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    Are u Kidding ? Juste realize that there is no new players, or if it's the case they must be few ones. If wipe happens I just know that I will stop the game, because start again and again since TW in 2011, that TOO MUCH . I don't want to start over again. The game has always worked like that.

    when I read it I feel that a reset would be essential for every important update. Stop kidding and let the game alone. We don't want another fuucking wipe.

    If it's the case, for sure most of the old players will stop playing.



    A lot of 1000?

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    Honestly, the moment is one of pondering.

    1) 3 of the 4 game servers are empty. EMPTY. The threat of a WIPE drove away all the really loyal games.

    2) Cash can be returned, but all hours of dedication of these people can not be returned. It's an assault without a turn. People like me felt their toes hurt after a full day of playing.

    3) This is about RESPONSIBILITY. Many people returned to play after the previous reset , BY THE PROMISE that there would be no other reset.

    4) This is about trust. Who will want to dedicate themselves to a game that has WIPE every year? This is about suffering upping your character and dying on the beach.

    5) Almost everyone, or everyone of the game administration wants the WIPE. And that influences and discourages ALL dedicated players.

    6) Who does not care about their characters being extinguished, probably will not bother to play again after the WIPE.

    7) Dedicated players, like me, may not come back. Because we just need a little respect.

    8 ) Probably half of people DO NOT WANT A WIPE. Is DBO prepared to lose all of them? Well, good luck.

    9) These people use dbo as a way to escape. An alternative world where they felt safe, strong. Now they feel reset. Clean, made trash.

    10) Ponder. Do not Take our,OUR,level. Or lack of trust in the server may be the end of the game.

    I and the entire Brazilian community do not want to stop playing, but if there is a reset. Sorry. But we will stop.

    *** If they have hearts, we will have hope. Do not give up. We are the BDO. ***

    You are a wise person

    The new client appears again +15 need to wipe again?

    This is a meaningless poll
    It’s better to spend more time researching how to make LV65, 70 better development

    After the open level, everyone still has to change the configuration.
    Don't need to care so much about the LV60 configuration

    Hello I have some of my views. If have wipe ,the cash points will be refunded .as we all know ,not all the people have many cash points , but they use real money to buy +15 armor 、zeni....if have wipe .they will get nothing in new client .Most of them are Chinese,so they will vote “no”.But the cash points refund is that donation in open beta,not all the cash points donation before open beta.if you agree that ,I think there will be more people agree have wipe .if refund all the cash points in new client.who have many cash points can become stronger easily .Other who do not have many cash points ,need to spend long time doing farm .And many people use cash points make real money .it will be a game for the rich . This is not fair for those who not donation much more ,but use real money buy +15.

    I konw there are Chinese people use Bug .But only a small part of it .Just some businessmen. not all the Chinese use bug .i see a lot of people say Chinese have +15.they all think is bug+15?really? It’s a prejudice.I admit there are a small number of Chinese use BUG upgrade +15.but as far as I know .they are all ban,There have many +15 .The biggest reason is that the upgrade system.if you have many stones , can easy to go +15 .if the upgrade system make like HK DBO or TaiWan DBO.There will not have so many +15 .wipe or not wipe . Pls think it one can be sure there will not have bug in new client

    90% of people who agree to wipe are newbies

    No effort at all, only small items Of course there is no difference

    You deleted Seriously paying time and money Player

    Left these not working hard,only complains Useless person HAHAHA

    Do this kind of poll Instantly leave your industry unmanned Very stupid self-destruction

    It is said that Windows 10 is prone to lag cards when playing Dragon ball, hoping to improve it.

    I like dragon ball game very much. Thumbup: