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    More ideas:

    -stay the same RNG

    -Remove possibility to get purple/green stones from mobs

    -Purple/green stones can be dropped from UD/TQM/events.

    -Adding 2 more cards(now 5).(to be decided, you need to think about it first)

    -All players are able to udgrade to +12(good defense and attack) without difficulty.

    -Decreases Sucess rate from +12-15(50-80% maybe? idk) THIS WAY WON'T BE TOO MANY +15

    -Zeni usage to udgrade(idk the amount, 200k ea udgrade?)

    -Removing all stones from cash shop or decrease the rate a lot..

    -Keep the same Red/Blue drop rate(keep the white drop rate same as well?, idk you need to think about it.)

    -Purple/green usage should increase the possibity to hit sucess card(and make the stones harder to get).

    -Purple/green stones gives +2-3 only, remove +1

    -Removing broken card.

    You guys already know udgrade system cannot be changed..IT'D BE PATETIC!. then all items udgraded will have to come back to +0 or just will there to delete them. i totally agree notoriuos if you work hard you are able to get an op gear +13/15.. yea ''FARMING HARD'' and not trying to get +15 using 2 stones pls . The current system is fair for everyone because cashers and non cashers can get their stuffs and udgrade them = using the easy way $$$ and you ya know the another one.. good ideas not bad tho.. but it's 60 cap