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    the truth is that this game looks promising, but I do not think it can replace dbog ... what is killing dbog is the lack of updates ... no news, no image, no post, we know absolutely nothing, those that we keep playing just for the love of the game ..

    but it's still a long time before this new game comes to us to play comfortably

    many comments that I see would leave almost totally out to players who can not buy cash,

    Do you know how long you have to farm to have 1 or 2 purple stones? from my experience it would be from 2 to 5 hours of farm.

    Obviously it has to be more difficult for the person who does not invest, but it does not have to be an impossible mission, do you realize all the time that you should farm to get the necessary stones?

    hola ,Alguien me podría decir si es mejor equipar un ultimate con hit rate o crit.fisico.

    ya tengo guantes de 233 hit rate. y nose que me conviene en la trompeta

    Gracias de antemano

    I do not know if daneos will be working a lot on the client, but for months nobody says anything here, I think it would not cost anything to enter and clarify some things .... I think that spending 5 minutes on the forum does not cost anything

    My opinion of all this I have already given, I am playing tw. Like you, I've never done budokai, The reason? my team. What I see is that the game is very casher, I have taken up the game and the farm is very bad, from level 55 to 60 has pure farm. I do not shut up anything good, have I gone with this? if you do not get anything in farm your only option is to buy cash, and I'm not in a position to do it, the only option is farm and sell what is already tedious after 5 levels without getting anything good

    I have a dw, without knowing the nameks they told me that the dw was better farm than the sk, unfortunately I have to say that it is not so, the sk is better in everything, farm, pvp, bleeding absolutely everything ... as you say our more powerful skill is a Sk can also have it, it is a disappointment, because if he knew before he would have opted for the sk, a dw has no advantage.

    and it's been a long time since we users are asking for a nefer for the SK unfortunately every time we hear less

    Well not soo true, DW have decent dmg, at least in farming, clearing groups of mobs in few sec is fine.

    Plus, no one will dare to enter your farm zone, since they will farm for you.

    Anyway, DW is good for PVE but if you want to be good in PVP and to do some PVE go shadow knight.

    Still SK will never be farming machine as DW and it will cost a lot to make it decent, with high upgraded gear and other stuffs.

    because with the equipment that I have said I can not do it in a few seconds, as you say, I do not say that the dw is bad, only that its damage is very low ...

    the dw has the biggest aoe of the game .... I have a dw level 55 claws +9 18% critical E. and gloves 21 focus +6 .... Unfortunately I have to say that your attack disappoints me ... since it takes a long time to kill the mobs ... if it is true that you will never die ... but your attack is very low

    I do not believe that but, if the cash should be cheaper ... I do not know how it is in the United States but I am from Argentina and 100 dollars here is a week of work, it would be a good idea to have promotions.

    Pd: sorry for my inglish :D

    1.Quería preguntar si alguien sabe por q el drop de esferas es tan disparejo por ejemplo en este evento unmiembro de mi guild a sacado 13 esferas y todavía faltando hora y media para terminar el evento mientras yo he sacado 5 y hay gente q ni siquiera eso .... como puede ser tal cosa ?