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    Only thing I did not like was that they will remove multi client, just as I many players do not like to stay depending on the others to do the DGs... like to do everything alone

    Shouldn’t be able to do everything alone, should require making friends and establishing communication with others. Playing the game solo is not the Way MMORPG are designed to be played. I respect your decision for wanting to do things alone and many things you will be but dungeons should require team Work and if you can’t work as a team then failure is in your future.

    I'm loving all of these changes, but not sure if I'm in the minority or not but I think with this level of changes the best thing to do would be to do another wipe. I know this might piss off a lot of people but I think it is the best thing for the game and the health of the game.

    I was asking for a proper dungeon team finder forever now and awesome to see its actually going to happen! That being incorporated with harder bosses forcing people to make teams to accomplish dungeons is going to make the game a lot more fun and challenging!

    I was needing some help, I know a few ears ago (maybe longer) there was a guy named MofoGoku who was uploading high quality scans of the manga and cleaning up the translations. His wordpress website still has his work but it is unfinished. I found out there was another person ZQScans who was also uploading as well....but basically MofoGoku has volumes 01 - 24 and ZQScans has 29-34 .... so as you can see their still a bunch of volumes missing.

    Anyone know if anybody took it up and continued the work or no where I can get t he high quality scans that are missing?

    Well more bad news is that chapsters 29-34 links no longer work on ZQScans and he hasnt updated in years and is no longer doing it....anywhere I can at least get those ones?

    Torrents, links anything that can help.

    So this really sucks to have to re write this but I guess the forums shit the bed and we lost a lot of posts that were made and I unfortunately didn't keep a copy of what I wrote so here I am writing it out again.

    So to get to the point, I think we can improve the Dungeon Manager, currently it will help you find a party but no one uses it and it's because it will just add you to a random team. People don't want that they want to make a team that is balanced and of classes that will help them in the dungeon like Dendes, Turtles, buffers, tanks etc you get the point.

    I think if we updated the Dungeon Manager so you can have more options to choose the classes you want in your party this would make it actually useful and everyone would use this. If you have lets say 2 people in your party an you need 2 more people then it will look for 2 people of that class that you are missing to fill your team and those people looking for a team will join your team.

    This would make it so people are not spending 45 minutes yelling "looking for party" and never finding one because no one is around or hard to communicate with people of different languages.

    So make it be able to figure out how many people you need to fill out a full party and also which classes you want to find and probably a level range as well and I'm sure people here that understand the game better then me can think of more options to add to make it work properly.

    I think this can be done with some work as the basic structure is already in the game it just needs more values in the code to make it useful and of course some UI changes so we can see it but can be done with some simple drop down windows etc.

    Anyway games like WoW have this and I think its something I never seen discussed but would make this game way more enjoyable and meaning more people will be playing and doing dungeon runs and CCBD etc.

    Can you guys add something like a beard option for adult human characters? Like those beards some NPC's that use the human model have, like the guy standing below the Great Tree.

    Beard options would be awesome, like Master Roshi beard would be so cool to have and other ones as well.

    Also if you are a bald human and wear a hat the hat has hair under it making your character not bald anymore >_>

    Its a nice investment, right now for example if you make a pice of level 50 gear you can make from 80k to 7kk zeni depending on the stats you pull off while it only costs you 27k to make.

    what kind of stats are worth that kind of zeni? I know people want high con but what other stats are important that’s people want?

    Could you give me a list?

    I was wanting more information on what this is for?

    It doesn't seem to do anything but I thought it would be actually a cool idea if once a day we come to the data machine and it gives us a quest to go kill a certain kind of mob like a hit list or "wanted" poster. So if we kill the collected mobs its like a quest and we get some zeni or even stone or something cool but not over the top just a daily quest kind of thing and it can take you back to maps you don't really explore anymore and maybe make it something big like kill 100 mobs or something.

    There is a good amount of people playing it all times of the day and especially on the weekends.

    It will last people have already been playing it since pre open beta and now that it’s open beta there’s even more people.

    If you enjoyed DBO then you will love DBOG as the game is way more fair and more balanced and less of a money grab.

    Come join us :)

    you are welcome majin kuririn

    thanks man that wasn’t perfect and so exciting, so much stuff available still for us we haven’t seen. Also looos possible as the Majin map area looks fully done just needs mobs and quests etc and the turtle map looos completely done. The matrix world looks cool and wondering what that was going to be and if possible to develop further and finish it.

    Hey, I just wanted to know more about the areas on the map that are obviously not known....we see the outlay of it but nothing more.

    I was wondering of those 5 areas if anyone knows what they are and was DBO developed enough that these areas were going to see the light of day? Does Danoes have information on those areas and what were they supposed to be for?

    I would love to know more if people know?

    That would make things to good and not a good suggestion, if you want to get the good stuff you need to farm and grind and get that zeni or do dungeons, tmq's or cccd to get the better items as well.

    Sell the stuff you collect while hunting and you make zeni it would be so silly and destroy the economy of the game to go with your suggestion.

    I had a few Krillin requests, as you are so talented :). Krillin dogi from the cell saga, his police cop dogi, his Dragonball super dogi and his saiyan armour dogi :) obviously you don’t hVs to do all of them but throwing out some ideas.

    holy shit!!! I requested this awhile back and no one was able to properly make it! You come along and do it for fun! THANK YOU! I can finally have my Majin Krillin :)

    Thank you so much for the db hunt change, I’m one of those people who can never play on Saturday and so I was left never being able to do this event.

    This is one of those things that make Dragonball fun for me is going hunting even if I don’t really need them it’s just fun to do. So thank you for these very important changes.

    I love dragonball hunting but it sucks because I can never play on Saturdays so I can never do it .. I just enjoy it for the simply reason of hunting for something and on top of that you explore maps you no longer go to as nothing else to do on them.