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    We all know Daneos isn't going to do more to 1.0 client. He's too focused on 2.0 client. Believe me when I say I want him to buff Plasmas because it's a secondary class I want to be good, but it ain't going to happen for a while.

    That's alright, reason i made this thread is to raise the awarness of these issues so that once he deals with 2.0 being ready to go, he can start putting in prespective some big issues with classes.

    I really hope 2.0 is going to get the official launch soon, im really sick and tired of all the testing i've done since pre alpha.

    that again... they wont make new changes all classes have ther own damage you cant balance for example dw and sk to the same scale then one of the classes is usless

    and if you read the patch notes back from 2018 you will find dw balance changes .

    I read the "balance" changes, the thing is nothing in the stated "balance" changes did anything to do what was intended for the class, and actually making it worse in long run. Im not sure why you brought it up as if i didnt know what these changes were, which i clearly stated in this thread at the beginning, you did read that did you?

    Anyways, it doesn't matter, honestly i talked on this subject before with a friend of mine who actually won solo budo on korean version of the game as a DW.
    We talked about calculation being off on sub weapon skill's for the class.

    Nah brother your english is alright, thanks for giving your own feedback.

    If you want PVP in this game dont go any further leveling the class as a new player, just try out Crane, Shadow Knight, fighter or any other class for that matter.

    Hello your favourite DW here, been playing on this server since the beginning, started out as playing this class since the old game back in the day, as bad as the class performed in some field's at least in pvp, you could see some of it's strenghts in pve shine through, fast fourward to DBOG where alot of calculating was done to please alot of playerbase.

    Nothing what so ever has been done to try and buff DW's to excel in any field of the game at all, hell i cant even find a single party in this game that will pick a DW over a SK for a tank much less PVP, so the question remains... why have this class in the game at all?

    -I addressed how piss poor the calculations for some of DW's skills are that dont even calculated sub weapons damage into it's skills like for example "Dragon Strike" which in theory should deal tones of damage but instead deals 1/3 of what it's supposed to show.

    -CC's unexistent and easy to counter.

    - Gave an update on demon wave saying it's supposed to "buff" the skill made it more useless in pvp and pve scenario's dealing physical damage now and bleed over time instead of burn which is easy to counter, and deal's piss poor damage.

    - 16 focus passive to the class is practicly useless now that they nerfed success rate on warrior tree skill's.

    Do i have to go on? How long does it have to take before we get these things sorted out, at least bring back the old demon wave skill, and dont bother changing anything at all, if you dont want to hear our feedback.

    Lol... stop playing then. No one will notice. They aren’t changing the game because some random used 60 boxes to get 2 prop and cried. Some people use 300 boxes and don’t get what they want.

    I did kiddo 6 months ago, i did mostly pve with my DW, i used more then 60 boxes dumb kid, i just made an example of what time it takes for a free player to get that amount of boxes, and you went ape shit, if you think that 300 boxes invested with your cash and money shouldnt give you some kind of benefit in return then you're right this game is definetly for braindead people like yourself.

    only 60? Lmao... and most mmo have some basis of RNG. You talk about boxes but what do you suggest? 500 Boxes = Max Stats. Thats called a recipe for disaster.

    did i suggest that, or can you not read what i said, dumbo?

    I said that the core problem of this game is that everything revolves around RNG, every single thing, starting from combat to getting the stats to farming, upgrading, dont talk to me about the basis of RNG, it's just that you're used to playing dumb korean MMO's for so long , that you cant get the taste of that asian weiner out of your mouth. That's your problem tho. Most MMO's i've played have drops that base off of RNG even then you have items that you can acquire that can give you perks you need for the gear, this game doesnt have that, instead you get infinite amount of trash and time wasted trying to please RNG gods to be on your side. Conclusion kids. You cant fix something thats fundementaly broken, good ol' danny knew this, what he also had in mind is. "sheesh theres alot of dumb people out there that will pay for this kind of system to get an edge over the other people". I belive you happen to be one of those people or else you wouldnt make this dumb comment in the first place.

    The core problem with this game isnt client, it isnt that it's pay to win either, it's that RNG dominates every field of this trashy ass game no actual risk and rivard no "pay off" for your time and sweat put into the games content, just luck, you could play this game for hours on end every day and still be bound with a gear with +11, while some people get to lvl cap and immediately obtain best gear in the game, why the hell should i invest my time into something that might or might not pay off. I've spent 34 hours gathering brown boxes from world bosses got around 60 of them not one of them gave me what i needed for my accessories.

    The ability to multi client is very important in a game like DBO.

    A Fighter unlocks the ability to solo farm outside PvE thanks to it.

    If you remove the ability to atleast dual client, many classes will be unable to atleast farm outside, which is supposed to be the easiest part of the game...

    Ever considered that some content in the game is just not meant to be soloed and glampsed over... dumbass?

    So today in "fixing shit with coldy" . I found a solution and it just so happened that to fix this problem you'd have to right click little windows search icon go to "features and programs" find DBOG icon double click it and while you do that im gonna suggest you listen to some Pharrel Williams"Happy" song cause your probably an inbreed pice of shit moron who listens to those homosexual ass hollywood singles and let it just run in the background and delete itself from your existance. YOU"RE welcome <3.

    Done. BOOOMM..

    Being a fighter for my whole life ever since i was brought on this earth and started breathing the air and was fed from my own mother's tit i can tell you right now... that fighters are too nerfed, we cant do jack shit to those "no penis having" axe wearing to confiscate for the lack of their musculant parts pices of shit, those green bastards that keep cleving through any and every content with ease, also why did daneos put 15% luck boost for every SK on the server for upgrades? i see you skinny ass gimpy kid who is the project leader of this wonderful MC Fkery of the game. So in a conclusion to my rant here, im making a SK, cause fk you i'm bilals jewish uncle.

    No, just no, you cant have it that high 0.2% would be fine 1% with 70 strenght passives... are you nuts? Fighters could have up to 130% phy crit...


    making STR and SOL stronger will not have any good impact. People will continue using DEX and FOC. Because STR and SOL is stronger, players will just get unnecessary stronger. If we want to make STR and SOL useful, we will have to nerf DEX and FOC and buff STR and SOL.

    I see. I dont think that you're taking into account the basic functions of FOC and DEX as a stat bonus, i belive that having DEX give any form of DMG boost is preposterous since it's only stat that give's ridiculous amounts of boosts all around the board for classes who utilize it in it's passives, for example dex gives, dodge rate, resistance rate, phy damage, phy crit rate, i belive that you could take physical and energy atk boost out of Focus and Dex and go with what i suggested in my topic here, benefits would be as follows:

    A) at level caps you wont be able to one shot SK's with ridiculous dex stacks to boost up your dmg.

    B) you'll still be able to get crit rate out of it and deal higher damage (with my suggestion for dmg boost in mind)

    C) Actual stats that are predicted to boost damage would now do so as it is intended for them to do.

    Bad idea considering that lot of people still mudosa farm and the staff isn't doing anything about it.

    What is exactly wrong with people farming mudosa,can you explain it to me?

    People are still investing time to get a reward out of it, isnt that what F2P should be, i mean it's not like the whole game revolves around RNG's, getting anything good out of mudosa gambler isnt any different.