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    i want to sell it back to them but i'll feel bad about the next person who buys it.But the person who sold it to them didn't care at all so why should i

    If you bought it recently go back with your receipt and tell them they don't work. They'll either replace them with ones that do, or refund you.

    I've read, my post is a blanket post for the entire thread.

    I played KDBO from beta, I what its like to level 30+.

    Bluntly: For the sake of shop and game balance the book should be in the game, yes. It should not be buyable from cash shop with actual money. The concept of the item makes it highly important and it shouldn't divide players based on whether or not they can or are willing to pay for it.

    EDIT: I said this pretty much the page back in a much shorter post, the one above is practically my thought process behind it and my reasoning. All real discussion about this is going to involve much talk about p2w, it really won't be avoidable.

    That is quite a pathetic arguement on your part.
    Starter maps will always be populated because the number of new players is growing day by day (Check new players tab on DBOG Main page). It's not like the entire community will use the stone.

    Lack of players doesn't put a player off, lack of content does.

    Speaking of content, DBO didn't crash and burn because of the cash shop, it died because of lack of updates/content. It also closed due to the fact NTL was going bankrupt. So that negates your argument regarding the cash shop being the reason for shutdown.
    More cashing might've actually kept DBO alive.

    You wanna talk about pathetic arguments? The dragon ball franchise is a cash cow, if you go bankrupt with a IP that practically prints money, then you've made some seriously grievous mistakes.

    If DBO, which is a failed MMO, had a lack of content, why would you want to introduce an item to allows people to skip levels? Because a small hand full of people have done them before? I think there are going to be way more people who haven't done 1~33 than those who have, and to avoid people skipping over the little content the game has, restricting easy access to a instant 33 cash item helps alleviate that issue.

    More cashing, if done smartly, could have helped easily. But it could have also done the opposite. Many MMOs have made the critical error of adding in P2W items or, shop items that divide their playerbase. As soon as you start adding in things that are practically required for fun, or sets you behind by a large amount if you don't buy them, you have problems. People leave. It isn't fun fighting someone and then they win because of a auto HP potion that is only buyable in shop. Sure I could by one too, but I already spent $30~ to skip to level 33 and a reset book because I messed up my build, the build I might add I had been following closely, but didn't realize it was outdated because of a recent patch, so all my skills are bork'd.

    I understand the nostalgia, but DBO had many glaring issues, besides the lack of content, it was how the cash shop unbalanced the game buy making many items required for pvp, and ruining the in game market by allowing these items to be sellable to others in order to make it 'fair'. JUST BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE THAT IN DBO, DOESN'T MAKE IT A GOOD IDEA AND SHOULD BE CAREFULLY REEVALUATED.

    The cash element is what ruined a great idea for me and a lot of people, and I think changing the core of it is necessary to have a sustainable playerbase that

    A. Doesn't Max out quickly and get bored.
    B. Doesn't Get let behind and out 'gunned' and quit because of frustration.
    C. Feels rewarded no matter how much money they spend.

    I've played many F2P and P2P Mmos. I've got 1080 days of subscription to FFXIV and I still play/pay. Spending ~$15+ a month on a game isn't a problem for me. I work, so paying for a few convince items/tools isn't a problem to help with what little time I have, I however, don't wish to contend with credit card warriors, it kills every game. (Take the whole BDO fiasco currently happening as a good example.)

    Everyone with a vested interest in actual conversation in this thread should at the very least watch this:

    Well that's your opinion, and unfortunately that's not enough to justify your suggestion. I do understand where you're coming from though.Remember, a lot of players here already played the game and went thru the leveling turmoil. I don't see anything wrong with the stone.
    Besides 10-33 isn't a big chunk of the game, there's still a lot more stuff for them to complete.

    I understand exactly what the leveling turmoil is like. I played at release with a small english speaking community. The struggle to learn TMQs, and dungeons without guides or anyone speaking korean. Learning dungeons and, which stats are best for your character. (Which is 'fun' when the game is completely in another language since there was no 'translation' patch at the time.)

    I understand it's my opinion. I don't mind the stone so much. Its a slough leveling certain classes up to 30, whether it's easy or not it can be completely boring. Especially if you've done it several times before. But the first time is an experience that shouldn't exactly be skipped over. While it may be poo, I don't think people should be able to do it right away. The first dungeon and TMQ alone are memorable experiences that people took the time to make and include in the game I don't think it should be skipped by those who haven't done it before.

    If the game isn't hard and most people will easily get a class to 70. Some might do it in a week or two, but I believe many will do it quickly in a month. Everyone will be starting from scratch. I think the box needs to be in the game. After getting a dps class up to 70, I'll probably use a box to get a healer up to 33, just because it sucks to level that low. But before that I think the things that'll can potentially divide the old and new player base should be held off(or at least delayed, feel like my reasoning for that could be an entirely different, and probably long post.) I'd be willing to bet they're going to probably be loads more people who haven't played DBO than those who have.

    that is probably cuz big game developers have a lot more stuff to do. Big companies have millions of people trying to play the game not just around a thousand. Also he has the source code which means he just needs to play around with it, whilst other companies have to write that code from scratch.
    Don't compare a 10 people team with a big company please.

    Big companies also have PR teams and community reps who sometimes have the sole job of relaying messages from the community to the devs and vise versa.

    Most companies also have premade engines and even teams who have different jobs. (one makes the engine, the other writes scrips, one balances the the game play, ect.)

    My comparison wasn't even a bad one, it was one that points out the how well they're handling things despite being so small. It was a wholly a compliment.

    Now we also have to wait for the TLQ ?
    I wish he would just annouce stuff once he is finally decided to implement said updates.

    I half agree with this.

    But I also like that he shows he's is actually working on things. Most of the bugs I found have already been reported, so its more so waiting on new things to test before hoping back in the server.

    Him sharing updates shows that he's making progress and said things to test are getting closer and closer. He's communication is much better than most funded and backed game developers.

    There is a reasonable way to speak to people. Not all people have thick skin and get offended when being called idiots, stupid, ect.

    On the flip side, the gaming community does tend to be a bit harsh. Know that some people will lash out when angry, and in instance like that it's best to just go "k dude." And move on with your life. Its after attempting to remove your self from an unfavorable situation and continued harassment comes when you should report someone.

    There is no need for anyone to go out of their way to constantly call someone a noob or dumb. I think most reasonable mods will understand it might slip in anger. Continued use of derogatory terms and continued harassment should be punished. But Not a one off of simple name calling.

    Not that I endorse being rude to anyone either way.

    I think the server is just down. Nothing being added, just an outage of some sort.

    I'd love to be incorrect about that though.

    Take power level as a guide. It doesn't exactly mean that Namekians are stronger than all the other races.

    Its almost pointless to compare powerlevels of different classes because they'll optimize their stats differently.

    Its mostly just a nice fanservice stat unless you're comparing two of the same classes (Like seeing which swordsman has a higher power level). Just remember, high numbers don't mean much if you don't have the skill to use it.

    I'm not exactly sure how the math goes, but LP has a decent chunk to do with power level. Considering Namekians have huge LP pools they tend to have higher power levels than most other classes.

    I'd personally love more classes added, however I'm not sure of the extent of the dev teams development tools.

    They might have to create their own in order to add more content of the game which could definitely be an daunting task. For now, lets continue to help out with stress and bug testing and as HotPockets said, wait to see how we are off come a year from now.

    Not so much a bug, just means someone else has the dragon summoned. If you hit the close button below that it should return the balls to your inventory.

    -- To alleviate a little summoning pressure, people should probably go to the dragon alter in Korin forest and summon there.

    When things come up just keep playing. As time goes on the source of the bugs will be found. Try to avoid saying that something is 100% causing it. I'm sure if Shenron was the cause of it, we'd all be encourage TO summon him so Daneos could get more information as to why it's happening.

    Its a test. Try to break things and bring it to the dev's attention. The more that get out of the way, the faster we get to a smoother game.

    we need to have an open mind to innovate in a class by adapting any class to any function

    If all classes can do that you'd have to make the content tougher and change the over all balance of the game, which is tons more work development side. Class balances and things like that will probably come long after server stability and content implementation.

    For now just accept the class diversity and try to either play a role you enjoy, or party with those who help cover your class's weaknesses. The point of each class being different and having weakness is to encourage team play, this is an mmo after all.

    Skill reset needs to be obtainable in game through reasonable. The amount of effort required its debatable, however the success of this server depends on the size of the player base, and not just the ones that donate.

    I have very little issue spending $5~ a month to support the server, my friends, however are a bit more stingy and might not feel so inclined. They might show their support in different ways, like getting more people to play (And those people might donate). However to keep the ones around who do spend money, you'll still need the ones who'll play for free. (I personally like having a large pool of people to play with)

    I'm all for having a cash shop full of convenience and cosmetic items, but skill resets allow you to play your character dynamically and adjust to evolving builds, and potential balance changes.

    Personally... I'd make it cost 100,000z for the first time you do it in a week and 500,000z for each time after. It'll reset down to 100,000z each week. This'll let people who make mistakes with their build not be too harshly punished early, and won't be too much of a hassle for those at the end game.