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    No problem! Have fun, and thanks for playing!

    Hi, so I'm trying to donate but unfortunately can't because it seems crypto payment hasn't been enabled for DBOG sadly.

    Will DBOG ever accept crypto in the near future as a payment option?

    edit: found an old prepaid card and managed to donate a little :p

    Hey Omnipotent,

    Thank you so much for supporting us! You have to have a level 10 character to donate. If you want to send me a PM on discord, I can help you out!

    I'll start by getting to level 10 then! If I need any help I will definitely PM you on discord. Thanks for the response

    I'm trying to donate so I can get cash and it opens up internet explorer (my main browser is set to chrome) and it just says unauthorized login first. So I did and it goes to the user cp page. I copied the donate link and paste it in my main browser and it says unauthorized still. Is donating not allowed right now? Because other than the hyperlink in-game there's no "donate" page on the main website.