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    I can understand peoples frustrations , Heck im frustrated but understand that this is a process that could take some time. I check in time to time just to see if we have any updates or information.

    I played a little on the new client on the test server and it's looking pretty good (excluding issues but they will be ironed out) I for one am excited for the future but just a little impatient.

    Can u calm down boy? we readed you already. And what to see this with multiple accounts? you can restrict for ip for example there most of solutions, you only try to trash my post, so please stop copy pasting same message, you see bad multiple accounts, but multiple same message?. Instead continue speaking, you only throw your stone trying to get this post closed, and me forgived, but no, sorry, i nothing to be with those people you speak, post or forums related history.

    can you deal with the fact that it's already agreed and going to happen, Cant you stop trying to force something "you" feel is wrong , yes people made multiple accounts to vote not "Hardlock" and other staff already confirmed this. You don't like it.. leave .. stop crying on forums... how old are you 12?

    These anti wipe posts are getting old real fast, it was already polled , a lot of people who were against it even went and made multiple accounts. There is absolutely no need for any more of these posts. This is individuals trying to force their personal agenda. It has been discussed, the questsions have been answered , the reasoning has been provided. Just another person who doesn't accept it and thinks their wants are greater than the larger portion of the population who voted yes legitimately which makes no sense. Stop pushing, it's happening like seriously

    These anti wipe posts are getting old real fast, it was already polled , a lot of people who were against it even went and made multiple accounts. There is absolutely no need for any more of these posts. This is individuals trying to force their personal agenda. It has been discussed, the quests have been answered , the reasoning has been provided. Just another person who doesn't accept it and thinks their wants are greater than the larger portion of the population who voted yes legitimately which makes sense.

    I for one am glad to see staff planning on being more strict on the rules , and as the gm stated .. the lack of that in the past did contribute to the issue and i'm glad to see they are admitting that and are planning to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. To much has happened , from dupe's to charge back and but exploiters. Those items not being removed or a roll back when it was noticed did a massive amount of damage to the game and its economy. I am extremely excited to see how things go this time around.

    A possible suggestion to urge people to play now while they wait for the wipe is possibly give players some free cc (this cc will not be credited after new game client is released and server wipe happens). Allow players to just have over all fun , increase drop rates so players can get the high end gear at easy to increase enjoyment , increase enhance chances so players can experience gameplay at the highest tier. This would also help players experience and enjoy endgame and hopefully excite them about the race that will happen when we all start a new :P

    Again keep up the great work , and I hope things are reaching completion and we can all get play a new... I've planned ahead of time and haven't taken any vacation time (ill be taking it when the game is wiped and ready to go) .. I got my coffee , hot pockets , and more.. lets go bois :P

    after at least 2-3 months+ as people said we would have the new client(if we are lucky)...after this long time even the remaining people i believe they will leave..its too long to wait..a lot people have lost their motivation of playing this game because it was never a stable one..we had too many wipes many resets..right now only hardcore dragonball fans are staying in the game..i hope people will return back as you did..but i am afraid it wont happen this time..And to help you..yes its worthing right now to play at the old client..just to get some characters at lvl 30+ because after the wipe all players who had characters lvl 30+ they will receive an item which you can use it at the new client and gets you instant lvl after lvl 31 whatever you do its useless

    P.S(Oh and i forget to say you get this item for each character you have lvl if you have 3 characters lvl 31 you will receive 3 items)

    Alright thanks for the insight. I was wondering that , the issue is I already have 2 accounts full of lvl 60 characters so to start new ones to run them to 30 is a tad well useless at my current state, ill just wait for the wipe and new client I guess.


    After some time away I recently got a new computer and was thinking about coming back and seeing how the server is doing and how my new computer would perform. My old computer has struggles which caused me to leave dragon ball global online and being that I have a new one was thinking about coming back. Over the last 3 days I've been reading online that a wipe is incoming but no date as to when and was wondering if it's worth coming back now and playing know the progression I will make will be wiped soon. I already have 2 accounts with lvl 60's littering each so the rewards after the wipe aren't that enticing to play before it happens but was wondering if anyone can offer some insight or able to direct me to an official post discussing the wipe and possibly contain a date.

    I heard about the new client which is extremely exciting, I had windows 7 on my old pc and now have windows 10 on the new one so was very worried about the infamous game freezes and read that the new client has removed the freezes with windows 10.

    I love the game and loved the server , Would definitely be interested and 100% coming back after the wipe but wondering if its worth playing before that wipe happens.

    I've seen streamers (not naming) who stream content ment for groups but to my surprise they solo it with a party of buff characters. Not sure how anyone can concider this ok but again I guess those who don't see how its wrong are the ones with massive amounts of clients running at once. 1 buff multi client is ok but when you are doing 4-5 for every single buff in the game its considered abusing its very simple thinking and sorry you don't seem to understand it.

    People who multiclient like 5 characters for pure buffs , that's an issue in my eyes. This is a mmorpg which should invite and honestly encourage players to group and party for quests or dungeons. This is no longer a thing , what once was a mmorpg has turned into diablo 2 offline mode where you can honestly do everything solo.

    I believe a limitation to 2 clients should be implemented again , when a player can solo EVERYTHING because they run 5+ accounts for self buffs , sell agro'ing and more there is a serious issue. Why would people play and stay if no one party's , if no one dungeons (unless they are selling plvling - which is another thing that needs to be combated , limit exp gain if you have a max lvl person in your party who is out of the dungeon lvl requirements)

    yes I also went there , powerleveling needs to be exterminated from the server period , It has no benefits other to line peoples pockets with ingame currency and deflect a players need quest and grind the game period! which ultimately causes players to grow bored quickly.

    Just wipe the servers , restrict multiclients to 2 per house hold (unless cleared by staff - must provide valid emails and photo identification for people who play in your house if more then 2) adjust exp gained in dungeons (if player is more then 15 lvls higher then you in your party running dungeons your exp gets cut - will increase exp boost sales , takes what 3 200% boosts and a few hours and you're 1-max)

    HardLock I understand your effort to do something different, I see that this is a quality of yours. The problem is that we veteran players are fed up with Daneos' lack of interest in us. He could give authority to you to change some awards from event, after so many controversies and money that we spend to keep the server and Daneos is not even there for the players that keep his server alive. Daneos does not have the courage to comment something here in the forum this is a lack of respect for me and to the veteran players, and what will happen going forward are people becoming more unmotivated because the Game Administrator never takes a consistent position just keeps hiding and leaving more responsibility for the Gms that has limited powers within the game.

    Daneos be brave and take a stand, listen more to the opinions of the players open your mind, and stop ignoring the players that keep your server alive.

    I can see why daneos wont. Can you imagine the amount of people who will cry and claim a rigged event? All the issues it can bring to the server... this is because of you "Veterans" that force him to limit gm's ability to do anything item wise and for the sake of the server its best he doesn't allow so people cant throw around accusations that are potentially harmful because they didnt get what they wanted from the event.

    A community event is a exactly that a community event , Its nice seeing a staff member taking solo initiative to do events for the community. Many games in similiar situations like this one (privately run and updated) haven't had events done by gms in years. Some people will just complain to complain but the fact of the matter which people seem to be forgetting is that the staff are trying to do things for the community. They over look that and just demand more items or better items. I for one appreciate seeing events happening every weekend and quite frequently. This is the initiative the community needs to see and appreciate.

    Keep up the good work as always.

    What would be pretty cool would be crafted "Sets" where using a complete set adds a bonus to something based on the set type. They did say they are working on a new client and once its tested it will be released for us to use. They also said once the new client is out there might be some bugs which will be fixed and once its smooth they will start working on other tweaks and fixes and so forth. Alot has been changing as of recently looking better and better for the future of dbog. Its just the waiting period now but thats in every game.