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    Properties should undoubtedly return to 1:1. Why you ask? Well first of all, that is the way they were intended to work in TW and without that ratio PVE is way harder than it should be. Remember that in Open Beta there will no longer be full +15 parties like there are now, nor will we see bugged +15s everywhere. Another reason why they should return to their original ratio is because right now they are not very useful like they should be and this can clearly be seen in-game. For example, most fighters were using full prop before and now they are stuck with using dex since props are a joke now. Make properties GREAT AGAIN! Please.

    i agree with you, because wen the properties get nerfed the only status that can make substitute the prop is dex and cooldown because if you dont give damage in one skill you need use his too much, and with prop nerfed kraken and cell lose half of his objectives because the most part of the objetive is drop earning of prop now is just dex and cooldown