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    Oh boy the urge...

    1. Daneos himself said that frequently asking (harrassing) about the update can cause a ban.
    2. Threads like this has literally NOTHING to do with the server itself, you're just spreading hate.
    3. You cannot speak in behalf of everyone, because most of the people doesn't agree with you.
    5. I can't count.

    Go dislike this aswell, i honestly don't care, I just find it pathetic how people think that Daneos is like a robot that doesn't have a personal life, and he's like "FORCED" to do everything what others want.

    WOW i did the opposite , 17 Kills 49 Deaths . It was pretty easy , but my team started calling me Noob and Silver , i didn't really unstand why they were raging like that . '-'

    How did you manage to die 49 times from the maximum of 30 rounds?

    Well explained, thank you for the input.

    While thinking your build is fine, here are some things you might want to consider:

    I got 3/3 of attack speed shackle
    Helps in Kranken/ CC and so on to get way less hits and helps in pvp when fighter goes thunder mode and speeds the crap out of you (if you are fast enough to act). If you go for Physical Defense Boost you might want to consider it too.

    Sorry but I don't agree with you on this.

    To start off, in Kraken you shouldn't get hits, Kraken is a kind of dungeon where if the party has a very very small experience, they can easily finish it without getting hits (except the SK ofc).

    You need ldefense boost against fighters, thats for sure, and attack speed shackle can kill the fun for a thunder, HOWEVER, you forgot something.
    In every possible ways, a fighter should ALWAYS stun the enemy before using thunder, because under thunder you cannot be confused / stunned / sleeped etc, you resist every debuff that can stop the thunder.

    For example : Budo starts, and the enemy turtle gonna start with a kamehame to your face, this is one of the reasons why the 2 corner player ALWAYS have to start the budokai with dashing away from the range, also, if the turtle starts the kamehame, you can QA and kidney, and there you go, the turtle is dead.
    Phisical defense boost I'd say is more a "platform buff" than something very useful, because for end-game dungeons as a turtle, you do not want to thunk aboit tanking, so I personally feel like it's a wayte, but if you cannot afford a +8 armor, then it's understandable.

    BlazingBarrager : We have different opinions about using the class, hence why our paths went into a different way, but I don't doubt anything you said above, but keep in mind, that having a lot defense doesn't mean you can hit hard enough.

    I personally hit that much, with 32% ecrit wand, for some people it's low, for some it's high, but I'd consider this normal.

    Hi.Unfortunately not served me well , is not the turtle I want to go and be . However, if I wish to show something and I doubt it done with a team of PVP Constitution .

    Divine - Sacred , best turtle on server 2 , best character PVP and number one in this . While it is in the West, his team also round in a +15 or the like and as I say , I doubt it deletear constitution as a SK (Tank ) single Kame .


    I understand if the build or guide is not really perfect for you, and regardless I am still happy to know that you read it, however.
    Divine was the best turtle, and I am not, comparing divine to me is quite pointless, since divine started playing turtle way before me, and while I played 3 classes, he played only one.

    Thanks for reading though.

    Small question, but should/when MC is implemented in Pre-Beta will we get a way to reset SP?

    Since most players above 50 built their skill trees into kid class, it would be a very very bad idea to not us reset the skills.
    I remember when DBO beta ended people got a green book to reset everything, maybe if @Daneos adds an "one per account" BOUND skill reset book, people would be happy.

    Can we get Namek and Majin experts to put their thoughts into balancing that isn't "buff Dark Warriors and Grand Chefs?"

    I'm sure a Fighter expert could explain this.

    Even though I didn't want to reply to this message, I will still do it.
    Egergely you're from the same country as I am, so if you are willing to add me on skype, or FB, I'll answer all of your questions.
    I used fighter for a very very long time, so I suppose I would be able to answer.

    Great guide, feels so nostalgic!

    Glad to see experienced turtles around :)
    Feel free to add me in game once you get a spirit, we can chat about the class, you seem to have knowledge about turtles.

    I just have one question on the hybrid build why scatter shot 3/5 and Turtle Rod Impale 3/5?

    is not better 1/5 scatter shot and Turtle rod impale 5/5 ?

    is good the extra damage on scatter shot?

    Scatter shot has a very weak damage on the first 2 levels, only the third level starts to make seemingly better damage.
    Impale is mostly used for Burning debuff only, and on lv4-5 the burning damage is not much higher than on 3, so I felt like it would be useless to max out 1, and leave the second one weak, this way the both deal damage, and has a good burn.

    "Super Kamehameha : A kameamehame that has very strong damage, also able to KD if you use KD power up with it. The attack range is 25 turtle."

    Super Kamehame has not 45 meters range? Or balanced dbog?

    Sorry I had a typo there, I meant to say "25 meters" not "25 turtle".

    EDIT : You were right, super kamehame is 45 meters range, the AOE range is shorter than the giant. sorry.

    LISTEN UP DBO NEWBIES: Roli is literally one of the best turtles I knew on original DBO. I may have knowledge and disagree but this guy knows that the fuck he is talking about. if you want expert advise, this is your guy right here.

    I asked for help because I saw your damage you did but disagreed because I'm stubborn and always thought my way was better haha

    This 9tail always makes me feel good ;_;

    I know you and I pretty much always disagree about this, but why no points in spiritual damage boost? not for me for others so they can see reasoning and decide for themselves if they want to add it and maybe take a couple points from impale

    Because Spiritual Damage Boost increases the raw damage you're going for, and I rather have burning or bonus damage from different skills.
    Regardless your opinion is good aswell, but Impale is a very very deadly skill if you know how to use it, also, the spiritual damage boost doesn't make THAT much difference, since Spiritual Damage Breakthrough compensates it just fine.

    You saw my turtle many times, and you cannot say that I didn't deal enough damage afterall.

    And the fact that you always disagree with me, makes me question why you asked always me for help with your turtle.