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    Winter 2018 is still present.


    For me it's the fact you can walk around in the world of dbz-ish, more or less atleast. The only games that came close to it before where Infinite World, and DBZ Saga's. I don't like XV much, doesn't have that much of an openworld aspect.

    I'd be glad to answer your questions in his Brad's place since he is kind of banned at the moment.

    Question 1 till 3: You won't be able to since he left no contact info here and he can't come on these forums anymore. The links he posted already that are working are the only one's left you most likely can still use. As for the hair, you can't put new hairstyles into the game. I'm pretty sure that is just some special program he used for it. He kinda did state it in there. Kinda wish i could have gotten that SSJ4 female mod from him aswell.