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    Your description is too long and complicated ... Only "experts" can understand :D

    I cannot remember the changes you mentioned in DBOG 1 & 2. Official DBO was many years ago. I cannot remember it's aggro system, power of spin, and craft rate...

    For DBOG 2, CC seems still buggy and I am lazy to level up and earn zeni, so I have not tried.

    What I can remember is:

    1) DBOG make every one can fly freely, I like it

    2) Leveling is much faster and easier than before by using powerleveling, I like it

    3) I have not finished CC100 and UD6 when I played DBO, but I can play them in DBOG within a few months. This is because the game provides free white stone and free brown box, so the gameplay becomes easier. I like it

    4) Earning zeni is also easier than before, Idk why, may be I am too stupid when I played DBO, anyway, I like to earn zeni fsater

    5) DBOG do not have sky dung, I miss it

    For my opinion, as a private server, DBOG did a great job, I have tried many new things that I have not tried before. I highly appreciated what Danoes has done and what he is doing.

    For DBOG 2, I hope Danoes can provide real new features, rather than just tuning the parameters of aggro system, craft rate, rnd, etc. Without new features, old people, in particular who have tried everything, may not come back.

    Therefore, I did not vote because the options are not what I care about. My main concern is new things rather than old things. Without new things, I may not spend to much time on it.

    Btw, if Iceman you want the vote to be more meaningful, I would suggest separating the items one by one and explain the concrete details about before and after the change. For example, what Property System/Attributes have been changed? In DBOG 2, property seems change quite a lot, I prefer the one in DBOG 1. So, may be I should vote some of them. :P

    For DBOG 1.0:

    Dende (must have)

    Ult (buffer and/or tank) or Chef (it is also a buffer but not as user friendly as Ult)

    Karma (for cc speed party)

    Poko (for cc speed party)

    The last one is up to you. You may select SK for tank.

    The last 3 is optional, but people like to use speed party for pve. It is faster and easier. Um... No human? Yea, in dbo, humans are weak :D

    Based on my observation, DBOG 2.0 fixed the freeze problem. It is very important for players who like PvP and using windows 10. The 2nd important change is that it use the old scouter system, which can use chips. So the game play is a bit richer. Except these, it has some nice to have new features, e.g. discord integration and modified char status UI.

    It also changed the UI for gear upgrade. But in my opinion, I prefer the old card selection, it was more exciting. :D

    On the other hand, DBOG 2.0 has some limitations. The biggest one are: it cannot fly and no pets (at least in this moment). I like to fly and I always use pet skills, so I like DBOG 1.0 more.

    But if I were Danoes, I will also create DBOG 2.0 based on the KR version. Because it can modify the client side. It is possible to change everythings. It just need plenty of time and workload. As a programmer, it has more fun ^^. However, since I don't know C++, so what I can do is to wait for Danoes to make it. :D

    In my opinion, DBOG did a good job in DBOG 1.0. It is just unlucky due to the windows 10 update, which make the game freeze. The bugs and bots are somehow unavoidable. No one can promise any program is bug free. But of coz, they may have better solutions, such as do some kind of roll back at that time to fix the problem.

    For DBOG 2.0, Danoes underestimated the difficulty, so he made a terrible discussion to announce the date of release (i.e. 2018 winter). It cause a series of consequences, such as releasing the test phase too early. In my opinion, there are many obvious bugs should be fixed before the open test. They should do a close test among the GM first.

    Btw, since we are not the boss of Danoes, we should not complain about the progress at all. What we can do is hoping Danoes can do his best to make DBOG alive again. Rather than blaming or complain, we should provide suggestions to make DBOG better.

    Comment to the topic, it is pointless to ask the release date or real progress, since they also don't know. If they really provide a release date (e.g. 2019 winter), will you believe they can make it? :D:D

    No. If you use the lvl Up item, all quests will pop up at once, meaning starter map+ korin map will be full of quests. But you will have all the passive skills like RP charge,dash etc.. Just need a character lvl 30+ right now! And yes, everything you own atm will be gone. You only keep your Character (the look like hair,face etc.) since it will be reverted back to lvl 1.

    I don't think it will provide any passive skills. It seems that it will only provide a 30+ item. Players still need to redo all the TLQs. And sadly, no flight skill is available yet... Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Something related:

    Unable to open Inventory and skill windows by using shortcut during tutorial when all tutorial quests are completed

    I understand they work hard, I highly appreciated what they have done about the game development and I really enjoyed the game play. But a promise is a promise. It does not mean that it is correct to fool people who had believed their words. If the new client is not ready, please simply don't announce any release date. We can accept and understand. Why keep on announcing a fake release date to make people disappointed. If you cannot fulfill a promise, please do not make the promise. The development team seems just pretending nothing happen.

    I suggest that the development team / Danoes should spend several minutes to make an announcement about the progress of the new client. If it is not ready, please let us know at least the progress, so that we may estimate the time required and decide whether we should continue to play the old client or not.

    Although I against the wipe and the vote, but I like the game and I also want the game to be sustainable. I just don't think the wipe and the vote can help based on my own judgement. But anyway, I accept the result since the majority choose this.

    People are emotional creatures. PR is important to keep the players. For example, tell people why it is delayed. For the best of the game, please let us know about the progress of the new client. It would be much better than just keeping silence. Again, don't make a promise when you are unable to fulfill (except loving 8o)

    Is it possible to keep both new and old server?

    I understand the old server is dying. But let it die slowly rather than kill it instantly. For me, dbog is very good when comparing to TW/HK server. As a f2p player, I spent years in HK server, and I stop at cc50. In DBOG, I can go to cc100 and tried all tmq and ud. I believe many players are not hardcore players, they just want to have fun. Since the new client sounds to be very different from the old one. The new client may block these players to enter high level dung.

    Thank you.

    Yes. Wipe won. But old client is dying. New client is not coming yet. People were gone.

    Before the vote, we can still "waste our time" to play a non-perfect game.

    After the vote, what we can do is waiting and dreaming a perfect game ... Who knows how long we need to wait? From 2018 winter, to end of March. What will be next? End of Apr? 2020?

    I wonder why the majority choose to trust the announcement. Does it mean that majority is always wrong?

    Btw, where is Danoes? He seems disappeared. I think he needs to at least say sorry to the founders and players who trust him, as he promised that there will not have a wipe.

    I am just a f2p player and I never trust him, so no need to say sorry to me :D


    This should be warned in time because, imagine that as you mention we warn and open the votes a few days after the test phase, do you think it would be fair for players to know about the reset some days ago before the official release? For what? To keep them "wasting their time"?

    I don't understand this point, after all until the new client is not ready, will not be released to the normal server (as official).

    Thanks for your reply. But my point is people do not have enough information to make the decision of voting wipe or no wipe. I believe the vote would be better to raise in between the testing phase. For example, if the test phase is the coming 2 months (Apr 1st to May 31), we can have the vote on May 1st.

    People now are just vote based on their imagination, what happen if the new client's bug cannot be fixed? What happen if the new release needs to take another year? We are tired about the promise. In my point of view, many players who vote "no wipe" because they do not trust the development team. They think that the new client will be just similar to the old one. Why they need to do the same thing again and again?

    Anyway, the vote had already happened and it leads to many people stop playing now so it cannot be fixed now. Why I reply the comment just because I am curious about the logic of the development team behind.

    Thanks again.