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    Dodging will always be RNG, the proc formula is what needs to be updated so dodge rate and hit rate work 90% according to actual player stats. Right now it feels a player's stat only affects 30% of the formula, causing the other 70% to be completely random.

    Having a character with 2.000 dodge rate being hit by a character with 300 hit rate, or dodging a character with 2.000 hit rate while you have 300 dodge rate is what needs to stop happening (at least as often as it currently does). Make proc formulas be at least 85% - 90% based on actual player stats.

    no idea bro. All the best fighters don’t complain about this. Not seen someone with 2k dodge in budokai yet. Everyone running half dex half properties. So kind of fake stats again.

    Simmy didn’t have speed boots. This video doesn’t reflect Cranes current state in the meta. It’s a simple fight between no accessories vs accessories. This does not happen in 60 cap. It’s been tried by at least 4 cranes and they all failed.

    Stop giving fake hope.

    As a matter of fact. People saw sendoku try the next weeks after that and lost to SK 2-0 everytime.

    First 2 budokais in 55 cap doesn’t mean anything kiddo.

    Add in 24% anti para 20% anti bleed rings. Try his strat in this meta to get dunked.

    3 second stun vs 5 second stun. Again. Get dunked.

    Before you run your mouth about a class that you don’t know how it works. Work on the class you do know.

    Another thread where user wants to overpower some classes for their own benefit.


    Here’s an idea:

    Be one of the people who reached the top before complaining. At least that way you can tell how they feel.

    All the ideas posted on the first thread were ridiculous and cannot be implemented, guard system already good enough to be used at high level PvP. You simply never even tried it. Game is RnG? Every game with a crit system isn’t RnG? Like where do you base this? Players are finding ways to beat critical hits instead of go to forum to complain.

    Game speed is fine, it’s quite good for an MMORPG. This isn’t crash bandicoot you’re not supposed to 1-60 in 2 hours. The original DBO already fixed this issue by adding the motorbike into Lv 4/6 gift box that you can’t throw out. Lv up 30 exists for a cheap price.

    The only thing the game needs is a slower update curve. Level 60 hit and everyone was still gearing and prepping strats at 55. Not to mention 60 offers only 1 New TMQ. No dungeons. So it’s basically a class boost to karma and SK.

    Again. Stop trying to find ways to gain advantages for the class you play and actually start trying in game. I don’t see CodeNemesis making forum threads, he goes and wins 2nd place versus SKs and fighters.

    What more proof do you need?

    Besides the windows 10 problem. I don’t really see anything new in this post. Dogis are being released regularly. Maybe faster wagu machine rotation will be more appealing.


    Turtle has paralyse, not stun, people under-estimate stun, stun has no counter accessories, you cannot play against stun except with dexterityand resistance.

    Please don’t give an opinion that’s ridiculous. Buffing crane will make it annihilate every other class. Looks like you’ve forgotten when Burn did 1.2k DoT thanks to the “fix” in calculations.

    Please do not give advice. Thank you.

    Yeah, No.

    Karma has been buffed by that ridiculous +25% damage from back crits, now they can one shot +15 humans, that's what happened with Flundaa VS CodeNemesis, codenemesis had +14/14/13 tmq e def with turtle book increasing def by +15%, and he got one shot from a back crit.

    crits 9k on full geared SK just saying.

    Rather than buff crane, tone down Shadow Knight and Karma Majin.

    Starting with my previous suggestion. You cannot cast anything as a crane hermit against a shadow knight. Sleep is 2 second charge time, poison is 1 second and burn isn’t even eligible thanks to the long animation. The only nerf SK needs is on violent slice. It’s like a fighter headbutt on less than 10 second cooldown, 5 second duration.

    This isn’t too bad if it’s spammed because th duration goes down. But if you as a crane put sk to sleep, you reset the stun length. Then you’re back at the same spot as you started.

    My suggestion for shadow knight, to bring it down from being such a god tier overpowering class (it is not unbeatable, crane can beat it, but the possibility is extremely hard to do) is just to nerf the most broken skill on SK, by increasing either the time it takes to charge from 1 second to 2 seconds (seems fair for such a busted AoE skill that’s gets you 4-5 kills minimum in prelims) or increase its cooldown to a minimum of 16 seconds, this may just allow fore 2 violent slices instead o fo 3.

    As for karma. Suggestion is simple. Remove RP cooldown reduction. Both Horrid and Flundaa have cc100 sets with the bonus CD. Karma is back to spamming cc with RP. Not sure if it’s intended to be played like a class that’s impossible to beat as a spiritualist (lul Flundaa got smashed by a fighter last budokai xd)

    Anyways. What skedar said is pretty cringe. Crane isn’t invincible. It’s on the bare edge of viability in PvP. Not because it can defeat SK through luck, lack of mistakes and positioning makes it op. Shadow knight right now stopped relying on paralysis and fear and became another’s fighter spamming stuns. As for karma nah any good karma will just destroy Crane.

    Last point: this isn’t PoB where crane had 70% explosion damage. Please do not speak of PoB gameplay.

    Skedar is right. Crane can also defeat SKs due to Life Steal Nerf, which he forgot to mention

    nice joke.

    Defeat sk with 1 second charge time stun on less than 7 second cooldown that lasts 5 seconds. You realise even if you run anti paralyse or fear. Makes no difference. Stun abuse vs crane is enough to beat it when bold strike does a 5k critic++

    Maybe a nerf to the stun chargetimr or cooldown is enough to bring sk back from being such a god tier class.