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    Hey i have been trying to organize and sort items, so they can b organized the right way, but it doesnt do anything when i click to sort items. Am i doing something wrong, or is it just a glitch or something? Lemme know : )

    mk, i tried double tap... what if this guy gave me flight skill thing and im only lvl 8, is that maybe one reason i can't fly fast or dash yet? thanks for info on grey face.

    double tap what? the spacebar? cuz im tried that and didnt do anything : P what take a screen shot? well so.. the little grey frown face, on the left of some of the quests, where it should show arrow with mileage. Does that just mean they wont give you the mileage on those certain quests?

    I just received flight, and i tried flying, but all i do is slow flying... how do i fast fly? am i too low level? im level 8. Also when i started questing, some quests dont have arrows on them. Instead they have a grey frown face.. what does that mean, do i need to forfeit the quest and restart? was it timed? Neways, trying to learn how to fly fast and why frown face is next to quests instead of arrow and how far away quest is.