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    I feel like Daneos and the team shouldn't have done the wipe poll this early, it just pushed ppl away from the game before the testing was even complete. We don't even know bow long it will take to get the client ready for full release.

    What the team should have done:

    1-get testers to play the client to look for bugs

    2-finish fixing all the bugs and game improvement

    3-then close the test server, and conduct a wipe poll

    4-then maybe a few weeks later reset and release new client with lvl cap and stuff.

    As a player who dedicates time to the game, I come here to indignation, you announce a server test without warning that it would be '' limited '' people are very anxious to play, and you open only to (Administrators, and a handful of a few people) please have more respect with the game players release the access so people can play freely and they can also report the bugs. :cursing:X/X/X/

    The server at the moment is most likely unstable to maintain everyone willing to play at the moment. I believe Daneos is choosing the pple who are the most active at the moment in game (possibly also those who are active on the forums).

    If I remember right, then at the pre-open beta it was quite the chaos when everyone had access to the server. Frequent freezes, lag, server shut down, channels disconnected,... It might be that the progress to find bugs would be even slower than before since everyone will think something is a bug while it's just overpopulating of the server that's the cause of a problem.

    All you can do at the moment is sign in with telling your in game character name and hope you get selected. Sign in here

    They should have mentioned that it was limited access, so that they wouldn't hype ppl for no reason

    When the lvl cap will be increased you can get exp from UD3 hard again,

    But I would recommend doing TMQ7 and UD6 instead for loot and more exp at the end. Since gear will be more needed now for everyone to get through the levels and to gain the upgrade stones.

    Of course, papaya island quests are still the best ones to do in my opinion. Lots of item quests that require you to farm a lot of mobs and you can get lvl 70 loot once you are above lvl 65 a lot easier than doing the harder dungeons on papaya island (best way to farm the DBs as well).

    I am sorry I don't understand what you mean by you will get exp again, the mobs are lvl 54 if I remember and you get exp from at least 5-+ levels above or below

    So at lvl 60 you should stop getting exp rite?

    in one week you are lvl 70 with only farming mobs in ud3 with 200% exp boost

    and you need 3-4 week to lvl 70 only by doing all quests

    so all people can reach lvl 70 in one months without problems if they have lvl 30 up or not xD

    Can a Lvl 60+ character even get exp from ud3 hard????

    I agree with your idea 100%

    I'd rather look for alternatives to repair the error that made them get +15. I'm not dumb enough to get jealous for someone who made effort. Why wiping? We always have alternatives

    Let's be smart and wipe only upgradable equipments, not exp, or rings, or dragon buffs.

    i think thats the problem many ppl are jealous of many +15 user and call then all hackers, bcos they don't know who they are they rather take the whole server down with them a WIPE IS NOT THE ONLY SOLUTION

    i feel like there should be a minimum requirement- at least 70% of players that want will, then we will get wipe, so it is double that of those that dont want wipe, then it becomes a majority of the player base.

    but it it is 60% pro wipe and 40% anti-wipe (not a majority of population) you are gonna anger and upset half the population

    Getting levels is not that hard in DBO. And we're already being compensated by a lvl 30 box and getting all the needed passives (guard, dash, power up, flight). I think this is good enough already.

    then if lvling is so easy why does it take 3 weeks+ (or long and boring grind) to get a lvl 60, not every one can power level so stop saying that, not every one can buy exp booster, not every one has an op character running ud for them

    i dont feel good about the wipe

    if it were a 90% wipe and 10% no wipe then that is a huge majority

    but even a 60% wipe and 40% no wipe, it will never be fair to those that dont want wipe and getting lvl 30 up is not enough to compensate those that played the game fair and legit, to me it isnt fair and the compesation is enough for that, maybe thats why some ppl are even more pissed

    p.s ppl that want wipe dont be to hard on those that dont want the wipe most of the reason you want the wipe some ppl just dont understand it and it doesnt affect them, to them it feels like you are taking away thier effort for no reason

    we can argue a lot, but the decision goes down to daenos and what he wants.

    the more i read about the wipe supporters i start to understand why they say so, the hacked items, +15 lvl 70 items and stuff like that maybe the game will be better if we had a clean start, BUT only if a security measure is implemented otherwise it would be futile having a wipe

    i understand what you are saying but. how do you want a new player or an average player to get those quick lvling ways without cash, for i know power lvl is 2kk per lvl impossible for some ppl, exp boost only work well going to lvl 30 and items that let you skip levels doesnt just drop from tress you know.

    i am just trying to make ppl understand both sides of this

    i feel the same way too, most of the people that want the wipe get to max lvl for 5 char in a month and speed through the game while the other side of the population take weeks to a month just to get 1 char to max lvl that doesnt include the amount of time trying to grind for a fairly decent gear just to do basic content. i understand the reason for wipe, but we cant bee 100% sure everything will be fixed.

    so many ppl are gonna stop playing if there is another wipe, ppl put too much time and effort into this game, cant just erase it and say that it is nothing and saying stuff like leveling is ez, get to 60 in a week and stuff like that just annoys some ppl

    I don't know much about Fighters and how they're used in PvE, but I do know that you need to avoid using SOL. The stat only boosts your E,Atk by 2 points, so it's definitely not worth investing in.

    Focus is way better than soul, still you should focus on energy critic rate weapons or energy critic dmg and con armor and props accessory.

    If you have ultimate majin to buff you, even better.

    That you should focus if you want to gear energy based fighter.

    ty both for the replies, i will try to see if i can get some energ crt weaps