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    poko tem velocidade OP, mas seus animais de estimação precisam de um pouco de melhora não muito. e me diz que as pessoas que jogam com lutador usam até mesmo um combo?

    lutador um crit, um hit kill

    by the dragon clan has the worst speed of the game, and poko uses it (its 25% buff and good, but will only adjust the delay of the first weapon) the second weapon that helps a little (I do not see poko good speed but personal use because is a damage to the bosses, mainly by ccdg), their ability and weak damage, and the pet can choose a combination like any other, but in my opinion about the time of the skills that I was able to adjust, I read the description of the ability of each animal, and some think, and discovered this solution

    Eu testei em (Tatami) e (Fazenda de Papais, (Chefes), testes com animais nível 5, na prática não será Op


    Fúria do Deus Dragão (Tanque Dragão)


    insultar em

    10m 32 alvos

    duração 8 seg, Cd 25 seg


    Danos 200%

    10m 32 alvos

    diminui as defesas de 20% dos inimigos

    duração 5 seg, Cd 20 seg

    Tambor de coração

    250% de dano por atordoamento

    um alvo

    distância 3m

    duração 3 seg, cd 15 seg


    Um lustre de imunidade a confusão, medo, paralisia

    10m 32 alvos

    duração 5 seg, Cd 20 seg.

    Raiva do Deus Dragão (Dragão Voador)

    Soco azul

    Dano 250%

    uma paralisia de alvo

    distacia 35m

    2 seg Cd 10 seg

    Blue Beat

    Danos 230%

    200 de dano pontual 2 sec

    5m 32 alvos

    distância 35m

    duração 8 seg, Cd 15 seg

    Remake Azul

    Danos 200%

    que dá

    10m 32 alvos, Cd 16seg

    Golpe azul

    aliados: Aumenta o dano 130

    inimigos: diminui a velocidade de movimento em 50%

    duração 5 seg Cd 10 seg.

    Despertar de Kami

    aumenta defesa por 927

    aumenta a velocidade de ataque 40%

    "imunidade a cair"

    Alvos de 10m para animais de estimação

    Duração seg 2.00, Cd seg 2.00.

    As habilidades são boas?

    alguma sugestão?



    Finally an excellent update. Now the CC dungeon is worthy of the name, it is starting to really be like on TW. For those who criticize saying it's too hard, and learn how to play PVE now. And yes the CC dungeon is the INSTANCE for the PVE elites and not for just farm. It requires a good team with strategy in addition to a good stuff. Thank you Daneos and the whole team ( billythebib in particular), continue in the same direction and give you the envy for PVE players to come back active I think. PS: the only black spot remains the story of aggro. You have to set the% aggro between critical players and speed players. I think the aggro has to be adjusted according to the one who makes the + of DPS. Currently, it is enough that a player is in critical stuff, and he keeps the aggro on the other players in speed. ah and also, I admit that the adds in the floors with the super and adds with the boss respawn a little too fast, I admit it, Just a few small adjustments to make.

    Very good job.

    certain is not yet, but I see in several videos that in Tw some bosses have fallen

    I just do not agree with a skill
    "Awakening of Kami"
    to give a 200% of agro would not be very cool, since for the dragon a distance would call much boss and would prevent that it aided him, the animal by natural would attract monsters and if attacked by a time, would attack back with basic attacks, outside that As best suggestions for me.


    se os animais de estimação podem Tank,

    então já não servirá para transportar um tanque na festa ....

    I do not understand ... if the pet tankar can open space for class as fighters and sword, and classes with tanker, if you think a little could go without any problem since it is not just a pet that can be chosen, remember and a pet tank and a damage


    Valuing as UDS and tmqs with titles would not be bad and the Dojo for a title itself would be great


    On the status screen, you can see a session in

    orange: dragon - physical

    blue: dragon - energetic

    White: Follow both.

    -If the animal follows

    -tanky following the physical lake 30% of Poko

    - spear fire in the energetic lake 30% poko

    then the state would not be so weak

    dragon spear fire: lv 1 dragon tanky: lv 1

    Daneos, Aru, hello,

    here is my suggestion for the skills of poko pets:

    - give them 4 "skills" each:

    - Tanky Dragon:

    1 - Taunt ability that works on mobs 10 sec 15target 10m

    2- skill / stun damage 8 sec. 1 target,

    3 skill damage in area 8m 15Targets

    4-skill Anti-curses in area 5 targets (using the effect of paralysis, fear, confusion).

    -Dragon Range

    1 - Damage damage ability 1 target of 12 seconds

    2 - Damage ability in area 8m line 15 targets

    3 Area / Tip Skill damage 15 targets 15m

    4- Increase the capacity of energetic attacks and physical attacks in 150
    5 targets 10m

    Mistakes in skills

    "(Kami Awakening) 40% speed corrected and running while using the ability (automatic ability to use)"

    "Blitz working with the awakening of Kami"

    "soul, force, constitution, energy, focus and dexterity, running and accumulating in the animal"

    "can pick up any buff"

    "Animal can pull monsters with
    skills ("walk forward" according to the player's choice) "

    i like your idea about having 2 dragons. 1 for tank and 1 for DPS

    *the DPS one (Range dragon) do DoT damage for 10 sec like throw flame from his mouth and burn enemy.

    *the tanky one has alot of LP and taunt skills.

    Yes, I did both.
    more defensive and protective ...
    and the other more damage in the area, and a cooperation ...,
    has a provocation control, stun to deal better,
    and the other with the area control point as falls.
    It took me a while to stay like this, I even had to watch videos. " thank you "

    here is my suggestion for the skills of poko pets:

    - give them 4 "skills" each:

    - Tanky Dragon:

    1- Taunt ability that works on mobs 10 sec 15target,

    2- skill damage / stun player 5 sec 1 target, mobs 8 sec 1 target,

    3- skill damage in area 15Targets

    4-ability Anti-curses in area 5 targets (using even on effect of paralysis, fear, confusion).

    - Range Dragon

    1- damage / burn ability 1 target 5 sec

    2- damage ability in area 15 targets

    3- skill damage in area / knocked down 15targets

    4- increase ability of Energetic attacks and physical attacks in 150

    5 targets.

    Mistakes in skills,

    "(Kami's awakening) 40% speed corrected and working while using the skill (automatic use ability)"

    "Blitz working with Kami's awakening"

    buffs "soul, force, constitution, energy, focus and dexterity, running and accumulating in the animal"

    "can take any buff" " help me please come here and nobody appreciates the comment"