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    The bot has been updated again, now it has guide about title names, effects, also budokai title and CC150 aura names /stats.


    I'd just like to point out, that my suggestion of "AoE Super high speed needles with 3082 bleed / tick for 32 seconds" is yet to be accepted by the "balancement staff".


    Please do us a favor and never play SK.

    And I say that in behalf of everyone who read what you said.

    I think people forget to realise that every class has its own strong and weak points.

    I myself played SK for only a week before I got bored of it, and no. SK is not a broken class. Each time I fought a human with +12 or better gear, it was an interesting fight, but since my gear was way superior to them I won by ease. And this is the mattering point, that I had +14 mudosa gear with 10+10+9 props, a fighter had to beg Daneos to crit me with every single skill just to trigger my autopot.

    Let's break down what SK has.

    Bold strike -> Can be easily countered by having anti SK set (antibleed necklace (switch to antifear after you get a bold), and high energy defense.

    The pull is usually kept level 1, so the range is low, even if you can cancel a skill of the opponent once, that doesn't do much.

    Paralysation also can be easily dodged with the anti SK set.

    The AoE stun is cool, but the duration is too low to even argue it to be a game changer skill.

    SK has high LP, but that doesn't mean much, since LP doesn't give you LP% or Defense in general, let's not pretend that tanks having +3-4k LP will make a fighter lose.

    Namekian crafted and CC armors are based on Energy defense, so to fight a fighter or swordsman (or ultimate-chef) you need high physical defense, which means you need to actually care about gearing properly, now if you can gear properly (without spending your rent money) then you should be able to argue that SK is not a broken class by any means.

    Overall : I liked to be able to beat people with a class that I had no experience with, and I also fought other sks in ranked, and majority of the time it all depended on game knowledge. Calling a class broken because it is able to 1 shot you is a bad argument.

    Esdeath should be replaced after all these scandals and if she would have some honor she would left it by herself already, but looks like she dont, community dont trust her anymore, and staff team act like they dont see it, they ban everyone else who did actualy nothing bad while real problem is sitting with white gloves.

    Roli when roof is broken here is no sense for buying new furnitures, every change starts with changing the top if not then the other changes are useless.

    I agree with you in the second part, but the game should not suffer harder than that. We are a community and if [PL]Daneos actually cares about the game, he will fix it. Let's just hope that it all turns out to be good in the end.

    I think, to be honest. We can probably make dogis a droppable thing, rather than events. but 5% chance to drop. or less.
    How's getting brown boxes from most TMQ's? I think It might be getting players to get some boxes, since they buy from other people or cash some money to use wagu to get some brown boxes which is pretty almost waste of money.
    I think Brown boxes should be OBTAINED by the tokens.. but not x5 brown boxes.. but x1 boxes.. 2000 tokens each, maybe?
    As for seal coins. I know they drop in UD's almost often on each bosses or end bosses, I personally think they should be rewarded for each group member.(LIke CC)
    We do need better events rather than honey bee event. It's getting little annoying sometimes. I agree with this post 100%.

    I personally feel like 2000 tokens for 1 box would be too much, 500 sounds better because 2 can be obtained by having a character online for a day, and since most people box their own accessories (which usually bind) it would help them. Those who work long hours could get the same box amount as he/she would by doing boss event.

    5% for a dogi is probably by far too much, let alone the fact that stones have a 0.5% chance (making it less than 0.1% for a green or purple) means that dogis would become way too useless to a point where people would throw them away, same way as they throw away common dogis.

    Seal coin for party members is an awesome idea, but could be abused by people who are capable of soloing said dungeon, meaning they'd get 5 times more reward unfairly, while those who are not as strong would have to live with having 1.


    I know there are countless threads suggesting that the game is either unbalanced, or corrupt, or dead, or sh*t, or any other word that defines a bad game.

    Honestly I feel like as the current state of this game, there is only so much we can do, so it would make sense if we, as a community gave NORMAL suggestions on fixing the game.

    First and foremost, let me pin this, this thread is made ONLY and ONLY for suggestions, i don't care how bored you are, i don't care how much you hate the game, I don't care how much you cashed and you are +0 because upgrade system.

    Let's start with the Cash Shop rework that my friend [MOD]Kakarot made, it's an awesome thread, Click to read and give a suggestion

    I personally feel like these changes should be applied for cash shop :

    - Add another wagu machine that is for general usage, like 200% exp boost capsule as top reward (1-69, 5 per capsule, all tradable) or autopot packs, anything.

    - COMPLETELY remove common dogis. wings, halos from wagu machine and them as purchasable item for Cash points like it was in Pre-open at first.

    - Keep the first wagu machine, but make it have rare dogis at top rewards, 10th place being gothic dogi, 1st place cowboy, or something along those lines, having f*cking doctor autist dogi makes no sense, nobody wants that.

    - Keep brown boxes in a wagu machine along with dogi balls, but reduce the amount you get and increase the chance of getting them, so cashers who don't farm can still get the desired stats.

    To justify the points that delusional people will have regarding dogis not being in wagu anymore. Nobody gives a f*ck if dogi prices drop or raise, because the people who make money reselling dogis only make money, because the supply and demand meta is strongly being abused, when a cowboy dogi literally worth more than a +15 lv60 item, and its A COSTUME, NOTHING MORE, there's a problem. Market at the current state of the game is dead, the last thing you need to care about is market, because if there is no donation for a FAIR CASH SHOP, there is no server, no server means no game, meaning your market is non existent. In order to please the players, the players ATLEAST should have their free choice whether they want to gamble their cash points, or simply buy a dogi and a wing to use. Enforcing gambling is also highly illegal, bare in mind.

    Second, communication.

    - Insane amount of people have left the game because we feel like we are treated badly as players, that we are being misled because the promises we got are by far different from what we are getting. We were promised to have a word on possible updates, we were promised to have this and that, but nothing came to us so far, and it's nearly been 3 years since this project started. We have at this point less players than retail DBO had when the official shutdown was announced, and that says a lot. Either give people the option to have a word on what should be next, or be open and openly say that our word doesn't matter, keeping us in the dark will only make us not trust any of the staff members, and as you already know, most of us feel this way because of the lack of communication we get.

    - Make a team of people from each classes who are considered expert, no pvp sh*t, no cc sh*t, actual experience, years of using the class, knowing what and how, and let those people TEST the updates that the balancement team agrees on. It literally only means that expert players who have game knowledge could test if there are flaws with the potential update, it won't hurt anyone.

    - Stop hosting that stupid honey bee event, we get the same events over and over and over (don't come with the free dogi events, like, don't) and it's getting repetitive and boring. You could make so many events, Aru used to make events and people LOVED those, bring the guy back to give ideas, he's a topnotch dude about events.

    Third, dungeon rewards.

    - Having seal coin as drop is good, but it should be a guaranteed drop from the end boss, the item is 250k zeni, it literally takes less than 3 minute on lv60 maps to farm that, Having guaranteed seal coins could help players sell the gears they don't want anymore.

    - Add silver - gold chests as mob drop possibility, silver from TMQ5 and above, Gold for lv70, let the chests be opened by keys obtained from token shop, so players will be actually have to play to open the chest.

    These chests could hold general goodies, autopots, high tier pet feed, +10 tickets, white stone, dogiball etc.

    Fourth, equipment boxes

    - Completely remove not needed garbage stats, such as defense rate, burning and bleeding defense on armors, dodgerate on weapons.

    - Make it so people have a chance to keep the previous item stat, so players could actually try to make their accessory stat go higher without sacrificing the actual item.

    - Since boss event is currently totally dead and happens like once every 1-2 days, i'd suggest temporarily adding 1 box as potential drop reward from TMQ7 or UD5-6, as not everyone can login anytime to do majins, then be lucky enough to get the right timing for boss event.

    These are just the ideas that came out of my mind right now, please, i ask all of you who read this, ONLY COMMENT SUGGESTIONS THAT CAN MAKE THE GAME BETTER. Hateful comments will not help the game at all.

    We can still save dbo

    The cash shop would be fine as it is right now, IF (and that's a big if) it worked as it is supposed to work.

    Considering the game is mostly child friendly, promoting gambling seems a insanely bad move to me, but that's the only way of obtaining dogis now (don't mention buying from other players or AH, because they obtained it from wagu aswell, so your logic fails..)

    It would make sense to put back every costume normally as it was, wings - hats - dogis for 100 CP each and add special / rare dogis as wagu top prize, such as Cowboy dogi, CC Field Engineer, colosseum, etc.

    If you make wagu, you might aswell make players have a chance to obtain wagu coins for free, so how about added wagu coins as Token reward, for lets say 1000 tokens each, chances are, with 1 wagu you won't win 30 boxes, so people wouldn't be able to abuse it, and free players could use it aswell.

    But yet I share the opinion of those who feel like cash shop should be for cosmetics or minor gameplay helping items, such as XP boost, flight skill, etc

    No, massive no. First of all, you're trying to buff turtles, not balance them. The build you provided is bad, because normal spirit rod and scatter shot matters, that's why i suggested to change them.

    To balance turtles you need to know their strong and weak parts, turtles are the literal definition of glass cannon, has low HP, has massive damage, which means turtles need to deal lower damage but get better survavibility in order to work fine. As of now, turtles have close to no resistance against classes that use DOT or debuffs, such as crane hermit, so it would make more sense to give resistance rate, or CC duration decreasing with energy def to the energy defense buff, and give focus + physical defense to the physical defense buff


    Another misconception is that Crane is not Turtle, don't compare each to another, while Turtle is mostly a 5v5 or PvE farm, Crane mostly relies in 1v1 as PvP. To make it simple, Turtle is the mob wiping class, Crane is the boss killer class, they're completely different, so making them work similar way is a big no-no.

    For Scatter shot you don't need to remove cast time, give it less CD, OR give Rod hurl an aoe range and the issue is solved, Scatter is way too weak to be even considered as a primary option, 1v1 - 5v5.

    Rod hurl needs aoe range on 5/5, Impale needs aoe burn on 5/5, that could give viablity to turtles potentially use more skills in their combos, because the typical sleep - disk - kd combo is seriously boring and nonsense once you learn how to avoid it.

    Seems like my thread and recent drama made the staff care for the opinions.

    Turtle Hermit changes :

    - For turtle book, it would make sense to have max RP and +30% defense for female and male aswell, considering turtles can't use turtle book in CC, attack speed would be limited to overworld dungeons, such as BID2-3-4 and UD+TMQ which is meh.

    - Make "Turtle Rod Hurl" give KD on third SP and give it an AoE range of 8m/12m/16m for each.

    Reason being : Turtles ave only KD moves that have casting time, such as Scatter Shot, Super kamehameha, having rod hurl on 3 SP means you could get an aoe kd with low damage for a low range, it could be good for PvP and PvE aswell.

    - Buff the damage of Scatter Shot, Scatter shot is almost the most useless skill other than impale rod, scatter has very low damage even on max SP on crit, a spirit rod can deal more (noncrit) more on lv1 than a 5sp scatter. Either give it bigger damage, or remove the cast time from it (that could replace the hurl idea).

    - Give turtles an energy crtirate buff, replace the "spiritual breakthrough" and either make it give energy crtirate, or something more useful than energy attack, there is passive, spiritualist skill, etc for that.

    - Make Turtle Rod impale have an AoE burning effect, not high damage, but something that makes people actually use the skill, impale is literally the most unused skill in the entire turtle hermit tree.

    - Make energy reduction (self healing skill) an actual buff, not debuff, because you can't remove your own healing, that makes no sense to me.

    - Remove the possiblity of paying others to buy carry in budokai

    I guess any suggestions that don't come from "true end game players" or close friends, simply gets ignored.

    Honestly what's the issue with this? Sorry i'll be the big bad guy but someone has to say it out loud. If someone doesn't know actual end game, that means the person is not experienced enough to potentially decide a change that could be crucial for those who have reached end game.

    Honestly as much as i would like it to be open discussions it just would not work. What i mean by this is yes there is players who will give good feedback but the majority would not and would simply be a consumption of time. As i mentioned earlier the community is free to give there opinions on any matter and if its myself or another member of staff we will read everything at some point i can assure you. As we apply changes these are not just tested by myself and other balance team members but when they are applied to the live server it will be tested by a LOT of people which can give us feedback.

    Yes, Do not worry we take into account every single opinion made. Not all are good by any means but the ones where the majority of us agree on will be the ones trialed and tested.

    As for the "staff" pretending that the community would buff their own classes, do you realise that ALMOST EVERYONE who have ever touched the game and actually knows the game plays multiple classes? Syren you YOURSELF play multiple classes, almost everyone who wants this fcking game to be good plays multiple classes, maybe should take into account that the balancement team you have, is basically Skedar being the most experienced there, who ACTUALLY plays ONLY one class.

    It's easy to say that you don't want to waste time with asking for feedback, yeah, wasting the money of those who cash, wasting the time of those who farm is much better aye? It's not that you don't want to.

    You completely ignored 3 points from 4, looks weird to me.

    I didn't donate jackshit since 2016 because I always farmed a lot, powerleveled people for pipiload codes back in the day and I was set for open beta.

    You tell me it was easy to get 20 boxes daily, that means in a big scale people had no need to buy gear as they can simply get boxes? No, that means cashers could still get the boxes, as there is a supply and demand system in the market.

    You got +11 set with $300 donation, I wasted 4.2 BILLION zeni in stones very recently and I got nothing out of it. If someone knows the upgrade system is rng, that's the core point. Doesn't matter if it's RNG or not, if stones are dropping a lot, bots get stones, farmers get stones, and cashers get zeni, it really adds up if you think about it.

    Why farm if you can cash? Why cash if you can buy stones from bots?

    If you SERIOUSLY think that the only thing the game needs to change is the community, then you should play DBOG more, because the game is lowkey f-cked buddy.

    What the F box, i thought we were friends. You compare meisje to me? :(

    For crane add Tien, Swordsman kinswkk, fighter probably yeah hardlock, SK i'd say notorious or syren, ultimate darkthrone