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    yeah it makes lose all your upgrade,like old crappy f2p games,im fight for get this removed but im sure it will not cuz devs need money and they milk money throu cash shop stones that prevent break,
    ps aura kingdom is f2p too and doesnt have downgrade just fail,waaaaaaaaaaaaay better

    for do endgame dunegons u need +10/+12 atleast,no metter waht stats,so if u fully wanna enjoy dbo prepare use cash.a friend of mine for max upgrade use 800 dollars,other friend of mine quit after spend 200 and cant pass +10
    items wasnt go if u use white stones,here fail give -1,there no,and if u wanan hig upgrade u need buy stones same,so until gay downgrade isnt removed this game will stay pay2win
    u get 3 cards during upgrade...if u get fail your item go -1,if u get broken go again +0,so prepare use millions stones,grind for nothing,and get mad a lot,unless you use real money ofc

    when you see friends use 800 dollars or even more for get a single item +15 u start think about is soemthing that doesnt work in the system right?i use 50 stones and cant go pass+6,this game is like tw a pay to win,and since i was thinking in a better upgrade im kida of deluded that upgrade will sux and even here who will pay more will be the stronger

    when u will try upgrade your item they can go down or back to +0,unless u use stones from cash shop(will not changhe)
    lets say u work 1 mounth of grind for get better wapon,u upgrade it till +10 u are unlucky and it go again to +0(unless you use real money stones)
    i fight so hard to remove this function but devs wanna keep it for milk real money

    yeah make +10 and +12 permanent tiket to wish from shenron or in T shop,so we will can do endgame things without invest real money on upgrade with stones and with downgrade :D noooo will not happen need $$$$$

    upgrade with downgrade doesnt make the game harder or more challenging but make more money
    if u buy white stone u cant downgrade items,white stones is rare drop or cost real money
    will be better if downgrade and whitestones will be removed for make the game more balanced
    even reset is maked with real money,this mean if u screw your build u need pay $$$$
    i m fine with dogis and all cosmetics,and i will support the server if will not have crappy f2p functions
    anyway is worst than original dbo here,fail go -1,broken to +0,if u guys will not cash white stones u will not go far and will not be competitive against cashers and will can't go do endgame dunegons like CC 150,trust me i played dbo a lot and i know how to work

    dogi for 5 euros are good
    but upgrade need get downgrade removed and reset skills should be done with npc not real money

    thank you for milking money from dbo more than ntl and wasabii did
    now u can do what you want because it's the only server,but when servers with better upgrade/reset with zeni will open i really wanna see how will be competitions.why we should spend real money for make weapons better when with 13 euros i can play ffxiv and do not have this problems?i will say that you do a good work only when functions of f2p crappy games will be removed,until that moment i see only a revived game that is maked for milk money from people(worst than cellphone games,atleast in dokkan battle my char doesnt go back to level 1 if awaken fail)
    let's say the truth,downgrade still here only for get money from white stones,open your eyes guys,same for reset,it should be done with resets,cs should be filled with cosmetics nothing more

    i m not crying,i find better games to play if upgrade deosnt changhe,but u guys who invest real money just for upgrade is just meh,for 13 euros u can get ffxiv without cash and with better upgrade/endgame system
    oh and reset skills doesnt exist there