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    hello, I suppose you're the expert here, do you want me to name you online games where they do it? ... how about saint seiya online. What is it like online, where there are official pages of the game where you can buy the items, what a gameway? ... What if DANEOS wins by hand all the people who steal it? .. imposing a page that sells the items? .. in case you do not know saint seiya is one of the best selling anime in the world along with dragon ball.

    Clear! you do not play much or you are not a fan of dragon ball online! ... I will remind you: when the online dragon ball started, I had the motivation to give you daily items for connection to your customers, and for example, doubled or gave more items to the person who He donated money, they also sold items. THEN MANY PAGES APPEARED THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU JUST WANTED TO GET OUT OF THE GAME! ... there are BAD people and GOOD people--. I want DBO G free of piranha people, people who live by the effort of others, if you create an exclusive channel for people who pay you will give you a reason to play and keep paying, and if you create a free to play channel like other games dragon ball you will accommodate people who are only players, but also there will enter the cheating people ... to see what would happen if I give you 100 dollars ... there are other people who want 100 dollars, and others who will steal you .. But if you separate the thieves from the needy and the donors you can have more control of your profits !!!: .. DO NOT TELL ME NOTHING OR THAT MY IDEAS ARE INAPPROPRIATED BECAUSE I ALREADY GAVE YOU 1 REASON ... Do you want more? STEAM CS GO ... is free to download, but if you want to play with advantages SHOP THE ACCESS TO THE SERVER, OR PLAY WITH THE MONTON, WANT SEXY WEAPONS ... PURCHASE IT IN THE PAG OR IN THE STEAM ... TRAT SYSTEM OF INTERIORISARTE CAPAZ YOU WILL SEE THAT THERE IS A WORLD MORE THAN YOU CAN SEE! REGARDS

    hi daneos, exelent work, thanks for revive the game , the dragon ball online game, i have some ideas for the game , why dont u create a chanel for vip people, the way to get a channel to get free acces and other for people who donate u, and bring back items or rewards for the people who helped u to get or bring back the game ...why dont u give gifts to your vip people.... a box present ... like the lvl box reward ... but vip.. good idea!!!...and get for the vip chanel some page who can buy what ever they jacket pants boots +15 full con, full %lp abs, or or some one like that.. give us some page to buy the items just performed +15.. or get only a transformation by cost , like sikin mode by cost...

    thanks and get lucky in that 0.2 dbo global... have a happy year!..

    En hi again. .. please someone tell me what is going to do the people Who donated for this game ?someone bring back the money donated ? Please hardlook or daneos tell me what is going to do....lot of people spended Muchas money from that game ....

    Tfor Your answer

    En hi all ...I donate a lot of money ...what is going to do daneos whith that case...the people can get the cash point ?or bring back the money spended. ? Daneos has some ideas from that.?I hope if he has a New client take the game and do the same game play like Was the original...Check the crane and skills whith rp atack has some problems like 0 damage no agro..or nameks :"why the nameks has damage like a fighter?what function does a tank have? Hp and defense NO MORE..AREA OR ZONE ATACK CHARCUTER IS COOPERATIVE. ..please Check this and try to do the same dbo like tw hk ...remember you have rivals like progect dbo rpg and xenoverse 2 uploaded and xenoverse 3 and New universe...the y try to do the same damage calculation by races and characteristics. ..DANEOS I hope u can do the best... thanks

    Al aire libreAl aire libre

    Todos ustedes están haciendo un drama de cada actualización. Y sabes qué, ni siquiera me importa si alguien es ultra pulido o ultra nerf. Tenemos meses sin actualizaciones reales, así que cállate y agradece que en realidad están tratando de hacer algo. Vendrá el tiempo y cada clase será mejor

    Al aire libre hi nice to meet u....really. ?I am going to tell u how Long Island the serv on.....the server is now pre open beta..?No! !! Is beta.....the pre finished a few 3 years the beta is on about 1 year. .I try to tell u or explane the point. ...the point is the game is nerfing every time. .now 4 Chanels closed

    please the game is not the same....try to get betther than dbo tw. .. sk dw are the game. ?please give us a reason to play ...give us a reason to create karma poko healer buffer humans. something and listen the people daneos. ..PLEASE READ THAT THE PEOPLE SAYS. ..THE Y PAY FOR U THEY PLAY TO BE BETTHER THE GAME. ...HELP IN THAT WAY LISTEN .....I lost the interest from that game because the tank can be suport tank aoe and full damage like fighter? Come on ...please give 1 reason to play ...tell us 1 reason to play ....bring me back the reason for play that game

    No body goes whith me at cc70 allí need buffer ....WF i played tw mode and ench char had a funtion. ..every player cantidad get in cc....only global we cante play whith fun. 4 Chanels and un closed 4... in papaya allí the gamers áre farming and fighting for kill 3 fkng mobs and spect an special droop

    Please listen the people not ure friends players thats gona be a good job for u and an gona be a real and global corporation un have in Your hands a real bussines. ..think about that ....and think for our money and bring me my smile for play that...the sk and dw are tank not criticals how can THEY get lot of damage?is imposible ...and rp kid boo. ?0 damage wf. ...0 agro rp ....omg ..the healer whith tp 0 agro and 0 damage from paralize skill...please come on .....rp doesnt works. ?thanks bro a lot of people left the game for that reason...people Who payed ..people casher...

    I hope un READ THAT

    Thanks for revive the game...

    I Was someone Who payed for the game for revive the game not for be stronger

    Al aire libre hi every body. ..please gm try to get funny the game o cameback the smile. the skills like tw versión. ..I AM chef and no one get into cc 70 90 whith chef do something to get into cc or please gibérico more damage to cranes chef ......thanks

    estoy de acuerdo. También que llueva en mapas , truenos, relámpagos...Y que los personajes épicos aparezcan ( personajes malos ) en tamaño gigante y al matar caigan Muchas re ofrendas para todos. ..Que el mismo mob tire items al morir y el equipo que lo mate tenga una recompensa especial

    Si arranca en lvl 55 sería bueno que cuando llegue a 70 puedan corregir lo q nunca se termino ... lvl 80 mapas incompletos y nuevas skills o poder apreciar nuevos mods dentro del juego beta como nuevos dogis o podrá ver un nuevo Bu o super bu o ssj blue o ver una transformación de namek con apariencia pikoro por ej