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    New client? New possibilities?
    They have to implement a voting system in the game. and that those below level 50 can not vote. With that we eliminate the problems of false accounts for voting.

    Personalmente no me importa el reinicio. Eso elimina a todos los personajes que subieron haciendo trampa. pero no creo que sea necesario hacer un reinicio.

    I think that erasing is not the best thing. but it is what everyone is looking for. if they are going to return everything. please try to change the dogi by founder. is very ugly. Keep supporting this project until the day you do not allow me to enter with my 4 accounts simultaneously.

    Google Traductor.

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    you will have to install Windows 3.1 for group work XD.

    Daneos talking server. Client no. the migrated database to a Linux server. for users it is transparent.

    DBO had an anti bots system, but not a bad idea to join for killing bosses. with that would be gained by going doing missions. but surely will be some heads continually be dead by the great looking cards. This would complicate the low levels to pass this mission. I think it might be more appropriate for distance covered by logeo daily purchases at auction or NPC, ect. take into account that if I got to level 20 and level 70 killing all head that I have to kill me to finish my mission will be impossible.