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    There is no risk with that guard gear, it has 750 base edef. Lol it's busted. And Sleep does get decreased with focus. All forms of debuffs/CC gets reduced with focus. Basically they're playing a tank as a glass cannon and get away with it because it takes no dmg either way after the nerfs to turtle crits.

    What's the problem with ultimates or karma? They're not fine but there's nothing to do about them unless you remove their overpowered skills then they become dogshit. It's just the buff to Focus reducing all forms of CC and debuffs is becoming way too strong on SK. Almost nothing lasts on them. Just my 2 cents on the whole bs situation where my sleep is reduced from 23 seconds to 18 seconds just from a full focus SK. The damage is ridiculous but the tankiness and the tenacity are much much worse.

    Outdmging full prop SKs with too much instant CC, pls i've already cried too much at the buffs to fighter no need to overbuff SK too.

    Full prop CON SK bold = 2k

    Full CD Focus SK bold = 3.5k

    Pretty sure this is a bit too good, you get dmg and you can tank mostly everything anyway, now throw in Guard against skill % gear and you can be unstoppable vs every other class.

    Just remove the reduction of Crowd Control due to the amount of focus you have, my CC isn't supposed to last over 20% less than it should be!

    k cry is over thanks