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    I would appreciate that a lot, I still don't know where to get the boxes. They don't seem to be in event shop, WP shop, or cash shop

    EDIT: I finally found it lol. I was looking for "Silver box" but not realizing it was the Special Equipment Box the whole time

    EDIT2: Tried one of the silver boxes on a legendary equip and chose Constitution and it gave me only +1. Idk if I'm using it right.

    Yea you need a lot of them to get that max stat , though if you arent 60 level , its not worth it
    + level 70 cap is coming soon so yeah

    Great idea!
    Though i would add a thing like a different aura for SSJ on each level. For example lv1 is yellow ,lv2 is red , lv3 is light blue like UI or maybe just a green one would be cool as heck.
    For nameks id have to say it would be an outline of colours ? maybe the same for SSJ, or maybe a removal of top and maybe getting a tattoo ingraved on their chest?
    For majins i think it would be best to add auras as well , lv1 being pink , lv2 red/white? lv3 maybe a black one? hard to guess which one would be best without seeing them first.

    Regarding the pet quest, you get a free one upon the completion because there is no way a new player with a level 5-10 would be able to afford a 150,000 zeni for a pet.
    I believe the quests completes opon clicking the Pet Machine just to let you know this is where you get your pet next time you want one.

    Similar situation on the mail quest , just so you know where it is/what it looks like , the interface is simple and everybody can figure it out in a heartbeat.

    Also the "Go to Kokkara" quest teleport just makes sense.
    You would not want to walk 10 minutes after just starting a new game to get to your village.

    The other "Bugs" would have to be answered by DBOG team.
    Hope it helped!

    Great to have you back buddy!
    Knowledge of the game comes with playing , you will figure it out but in case you need any kind of help you can pm ign UltimateQyu or just tag me on discord qyusu
    Have fun!

    The thing is, 3 rows of skill bar wouldnt be enough if we were able to place gear on it.
    If we could have one (4th) skill bar along the right side of the screen it would fix that.

    Not really , as theres barely any room for a 4th skill bar , what would be better i believe is getting a Equipment Set on Character Screen that you can hotkey for example on CTRL/TAB + number/letter
    A 4th skill bar would just make UI a mess .

    Hey there bud , it depends what are you going to play , since youre new i wont overwhelm you with things , ill just ask if its for pve or pvp?
    You can add me , my ign is UltimateQyu and ill explain there if i dont respond here :)