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    I can't seem to find it. I may have an outdated resource folder.
    It makes a strange amount of sense that hair/tentacles would be categorized as clothing rather than part of the body.

    A player has been following me around. I already blocked him, but he keeps showing up where I am and following me around, killing the mobs I'm hunting, etc. If I switch channels, he follows me. How do I completely blacklist somebody so that they can't friend me and track my whereabouts;(?

    You're free to go play literally anything else. These people work round the clock for free so people can enjoy this game. Be nice or bugger off

    My guy, how are you having enough time to help the whole community with every little thing? <3
    I'm trying to make my player characters in Blender so I can make some stuff with them and my Xenoverse chars, but so far I've been able to extract textures for all the alternate faces and heads for all player characters, but only the meshes for whatever is option 1 for that race/gender. Very specifically, I'm looking for female majin head 4

    There's data in the player character resources indicating a playable freeza race was in development. It is extremely incomplete and my best guess is that it was either scrapped before the mechanic class was, or was being developed for a potential future update before the game was initially shut down

    So I know everyone knows about the scrapped mechanic class of playable character, but I've found some evidence that freeza's race was meant to be playable and I feel like I can't be the first person to see it but also I can't find anything about it anywhere else does anyone know anything about this?

    Hey Korinny,

    Sounds like you have an old patch. When was the last time your client patched? We did a huge one on Monday.

    Last update I remember was months ago, but it keeps saying it's up-to-date, so I'm not sure what's going on? Despite the sheer number of programmers in my family, I am not super technologically literate ^^'

    Kept getting them from defeated enemies after the last patch, but it did stop on the 22nd. After that it was just leftover roaming bees in the desert. Although I did have two spawn out of an item box as late as the 24th

    Enemies are still spawning bees after defeat since the Feb20 patch, and as of today the bees do not drop honey blocks anymore. Is this an error on my end and if so how do I fix it?