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    Some people seems to be allergic to money Lol

    Ohh i forgot about peria and tree, i want them too, there some other corean games that i want like closers online and kingdom under fire but since they may either never or take a long long time to com to us, i dont even bother you know xD

    I am currently playing closers Online and it is really fun bro. you should give it a try

    Black Desert Online
    Echo of Soul
    Tree of Savior
    Age of Aincrad
    Bless Online
    Lost Ark Online
    Arpiel Online
    Revelation Online.
    Peria Chronicles.

    I got way too many games.

    It is based on the Korean launcher. If I have to make it look authentic i'll have to add the copyright text. I might make it smaller in order to remove the useless space.

    I kind of noticed! :) brought back a tad bit of memories. But seriously though I like where this is heading. Keep up the good work SLAVI!


    I know this would be a lot of work involved, but it would be sick if we could go to the kais planets or Namek planets.

    other than that I think customizable Dogis would be cool. Like have a event where people can customize some sick Dogis of their own and the top 2 or 3 can be implemented into the game.

    That's a long anime title. and from that 30 seconds video you showed us, I do remember watching 1 episode of it....but then stopping cause that girl annoyed me.

    And my favorite anime is Kuroko No Basuke, if you havn't tried that already...DO ETTTT

    That's a long anime title. and from that 30 seconds video you showed us, I do remember watching 1 episode of it....but then stopping cause that girl annoyed me.

    And my favorite anime is Kuroko No Basuke, if you havn't tried that already...DO ETTTT

    Bruh Aomine for the win ! Kuroko no Basket is my favorite anime as well

    something about me?

    I am partially YouTube famous. I made a video about 5 years ago trying to jump over a In 'n Out pole (If you live in California or Nevada, you know about theses restaurants) and it did not work out well.

    I ended up getting paid 250$ from Rob Dyrdek's ridiculousness and Tru TV.

    I've lost a good amount of weight since then. I am still fluffy cause I play football, but still, good times haha.

    Oh yah let me add the TL;NR just incase people don't want to read all of this before I go off on a slightly large rant.

    I dunno why there is so much hate towards each other. I for one will be playing both since I have friends over here and there.

    One of the main reasons why I enjoy this version of DBO is because of how well involved the team is with the community. Server updates, Pics, Videos, etc... you name we have gotten it from Daneos and his team. I know exactly what is going on and how far development has come.

    With DBO(R) I don't really see that too much, but that doesn't mean they have stopped development per say, but sometimes I do feel left in the dark about what is fully going on with DBO(R). So far on DBOG forum or FB page, I've rarely seen a post about "When are you going to give us an update" or "can we see some footage and what not" from DBOG. I've seen way too much of that on DBO(R) compared to here, again that is just my opinion.

    At the end of the day these 2 servers are going to be totally different and awesome. I am just happy that people love this game enough that they are attempting to not only revive a game, but to fix it up and make it our own! Separate from the HK, KR, TW versions. It is different when you already have a set game in the US or UK and what not that is dying or is already dead. Makes it a little easier to make a server and do some translations. But when you have a game that was not only dead with God knows how much data and files out there, not too mention it is a Foreign game that will need extensive translations, and you have people that are taking their FREE time out to deliver a game that we all can play and share again, I have nothing but respect.

    So whether you play this one or theirs (I plan on playing this one) I say just be thankful that our cries for a Global and a Private Server of this game was answered by Dumke, Daneos, and any other person out there wanting to restore this game. You guys have my respect.

    I also think towards the cap they should give out some decent XP. when I was on the KR sever it is was murder from like 55-60 and for the 60-70 lvling it was all tmq grinding, lots of people quit around that point.

    While they are doing that, I would hope that they would get some sort of endgame content going until further updates or lvl increases. Once people in my guild capped, they mostly just hung around the PVP ring in Korin forest or some did the Martial Arts touneys. But I think it would be cool to add some special missions or dungeons along with that.

    Hello guys my name is Yasuno! I hail from Los Angeles California and I've been in love with this game since the Korea beta back in 2010.

    I am 24 and I will be leaving for japan next October for about 6 months so I am super excited for that! I enjoy playing sports, watching cartoons and Anime, reading books and manga, and gaming it up on my super PC. I've gotten to play a lot of MMOs over the years especially MMOs from overseas (B&S, DBO, MFO, DFO, Closers, PSO2, etc..) So I got a good amount of fun under my belt. My Favorite Anime is Kuroko No Basuke (Aomine all the way). But I love SAO, Log Horizon, Akame Ga Kill, Irregular at Magic High School, Eyeshield 21, Slam Dunk, Ace of Diamond, Nisekoi, Major!, Card Captors, DBZ, Naruto, and the list goes on.

    I love food with a passion especially Sushi! I can eat that stuff all day #MercuryPoisonFTW. Love Mexican food and snacks lol.

    I just switched my Major to Computer Engineering! So I am pretty stoked about the future with this degree since I love video games so much.
    I really want to get into the gaming world from a work perspective. I would love to also create the ultimate MMO where people can immerse themselves into the game! This may be a long shot, but I will never know until I try. I hope that one day I can get good enough and grab some friends and colleagues and make a awesome MMO game with a VR stuff (Maybe I watch too much sword art online).

    Mostly games I will play on consoles are Sports, RPG, and Fighting/beat em up. But I am down to try about anything gaming wise (except horror games). But anyways I think I've talked enough and I cannot wait to become friends with you guys and go on a journey of a lifetime in DBO! Hope to hear from all you soon and again it is a pleasure to meet you all!