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    Personally I feel like it became way too easy to get dragon balls, but hey, it's just my two cents.

    As for you being disappointed by the dragon balls not being puked by lv1 mobs, you should question yourself, if you even hunt dragon balls the proper way.

    The reason why Daneos didn't comment on it, is because people fail to realise that dragon balls are not guaranteed drops, they're RNG based, just like stones, and almost everything that you get from drops.

    Pull a group of mobs, kill them, wait for respawn, repeat, that's how you farm DB. My personal record was 33 dragon balls within 4 hours, so yes, it became way too easy.

    Removing the skill resets would make the game way too hard for someone who does PvP and PvE at the same time fluently.

    Turtle for example doesn't need sleep for PvE, but PvP wise it can be very very important, same goes for self healing, rod hurt, etc. Ultimates don't need candy for pve, and the list goes on and on.

    We are already limited to 1 reset / week, and using in-game economy is probably not a good idea, because the economy can go very deep, or skyrocket depending on 1 update.

    Perhaps if we got the chance to stack SP reseters (brown book) from dungeon rewards, just like seal coins, it would make sense to remove green books.


    Upgrading has been a concern of majority of the playerbase for quite a long time now, and people seem to have the wrong idea regarding the whole system, so let me clarify some points.

    Now, people seem to have the wrong idea on how white stones work, some people claim that White stone decreases the success chance, which is false, it has been confirmed by Daneos that White stone does NOT affect the upgrading.

    When you use a white stone, there is no penalty if you get "Failed", and there is a -2 downgrade if you get broken.

    Some people also claim that you cannot get success by clicking the right card, which is also wrong, because I myself got +15 only by clicking the right card, every single time. (i should have made a gif, i know, kek.)


    The minigame was coded in a way to show you "success" on either left or middle if you get failed or broken, it will never show success on the right side (unless you actually get success.)

    People also claim to have 1/3 chance of upgrading at any grade, which is also wrong, here is the official percentage list provided by a Hardlock

    Now let's say you have a +10 weapon, it means that you have 10% chance to get a success, also a 33.33% (because purple stone can give +1 or +2 or +3) chance to get +13.

    When you have 10% chance, you can count it as a ticket system in lottery. Let's say you have 100 tickets, and only the first 10 tickets are the winners, and the machine will randomly generate a ticket number from 1 to 100, this is the "basic" way to understand this, because some people even claimed to have found a "bug to upgrade".

    Clicking a card will just generate a number, it doesn't matter if you keep clicking the same or change everytime.

    Most of the players who already have +11-12 gears probably knows this, this thread was not made for you. This thread was made solely to clear up some wrong """facts""" such as having 1/3 chance everytime, or the right card never giving success.

    watch out how milions of players coming back for lvl cap and making these channels full again, why you dont want be clever game in current state is mistake is not mainly about the fakin cap I like how ppl think that lvl cap will fix everything XD

    Yes, new cap means more content, which means more players. The fact that majority of the playerbase of DBOG comes from retail versions, means that the players look for content that were in level 70. The BID2-3-4 farming, CC, working around with other stuff, these are all level 70 content.

    DBO TW was worse than DBOG update wise, yet they had a good amount of players regardless of the game being chinese, and that was on two servers, not one.

    If Daneos can actually keep his promise to change the stuff in-game, I can see the channels having a lot of people again, just like it was in 45-55 cap.

    Honestly, I've been thinking about this a lot aswell lately. I returned to the game after months of being away from DBO, and I noticed the incredible drop of playerbase.

    Majority of the playerbase probably will return as DBO most of us know is DBO with level 70 cap, and 60 is a massive failure as of now in terms of content. It's basically a lv55 cap with having more speed and better armors / weapons / accessories + 1 TMQ +1 UD.

    I've been checking the channel panel quite often recently and there been times when a channel was COMPLETELY empty, but channel 0 (main channel) always seems to have atleast a quarter filled, so assuming the channels are for 500 players, we can safely assume that 125 players are online at a time, now adding up the other channels too, i'd say 250-300 probably.

    Rest is really just a plus/minus thing, as a staff member will probably not disclose how many players are online from different IPs, but if I had to take a wild guess, it would be 170-190 unique players.

    That is a MASSIVE drop, even compared to pre-open beta, which was another shi*fest.

    Understood, thanks for clarifiyng.

    This thread is most likely going to be ignored by the staff, but I think it really has to be directly addressed, that the game at this current state, is strongly unfair towards free players.

    No I don't mean that free players don't own +14-+15 gears, because I personally do own multiple, along with very few other people.

    The issue is, I know people (not gonna name any) who literally NEVER ONCE killed mobs to farm, just sit at platform trashtalking and taking "kills" too seriously, running around with +15 armors and weapons pretending to be superior to others, while those "others" probably did work for their stuff (or not).

    I don't have an exact idea of what to do, but people who actually work for their gear and really take long hours in-game to get better equipment should have some sort of effort reward, like have a little bit higher stone drop percentage after a certain amount of mob kills in a period of time, or more tokens while they're farming.

    The idea is that let's say you killed 100 mobs, then you get 20 tokens per 10 minutes, so the effort is actually rewarded. Cashers will simply sell CP to get their gear, there is nothing new or problem with it, I just feel like that people who are in the "free" side of the game are highly disadvantaged.

    Of course I am aware of the existence of bots, also aware of the existence of bug abusers, and CC gear, but those are either issues or contents, the game is free to play, where cash points should give a small edge to those who donate, that's completely fine. But when I see someone without any proper skill with chosen class, running around in max stat +15 gear calling others out for having "bad gear" is just flat out pathetic.

    People take stuff out of conclusion.

    The players who have concern about NewGameWay have a fair argument and I truly share your opinion.

    The moderators and staff members have nothing to do with NewGameWay, neither do Daneos.

    You guys have to understand that NewGameWay NOT affiliated with DBOG, they are a third party website which happens to sell a card that can be used on the DBOG donation panel.

    I personally feel like NewGameWay should remove every listing regarding DBOG Zeni, accounts, items etc, however we have to keep in mind that this is solely their decision to make, not ours.

    Imagine it this way : we can buy card31 from a site that also sells something that ruins the way we play DBO. If NewGameWay stopped selling Zeni / accounts would it matter? No. If NewGameWay stopped selling Card31 would people find it harder to cash, or worst case (for the server funds) stop donating? yes.

    Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere defending NewGameWay, or the staff, but the way things look like at the moment, botting seems to have been strongly reduced, and players don't necessarily need to use NGW to buy zeni or accounts, it's not a secret that people have been selling those since Pre-open without the need to use a third party website.

    Every story has two sides, and sadly for the player side, we need to accept that NewGameWay offers a way to botters to sell their zeni, but also offers a way to legit players to donate to a server they enjoy playing on.

    Selling these :

    650kk for +15

    320kk for +14

    I am open to trades and negotiations in a small way, but only if the offer is reasonable.

    Offers in comments will be ignored, please only offer in discord :