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    god bless you for this

    I only recently discovered this game, what happened?? why is it dead so recently?

    in summary:

    • the head of the project announced that there would be a wipe to the server (items and levels), bcos of hackers and cheating (hacked items, gold inflation blah blah...)
    • there was a public poll do decide if the wipe should proceed or not ( 65% of the server voted yes) it happened in March/April 2019.
    • people against the wipe left the game; seeing that there was no pint in playing anymore (the game had already been wiped before, ppl didnt want a wipe again, the devs promised so...)
    • the head of the project released a new client called client 2.0 to allow people to come and test how the new game will be and fix bugs
    • it is taking so long for the bugs to be fixed and people are not even sure the project is going to be finished anytime soon, so some people probably abandoned it or hibernating

    I don't want to be that kind of person but I was against the wipe all along and now the game is so dead we don't even see the game master updating or fixing any bugs for a while now. I rather we had hacked +15 gears and high prices on the live server and active players (those gears would have become obsolete anyways!!), than see the game we love go down like this. I hope your happy;(;(;(;(