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    The 1.0 servers were offline for a while,the progress on the 2.0 version seems to be very slows and most people just gave up and are still giving up when the 1.0 server went offline.

    R.I.P DBOG :(

    So in the starter villages of the majin human and namekians there's a monster data machine that doesn't work.
         Screenshot_1.pngKokkara Village's monster data machine.It has images of enemies that are not on the game or there's just a humanoid form of them.
    It would be really nice to see the enemies you defeated and have more details about them like how fast they are and what they can drop on the collection missions you did that had you need to collect the items they dropped.

    So i was playing the game with a character that was going to be a swordsman and when i started playing with him i noticed something diffirent.
    there was this circle that would show up on a npc and on a enemy and it would even change color on depending on what i was doing but then when i decided to skip to yahoi east (my char is lvl 30) to buy the third eye scouter the circle just dissapeared. i tried using scouters with the same effect of my last one that was from the yahoi fortress and still it didn't work. Can anyone tell me how to make it show up again? it's a really useful creature that magically showed up while i was playing the game.