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    Okay, you know why you think this game is dying.
    It's because some people don't wanna waste their time playing then after many months. Their hard earned items and the very long time doing levels and stuff will be wipe out. People are just waiting for the Open Beta.
    Same as me. I just decided to play even though my hard work will be gone.
    Playing Pre-open beta is a waste of time for others. That's the real reason why people are quitting. FOR NOW!
    And Daneos is doing his best trying to fix this game. He will update the game at once.
    Just wait until open beta and this community will be back on track.

    In DBO tw, I can have 4 dragonballs in one db hunt time if I'm lucky (average is 2 db per hunt) . And get the next 3 in the other hunt time.
    So basically its all about your method on hunting them.
    A mob with 1 or 2 levels higher than you will be the best.

    Please make the flight the same as the dev server.
    Because flight in DBO TW sucks.
    I hope that is one of the features you can offer. (Big Inventory and Flight speed)
    Would you do that?

    But what they want to do is make leveling slower. Now the current plan is to come up with a way of doing that, but without forcing people to grind mobs after running out of quests every level.
    I think the best would probably be to make people complete all the quests in the map, before being able to continue to the next one. The only problem is that we'll first have to make sure every single quest is working + most likely translated as well. That would take quite a while longer.

    How about making the leveling quest fast in Level 1-30 and from level 31, leveling will be slow.
    I mean, the passive skills you gain from level 30 are the bread and butter of the game.
    You do not want people to quit over a slow leveling system.
    That's one of the reasons why I quit most of the MMO games I played for the past 7 years.
    Private server features is a must.

    level 70 cap will be okay. If you raise the level more than 70. I guess there will be a lot of changes and that's really a major update for the game. More level means new skills and new set of items.