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    If you really want to know, i suggested to give bosses/certain mobs in ccbd a passive buff that reduces damage taken from auto attack, in combination with health reduced, so that attack speed based teams, and attack skill based teams will take on avarage the same time to clear floors. Aswell as some tweaks when it comes to agro and more, wont bore you with details, But you only hear tiny bits of here and there what certain people WANT you to hear, so it looks negative.

    Hi SuperNamek.

    While that is a good idea, that would only fix PvE, attack speed is also abused in PvP.

    Only 4 classes are needed to complete end game PvE in 60 cap and 70 cap, leaving only 1 slot for extra help and it can be any class since they aren't needed but Turtle is usually preferred. In PvP attack speed is also broken in Dojo and Scramble, easily can kill anyone who isn't a tanky class with a touch of a button. This leaves only Party budokai and Adult budokai unaffected by attack speed. It's stat abuse and very rewarding with little effort. It just kills the game because players want to continue growing their character but won't be taken into party to do so. Whether or not attack speed should be nerfed or not is out of the question, if new client is to succeed, this stat needs to be nerfed or history will just repeat itself, and the game will be LoginForBudokai Online.

    Was it the open world? Nostalgia? Freedom? Cool skills? The ability to be in teams or be solo?

    Just curious to what others have to say. For some reason I still believe this was the best MMO I've played.

    The journey. I always have a good journey when I play this game which is why i've stayed in touch with this game for a long time. A new era will begin with this new client.

    Only Karma/Buffer/Poko/Dende can find party for end game PvE fast and easily, this leaves most other classes left in the dust. Will this be fixed with new client? I really enjoyed how every class could find party in PvE during 45/55 cap and would like to see that with the new client in 70 cap.

    Damn I thoughr people wanted to play the game, not just have transformations.

    You don’t even play the game at all.

    I’m just not seeing any ideas that require this new client to begin with. Half this thread is just people arguing whether or not dual clienting should be removed.

    Don’t you guys want something cool like I don’t know, new PvP modes, new character customization, new dungeons, special events, etc?

    I understand you as well, those players are leaving because of those reasons and more, but fixing these issues will only prevent less players quitting.

    The new ideas for this new client should be to bring in new players. This isn’t a “What needs to be fixed” thread after all. Fixing PvE balance to how it was in 45/55 cap (any class had a high chance to join a party) and improving 1v1 PvP just isn’t enough.

    I mean if the goal here is to just prolong the death of DBOG, i’m in the wrong discussion, I have high standards and want an even more thriving community than there ever was in the Open Beta stage.

    We have a lot more to be worrying about right now than further transformations and story expansions.

    The biggest issue we have here is players are leaving and no new players are playing to take their place. Adding Super Saiyan Blue alone would bring hundreds of players here, that’s all.

    SumTingWong has a point there pito, we need focusing on fixes and other important stuff first.

    Yeah, for us who still play it’s important, outside this small playerbase no one cares. And new players are needed.

    Just accept the story. Saiyans are long gone. That little amount of Saiyan blood remaining in Humans is barely enough to unlock SSJ. For that they need Shenron. How would they be able to go past SSJ with that background? They can't.

    Human with .000001 Saiyan blood wishing for Super Saiyan = Good story

    Human with .000001 Saiyan blood wishing to be a full blooded Saiyan = Fanboy idea ????

    See how stupid that is?

    Why not a wish to be a saiyan idk

    Exactly. I mean the whole .000000001 saiyan gimmick is stupid within itself. That alone makes the whole human race feel forced in this game, especially with giving them Super Saiyan. New client should add more things into the story and be creative with it too.

    SumTingWong You don't want to "ruin" a story that wasn't finished nor good to begin with? K.

    Don't forget this game was unfinished and the developers decided to make another game with continued story that was xenoverse 1 and 2.

    If you have a look in west city you would see a TMQ machine that was gonna be added that i think it was gonna be android saga.

    Developers would have added other transformations and Engineer class but sadly it got shut down.

    Dragonball games always have done the Frieza/Cell/Buu sagas that’s why i’m saying DragonBall Super stuff needs to be added since it’s still new and hyped. The goal should be to bring in new players, not keep the current playerbase as much as possible.

    bruh, this gives me huge cringe attacks lmao. Super Saiyan Blue? For HUMANS? to fight animals? Seriously? Basically a Yamcha going SSB huh? xD

    That was painful to read....

    Coming back into 60 cap and seeing people wear Goku Black dogi gave me a cringe binge.

    Also Dogi doesn't really ruin the game at all. It's just cosmetic. And before you guys jump on this, SSB is not cosmetic. Y'all legit want SSB transformation. That's a no go for Human race. Sooo the only option you have is: Mods.

    Enjoy them to your hearts content cuz nobody will care about what your character looks like from your point of view.

    It did ruin the story, DragonBall Super does not exist in DBO timeline.

    Please just drop this Topic already. It's HUMAN race. Not saiyan. Like i said, don't f*ck the Story. The game got f*cked enough already. At least don't touch the story of the game.

    You’re being selfish and im getting a cringe attack just from seeing how serious you are taking this discussion. You know damn well SSB will bring a whole new player base. This new client while still is good for the Cult Fanbase, it wont bring many new players. Really hype things need to be added like adding new TMQs, new transformations, new UDs, etc. that are based off DBS.

    I used to be one of you guys. “Dont add a new transformation it will ruin balance/the story” But when you look at it from a popularity perspective, Super Saiyan Blue alone can revive this game.

    Seriously though, Super Saiyan is such an out dated transformation who even cares in 2019 about Super Saiyan these days. You guys have to take in the fact this game is in desperation mode and needs anything it can get to revive it.

    Edit: A DB Super dogi was added into the game, that already ruins the story.

    i wonder what kind of corruption it is? newer did nothing scamy n shit my self. anyway don't be so strict, the team who working on this game is super tiny and game is huge. they dont have full control of it, well i hope with new client they will but still, some ppl have life, jobs.... its hard after working day sit on computer and work again

    My favorite shitpost

    Oh boy this community... Running around like Dbog is the best thing in the world, look, I liked 45 and 55 cap, 60 cap was just a rinse and repeat of everything and wasn’t worth it.

    Edit: This also reminds me, a huge chunk of whats left of the community now is and has been a cringe fest. Cant trust anyone here. ANYONE.

    "This game is shit, but I look forward to it" is what ur saying. Already enough threads about litteraly the same thing. You should make this thread only if the new client will be disappointing.

    i did say I really enjoyed 45 cap and a bit of 55 cap. ??‍♂️

    Ahem.. Haven't you heard?


    Bahahaha this made me laugh

    Adding 70 cap now with the new client won't change much tbh. Sure, the changes will change the game but thei ngame part will still suck. The amount of boxes in the game atm is something i never saw in DBO before. It's just unreal and f*cked up. LvL 70 will be just a gamble festival for some ppl and they will get the things they want by standing around and gambling with box tries lol.

    Wrote this before and many others too, if new client gets released, we will need another wipe. It's the only chance for the game. If they decide to continue with just new client and its changes, pfff, forget this game lmao. A wipe and then making sure none of that fishy crap happens. That's what will help. Sadly too many ppl refuse to accept this cuz they simply don't wanna start over which i understand. But for the game to be good it has to be done. No way around this.

    Yeah DBO right now just feels like gambling and i'm not a big fan of gambling, if I was i'd be at a Casino and not playing a MMORPG. Also, I read that new client thread, that thing is just begging for a wipe. I mean half the changes wouldn't make a difference without a wipe. And the game has been running for a year now starting tomorrow, if f2p players havent gotten their time worth by now I feel sorry for them.