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    well the game is bad, many try to deny, but if you stop to think, you do not even have a due defense, the question is also that the suggestions that the daneos asks the public that plays, he does not even give a due answer, nor about what is happening a lot of what is going to do, and a clownishness with the face of the people who play, I even gave time in the dbo, I classify it as an act of bad response answered

    Guindastes não precisam de nenhum buff ou mudanças feitas na classe. Crane é um tipo de classe muito original e eles podem lutar contra qualquer classe e sair por cima se forem jogados corretamente. Aqueles que não dedicam tempo a aprender a turma e os combos são aqueles que irão falhar na aula. Pela minha experiência, as únicas classes que podem causar dificuldades são o Karma e, às vezes, o Plasma, devido a todas as suas habilidades principais, é difícil conseguir a habilidade antes de você ficar atordoado novamente ou ter pulado na sua habilidade com o Shout Stun. Houve também buffs disfarçados para guindastes, pelo menos imo. Tornar a vida de Sk roubar energia é um grande impulso para os espiritualistas, especialmente porque há muitas pessoas jogando SK em OB. Guindastes são semelhantes ao espadachim de uma forma também, Eles não podem ser interpretados por simplórios que querem tudo fácil sem pensar taticamente. Na mesma nota, assim como o Espadachim, eles são caros para se equipar, porque você vai depender muito de muita oposição. Lutador / sm / sk / karma etc.

    Todas as classes que já joguei rodaram meus itens no meio da luta, a fim de antecipar o movimento de meus oponentes para ganhar vantagem, então eu não tenho certeza do que faz você pensar que isso é apenas para guindaste. Aqueles que não trocam de itens e agitam com 1 set todos os lutadores são os que geralmente perdem.

    the game has no defense, and the blocking is bad, and Crane has a way of having a game, but she's a nerfaram class, if you ask me to do a calculation on thounsand = 70% of skill because you're giving 30% ?

    I think the game is about to reform

    and that if they had in the Guard but they did not have utility, she broke the guard but has no use, game is missing certain functions !!!

    Crane must start some duels in defensive mode,

    Crane must use his Dot and use his defense,

    Crane would have been worth more if Agility Armo helps if Guard (R) (that in game and useless),

    so I talked about the beginning of the game,

    "The defense had a 100% blockade of not taking anything through its use," changing certain classes without changing certain functions of the game, game-based items, the game was not to be ...

    Buffing an already strong class won't make the game better.

    I told you about defense, blocking, guard break, chance to defend,

    (nor in the game, do not use)

    ability of Classes that have changed, I want to improve some Classes is bad at the moment, if not see these functions (defense, blocking, guard break, chance to defend) Crane is badly calculated this is true, if you have patience and add, you will see that certain abilities are not helping much, nor killing monsters ...

    when the people who play will wake up, they are changing the game, skill that in my opinion had functions, the classes that were to tank are giving damage now, I played the beginning of the Pre Open and from what I see was much more fun, he he needed to deal with some mistakes, now he has changed everything, Dw is giving damage now, Crane had his cuts of a thousand nerf, the damage was 70% and now this with 30% damage ..

    Crane é ruim porque você não sabe como jogar. Bom ponto

    the game is based on the items, not on the game mode, the ability of the players,

    comes with arguments in me ... is it to imtimidar?

    "You do not know how to play, you have to learn to play ..."

    In the TW had marked the players +15 for a while

    (events ...) the way to play that was more important, was to know how to play, the poko tancava the Boss, and nor was its function ....

    I've never seen a topic like this, the game is empty and personal wanting improvements on Crane, and another against, I think Races is totally balanced, question and defense of the game, you will tighten (R) and takes Hit Kill, when developers take notice of this?

    start considering that Crane is bad or any other class ... (taking into account, Defense (R), blockage, dodge, Soul,

    Strength that is giving 1.1 Atks, is wrong),

    what it needs and values at a certain point in the game, since if it does not change, it can improve Crane, Turtle, Poko ... the game goes bad and people will be discouraged ...

    :( I've been looking at some topics here in the forum, and I see a lot of people asking for balancing Classes, I've been asking people to do this, want to play in the game with such a poor base, no defense, very low block, burn bad, be asking to get classes because skill is in a bad way ... are going the wrong way, everyone since the pre open beta was already knowing the crane even me, playing crane

    (nor did I create another because I already knew it would not be a good idea), "the game needs to get the base", is the game balanced in the class? do not know if it does not fit the base, what is the base :/ ?

    the defense, the counter attack, the avoidance, the hit, the damage of Soul and Str, here a topic :thumbup: : Guard,Defense Rate,Counter attack, Taunt, Break guard, Soul and Strenght

    Dragon of Fury

    This ability distances a target and, with a median cd, does that have to change?

    This ability can change:

    The ability attracts the attention of the enemy to the animal, can have a better duration and a larger Cd, also a decrease in the defense reaches the target, not abusively,

    My opinion The ability has only one target, and the duration is very low, and the target hit the owner of the animal (Poko or who has more attention) even the animal helping, could have a better duration and a larger CD,

    Observer: In the skill has a warning that attracts the enemy and the break, (the break can be varied, in view of a roughing without great importance)

    This ability with arena distance damage, with a low median cd, does this have to change?

    Can this ability change?

    The ability and the good would not be a radical change, the damage is not high, it has an area provocation along with skills,

    My opinion: having a provocation in the area would be more certain that it is an animal for Axilo Poko in the upar ... and in the group, the fact that he may not have to defend like a Sk or Dw,

    Observer: And usanda in the area nothing more ...

    This ability with average damage from a target, with a low cd, does that have to change?

    This ability can change yes?


    The ability has a medium damage, but the animal that has no damage, so it could have a stunning and a bigger Cd, I say more not so abusive,

    My opinion: the habildiade could rather have a clear stunning that a larger Cg for the animal to hold the enemy, which is their function ...

    Note: in the skill speaks that the enemy is struck very hard and sore, thinking of abdominal pain that in fact and stun ...

    This skill with distance in the area, with a low cd, does that have to change?

    This ability can change yes?


    The ability to heal paralysis and stun in an area of 10m, if you see the side of the animal that has no resistance (animal can be paralyzed or stunned, unable to use skill), also the low Cd of 1 sec,

    My opinion: if the animal can use the same skill in the effects with a high Cg because it also has to go to the enemies and use the ability,

    using this ability in a ccdg or some future event to help the group "use coperantivo" ...

    Note: Skill talks about paralysis without much explanation ...


    You can see a strong animal but the Poko is a summoning race, the secret and does not allow the summoning of the animal, is a fighter, you can not be distracted, then it will end up like you, swordsman behind you, will be lost, among other races and classes "Each has its function", doing this I think poko would be invoking, because even if poko has speed, if you add in the speed swordsman has the same speed or more, using SSJ and his glove does not has the worst speed (being 1100), Dragon Clan has the speed of 1400 (worst speed in the weapon), so the staff has no poko without a good speed, ability to accelerate and a buff for Axilium ...

    ^^ Thanks for reading my post I spent some time but I finished, hopefully good things, for such a depressed Class ...;)


    I would like to talk a few things about the abilities of the poko animal, for those who did not get to see the description:

    Purple Flying Dragon

    This ability has damage and distance, and with a low cd, does that have to change?

    "in my opinion I think not personal",

    This ability has damage and distance in area, and with an average cd, does that have to change?

    in my opinion I think it's personal:

    putting a Dot of Abdominal or Burn, would be a good one for the poko to use there,

    Note: in the description it speaks that the animal using this ability makes the enemies suffer, it would not have pet motives not to have a dot ...

    This ability has damage in the area, and with a high median cd, does that have to change?

    in my opinion I think it's personal:

    the ability has a small damage, this does not help at all, could have some De-buff, think of a fall,

    Note: in the skill this animal writing has a charge of energy that reaches all and generates a good effect ...

    This ability causes an animal to advance to its enemies and hit it in an area with a medium high CD, does that have to change?

    in my opinion I think yes personal:

    The ability increases the damage of the group that is close to the enemy, does not make sense, I see this ability, it could be a De-Buff in an area slowing% movement, maybe it could include a reduction in damage%, nothing so abusive ,

    Note: Skill in description shows a speed reduction,

    My opinion would have made sense, much by the fact that "the animal advances to the enemies and uses"

    "It took time, but released the animal's skills to be seen."


    if the pet is not of any type buffs or De-buffs, like paralysis, stun, it will be useless, poko has no skill, animal and a skill that has run time and also has high security to run, in no other way poko being unbalanced, is the animal with buffs in their abilities.


    De maneira alguma, um summon morre com apenas um hit Humano, o summon precisa de melhores skills, mais dmg, life e def. Eles são inúteis na meta agora. Eu sou Beeshop você pode me mandar no budokai às vezes.

    A única habilidade de dmg que o poko tem é do clã do dragão. O summon realmente precisa de uma grande atualização, não uma coisa pequena, algo como 3x ou até 4x de tempo em comparação com o que eles são agora. Uma convocação de habilidade de lv5 em um char +10 a menos de 500dmg, isso não é nada, o summon supostamente compensa o limite de poko dmg.

    Portanto, aumente as estatísticas de evocação em 3x ou 4x vezes, seja mais do que controlável e, se possível, mude o conjunto de habilidades.

    and that I see, sometimes people come here talk about poko but never had one or already played with a lv high, the antenna of the bean now has a later time becomes inutl, then I mounted some skill pro animal, I'm asking the even if Daneos is a constructive criticism in my post, because to come here and to speak that is going to stay this is going to be this and not to help without speaking what can improve or to take ..., to count here is not lack common sense.

    the description of the passive master is talking about the animal doing the poko's work, increasing speed and reducing the probability of damage to the animal, a better chance to hit, a talque pro animal, the animal as weak in the game as a light already leaves in the lament ...


    I do not see why putting anything in the skills of poko, passive and animal would be more correct, in the rest the game will balance