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    This is not one of those rage threads that beg the developer to "ples men add boks men pls im ned 16 prop ye" or dogi balls because farming CC isn't cool anymore.

    I'd say this is more a sign to Daneos, or Titania, or anyone who is in charge of the cash shop, to please do something.

    Now, don't get me wrong, even though I am not a casher, I tend to powerlevel a lot of people for cash points, so I (just like others) have already had issues with figuring out what to do with my cash points.

    As of now when someone donates their money to get cash points, they have two choices;

    1.) Sell the cash items for zeni.

    2.) Buy items that you will only need once, unless you're some maniac scammer who needs a name change every 2nd week.

    Realistically it is slowly but surely becoming useless for donators to donate. Why?

    Think of it this way. If we have 500 players and just 10 decide to donate, they either have to sell the items (which will eventually lower in price, since supply and demand gets worse) or just save it for wagu machine, which essentially FORCES the donator to gamble with money in order to get something.

    Now every player who believes in 2.0 (which I do aswell, so I know the mentality) thinks that 1.0 doesn't matter anymore, because we will be wiped anyway, and that's a fair point, BUT, you have to keep in mind that CURRENT 1.0 players donate their money, which helps Daneos maintain the servers, so the donators should have a word in what they want to spend their money on.

    It's known fact that the cash shop hasn't been changed in OVER A YEAR, why can't we just have the wagu machine changed weekly? Or two weeks, or just let us buy the dogis we want. Please for gods sake Daneos, it's really not that hard to update the machine every now and then.

    And also if we are in topic, this is ridiculous how wagu machine gives PURE GARBAGE, that's actually useless until the machine reaches 100~200, basically out of 800 spins, 600 spins are completely wasted, and rich players will just smash the wagu when it reaches a low point rate.

    But then again, I am not a casher, so my word probably means nothing in this discussion.

    Not gonna lie, this made me smile.

    In the past 4 days, I would say I bought 98% of the U65 Purple stones listed, almost all of them were bought by me, from 4kk up to 8kk sometimes, not mentioning the amount of U70 white stones. We calculated with 2 friends that I spent over 4.8kkk (yes, 4.8 BILLION) zeni in the span of THREE DAYS, and my gloves are still +11.

    Oh and before you say I can afford it because I'm a casher, no, I'm not. I'm a known free player.

    The upgrade system is utter garbage, insanely unfair, and really luck based. Sadly there's nothing you can do, other than trying to manage your stones better. For example, I usually go to +8 with reds, and then try a purple, since reds are 20-30 times cheaper than purples, it's not as much of a waste, as using a purple from +5-


    PvE build - SUPPORT VERSION :…0010012251011333304432530

    ^ Reason : Cell-X dungeon relies on energy attacks, so being able to cut the damage by 20% is very useful for the tank, physical version for bacterian / kraken still applies. Attack speed shackle is useful, because lower attack speed means less attacks from the boss, weaken defense and turtle slow reduces defense, which essentially boosts the overall party damage.

    Weapon recommendation for PvE turtles :

    23+23 MINIMUM attack speed gloves, the better energy damage base you can the better it is.

    28%+ ecrit% gloves and wand, only to make the mobs get out of the way to fight the boss faster. Considering most parties have karma and pokos, you dont need a single ecirtrate or focus anymore, you can just boom boom them.

    Armor recommendation :

    24-28 focus jacket, preferably +8 or higher, for the extra energy damage.

    24-28 con pants..

    24-28 con boots.

    Accessory recommendation :

    Atleast 9+9 props (Increases attack and defense properties) earrings.

    Focus pair rings from CC50 or higher.

    Necklace you can go with successrate or attack% according to your weapons.

    "But why not 26+26?"

    Because the attack speed is capped at 97% for 1100 gloves, 98 for 1160, 99 for 1220, 100 for 1400 (staff).

    SSJ gives you 10%, Poko+Karma buffs give you 40, and the 23+23 already hits you glove enough to 96. I picked 23+23 instead of 23+24, because 23 can be in lv60 weapon, which is considerably cheaper than 24 (lv65 or 70)

    ALSO Male turtles can use turtle book to get extra 10% attack speed, so for males you can save even more money.



    PVP : Build :…0010012253211333304432530

    Weapon recommendation :

    28 or more Focus gloves, preferably +12 or higher to maximize damage.

    30% or more ecrit% wand, preferably +12 or higher.

    Both attributes should be honest or elegant.

    Armor recommendation :

    24 or more Focus jacket, preferably Physical defense from TMQ7, +13 or higher.

    25 or more Con pants, crafted lv60-70 works fine, +11 or higher.

    25 or more con boots, you need two of this, physical and energy, depending on the opponent team setup you can swap them to gain more defense .

    Jacket attribute should be Strange to nullify the prop advantage of fighter over you, as turtle is AAALWAYS the first target of a fighter.

    Accessory recommendation :

    9+ props earring

    20+ cooldown earring

    Depending on your opponents I'd suggest having multiple sets of necklace, having as high confusion duration or bleeding duration is strongly suggested. If you face a team which has SK AND a karma / plasma, you might want to go with anti confusion, as the healer can save you from dying to bleeding, but getting confused is a bigger issue.

    Rings : Also dependant on the opponents you face, having paralysis/fear/confusion duration decreasing rings is very strong recommended.

    The bot has been updated again, now it has guide about title names, effects, also budokai title and CC150 aura names /stats.


    I'd just like to point out, that my suggestion of "AoE Super high speed needles with 3082 bleed / tick for 32 seconds" is yet to be accepted by the "balancement staff".


    Please do us a favor and never play SK.

    And I say that in behalf of everyone who read what you said.

    I think people forget to realise that every class has its own strong and weak points.

    I myself played SK for only a week before I got bored of it, and no. SK is not a broken class. Each time I fought a human with +12 or better gear, it was an interesting fight, but since my gear was way superior to them I won by ease. And this is the mattering point, that I had +14 mudosa gear with 10+10+9 props, a fighter had to beg Daneos to crit me with every single skill just to trigger my autopot.

    Let's break down what SK has.

    Bold strike -> Can be easily countered by having anti SK set (antibleed necklace (switch to antifear after you get a bold), and high energy defense.

    The pull is usually kept level 1, so the range is low, even if you can cancel a skill of the opponent once, that doesn't do much.

    Paralysation also can be easily dodged with the anti SK set.

    The AoE stun is cool, but the duration is too low to even argue it to be a game changer skill.

    SK has high LP, but that doesn't mean much, since LP doesn't give you LP% or Defense in general, let's not pretend that tanks having +3-4k LP will make a fighter lose.

    Namekian crafted and CC armors are based on Energy defense, so to fight a fighter or swordsman (or ultimate-chef) you need high physical defense, which means you need to actually care about gearing properly, now if you can gear properly (without spending your rent money) then you should be able to argue that SK is not a broken class by any means.

    Overall : I liked to be able to beat people with a class that I had no experience with, and I also fought other sks in ranked, and majority of the time it all depended on game knowledge. Calling a class broken because it is able to 1 shot you is a bad argument.

    Esdeath should be replaced after all these scandals and if she would have some honor she would left it by herself already, but looks like she dont, community dont trust her anymore, and staff team act like they dont see it, they ban everyone else who did actualy nothing bad while real problem is sitting with white gloves.

    Roli when roof is broken here is no sense for buying new furnitures, every change starts with changing the top if not then the other changes are useless.

    I agree with you in the second part, but the game should not suffer harder than that. We are a community and if [PL]Daneos actually cares about the game, he will fix it. Let's just hope that it all turns out to be good in the end.

    I think, to be honest. We can probably make dogis a droppable thing, rather than events. but 5% chance to drop. or less.
    How's getting brown boxes from most TMQ's? I think It might be getting players to get some boxes, since they buy from other people or cash some money to use wagu to get some brown boxes which is pretty almost waste of money.
    I think Brown boxes should be OBTAINED by the tokens.. but not x5 brown boxes.. but x1 boxes.. 2000 tokens each, maybe?
    As for seal coins. I know they drop in UD's almost often on each bosses or end bosses, I personally think they should be rewarded for each group member.(LIke CC)
    We do need better events rather than honey bee event. It's getting little annoying sometimes. I agree with this post 100%.

    I personally feel like 2000 tokens for 1 box would be too much, 500 sounds better because 2 can be obtained by having a character online for a day, and since most people box their own accessories (which usually bind) it would help them. Those who work long hours could get the same box amount as he/she would by doing boss event.

    5% for a dogi is probably by far too much, let alone the fact that stones have a 0.5% chance (making it less than 0.1% for a green or purple) means that dogis would become way too useless to a point where people would throw them away, same way as they throw away common dogis.

    Seal coin for party members is an awesome idea, but could be abused by people who are capable of soloing said dungeon, meaning they'd get 5 times more reward unfairly, while those who are not as strong would have to live with having 1.