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    I agree and disagree on the idea, so i will refrain from voting.

    I disagree because giving 1x kaioken 5% speed would kill the point of using 3, since as you mentioned the LP / EP drain is too high.

    I do agree on a change, but in my opinion the change should be on the SP you spend on kaioken.

    1 SP (Lv35) - 1.5% speed

    2 SP (Lv45) - 3% speed

    3 SP (Lv55) - 5% speed


    Added armors and weapon sets for level 55 cap.

    Added accessory sets for level 55 cap.

    Added Skill trees for both PvP and PvE.

    Skills described.

    This post will come from a guy who is 95% Pve since TW, and mained turtle and ultimate majin, so I might be biased on the topic, who knows.

    I personally feel like reverting the change would be better than keeping the current one, just because a buffer CAN BE LEFT OUTSIDE doesn't mean that you can't take one inside. Having your own buffers whom you use for self buffing doesn't make main buffers useless, they are just as good as any other class.

    This is completely optional, if you want to have buffs, but you rather go with turtle, then a turtle, which is one of the core classes PvE wise.

    I see four possible outcomes :

    Speed party with current system

    Buffer / Poko / Karma / Tank / Dende. : This method leaves the turtle out, which will make humans have disadvantage, considering turtle is the best one for PvE from all human classes. Imagine a fighter / SM trying to join, if the highest aoe dealing class is left out, for some buffs. Also keep in mind the rebuffing time, + the mob clearing time, + the average damage will be way lower.

    Crit party with the current system

    Buffer / Turtle / Turtle (or crane) / Dende / Tank :

    This will leave any other class out, karma / plasma can't even dream of joining, because turtles are superior damage wise, and the weaken defense + destructive damage is just overwhelming.

    Now try to open your eyes, and imagine a situation where the changes get reverted, and a buffer will be optional, where the PLAYERS, WHO MAKE THE PARTY, are free to decide whether they can afford to waste more time, just for a character that can't do more than buffing.

    Buffers are left out, if the buffer was made only as a buff slave, if they are not used for anything other than giving buffs. ACTUAL Ultimate majin and Grand chef can still find a party regardless of having or losing the buffs, but the priority won't be as much as it would be right now.

    ALSO keep in mind that people can STILL make their own little buff slave, and give them free drops, which a random 5th player, or even a friend couldn't have a chance to get, because the party members, the 80% of the party is FORCED into limiting their average damage just for one class to be played more.

    Cashalot I've known you since TW, and I always admired your knowledge in the game, but this change only benefits the buffers, other classes get disadvantage over it. And please don't try to justify the pvp or any other pve aspects of the game, because buffers were always taken to everywhere, other than BID2-3-4

    I'd just like to point out that with 3 hours of farming I can get 5-6 brown boxes, not mentioning the possible stones / legendary drops.

    Brown box is an item that is very desired by the community, but it will harm the market waaaaaay more than people think. Do I need to remind you what happened on pre-open beta? People used Box and dogiball as currency, and it was a huge shitfest. I couldn't do anything with my 4kkk zeni in my bank, so I bought boxes and got whatever I wanted.

    Boxes are limited items that should be obtained if you WORK FOR IT, such as.. farm, like normal people do. I agree that having a low amount of boxes is just bad, because you have to work a LOT for a few boxes. Maybe adding them as drops to HARD dungeons (UD2 hard, ud3 hard, etc) would help a tiny bit, but adding them back to cash shop is just a huge no.

    Following the logic of OP, Brown boxes raise in price, and they got up by 300% in 2 weeks, so if the boxes get added to cash shop, cashers can simply buy boxes and sell them for zeni, which would completely destroy the economy, and it would cause a huge outrage by f2p players.

    Players now do not receive as many tokens on low level characters.

    My Swordsman still gets 10 tokens each 10 minutes, even though he's level 45, atleast my T-shop window shows 10 points, might be a visual bug.

    On to the topic. +15 for a kid character does not influence the market whatsoever, they get kid budokai gear to +15 to play kid budokai, there is absoluty no harm in it, because they USE the gear, not resell them to manipulate the market.

    The fact that someone is MAD because some LOW LEVEL +15 items are being made is just plain pathetic. We are one and a half month into open beta, and having this low amount of +15 items is actually surprising me.

    Why is it so hard to adapt into a system that is working better than the retail? Why do you guys admire TW so much, when in fact, TW was a complete shithouse with the 95% pay to win system, and 5% luck?

    You adapted to a system 5-6 years ago, because you had no word in changing it, you couldn't tell Netmarble to remove p2w, now you have a word in a private server, that is MOSTLY free to pay, yet people still complain about nothing. This is the main reason the game cannot be perfect, because people refuse to accept new things, sticking to old shit is always better.

    How about the following things:

    • Reduce Token shop U55 stone prices (500 Token for 1 Stone is way to much)
    • Make brown boxes from boss event only 1 gold coin (You only get 1 box per day it's hard to farm enough majins)
    • Increase Stone drops in UD and TMQ
    • Make Brown Boxes dropable from TMQ and UD
    • Make Dogi Balls dropable from TMQ and UD
    • Remove fail on Dogi Balls
    • Add Silver Boxes to TMQ and UD drops
    • Make Dogis droppable from TMQ and UD
    • Increase success chances when upgrading

    Did I forgot something? I think with all those changes we will have the best game (sarcasm)

    You forgot adding golden stone, which instantly makes a desired item to +15, regardless of level, type. Only 20 CP each.

    Oh and make it obtainable through level 1 mobs, because the game is too hard if you have to kill level 6 mobs.

    I find it interesting how nobody mentioned the "balance compensation" which was the ticket. If you were afraid, or couldn't afford to upgrade your armor, you could buy tickets and use +10 for certain amount of days, 7-15-30.

    In my opinion the "broken" should stay in +0, and no I am not saying that because I already have +11-12 gears, but I believe that max stat gear which is really important are already expensive, and the white stone regardless of being cheap still does its job to reduce the item by -2 if you get broken.

    Completely losing the item would mean that you either need to work even more (if you're a free player) to get either boxes, or similar worth gear as you lost. OR spend CP to get boxes easier than free players, box some random legendary cheap item from AH and simply use your boxes on it.

    My suggestion is, make "Broken" either -2 / -3 / -4, so people have to be more careful.

    LOL u guys talk about removing the aura like it's so easy, everyone here talking big about making aura 7 days when they can't get 1 aura.

    I also cant get the aura i want and trust me i wouldnt even struggle if it was for 7 days. Fk that shiet ,you dont know how much effort and gear takes to beat the top players of this server.

    Mark my words, people gonna cry about CC150 aura too, because "it causes lag".

    Exception is, dragon aura has no advantages stat wise, while CC150 aura is by far the best title in the entire game.

    Oh I know the answer!!! Let's make CC150 aura last only for 24 hours. (: /s

    At this point I am just wondering how is this thread not closed yet. Seriously guys, from being in a friendly rivalry it went to a straight up FLAMING war, where people bring up things that are out of the game, yet it is being tolerated for 7 pages?

    Paradise won, they expressed their happiness, Ryosai had their problems, they accepted their loss, the leaders have different opinions, boo hoo, why is the personal flaming? Where is the sportmanship?

    Sandu Your signature is SOOOOOOO epic, I loved it while reading this thread. :D

    Good job on winning Paradise, better luck next time Ryosai. I truly admire that you guys are really on the top of pvp, and even if the "victory cry" might be a bit offensive, I believe pvp needs some rivalry.