gaming companies in the world yet they never could fully clean the game, arenas are to date filled with hackers).

    2) Blade and soul

    3) Star trek online

    4) Guild wars


    6) Final fantasy

    7) Digimon masters online

    I could go on for days. All these games were developed by the biggest names in the market and they failed, you think DBOG can do something they couldn't????? They neither have the skill nor the capital. Get your heads out of your a**es!!

    It's not that they won't return; it's that they will be UNABLE to cheat. They will be forced to play - fairly - just the same way as everyone else.

    And please, speak for yourself. People are willing to sacrifice their own characters for the BETTER GOOD of the game. Stop your whining.

    So cute that you think they can actually prevent people from using exploits. There are far bigger titles in the market that have tried but failed to prevent people from using stuff like macros. What happens when in another 1-2 years when the game is completely broken and full of cheaters again, another wipe?? LOL you guys are delusional.

    Even if the server does have a wipe, it’ll still reduce the chance of cheaters playing the game and bot detecting system, instead of having an unfair game, wipe will make it a fair game 100%.

    -Beka, DBO G Team

    See when members of the team talk like this it's the funniest because it's like they want to kill their own game. This guy is literally saying wipe to reduce the chances of cheaters playing (implying they won't return) but he does not know that a wipe will take a heavier hit on THOSE THAT DO PLAY LEGITIMATELY and there's a much higher probability of a player who cheats anyways to return to the game than a player who put in months of efforts only to see his accounts get punished for the actions of another group of players. Bravo!

    There are much better ways to go about fixing the state of the game rather than taxing legit players who put In months of efforts. Spend your time doing that instead of punishing all the players asking for a wipe with their worthless game accounts.

    Every time I levelled a new class to 60 I feared the day the servers will get wiped again even though every time the developers brought out a big change to the game they said there won't be another one. What's to make us believe they won't wipe the servers again one day when they realize "oh, DBOG 2.0 is a failure, time for DBOG 3.0"? Been playing this game for more than half a decade and I have seen you guys go back on your word multiple times.

    And for all those who think they have a chance at this game after a wipe and that there won't be any more exploits after that, get a mental checkup lol. There are dozens of games out there with anti-botting and anti-cheat systems that are so refined and their developer teams sit on a capital that exceeds multi-billion dollars yet there are people who cheat. What do you think a half-dead company running a game with such a small and RELATIVELY inexperienced developer team can achieve even if they so diligently try?

    Last but not the least let me explain how the market works in a few words and in the simplest way possible (P.S I'm not justifying botting but this is the real truth behind every online mmorpg and many other genres of games too). Games like DBOG does not have a high player base but the few players playing it need more and more items, since one player can only farm so much we come across scarcity of the items we need and that results in increased pricing. Now when there are "some" botters, they can supply more items and when the supply of decent gear increases their pricing falls. How many people remember back in the day when we got a Dogi for 1-3kk and the same for more than 6-9kk at another point in time. That's the economic cycle, when a certain group of players is providing more to the market they are actually helping bring the prices down and when you 'theoretically' get rid of those group of people the prices will sky-rocket. Many of you do not understand how long it might actually take for the in-game market (auction house) to settle down at a place where it's reasonable if a wipe happens and getting rid of the botters (which I said earlier is practically not possible and in case of DBOG their developers just cannot make it happen, better games have tried) might actually increase the price of every single thing multiple folds.

    Now I do not care what your opinion is, I have played around this cycle more than anyone else, it's how the real world economy works too and in games it's the same because these factors are inherently inevitable. You may laugh or flame or do anything you like but i'll see you in a couple of weeks' time if there is a wipe and then you'll probably realize that what you expected from a wipe is so much different from what you got from it. Last time it took more than 10 months for the market prices to settle, I had seen people selling AND PURCHASING items such as Dabura's Dogi for 20kk. :)

    Good Day!