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    transformatons for humans are easy to create copy the ssj increase the stats ssj2. change the aura color to red or blue ssj god ssj blue
    the same cant be said for the other races more complicated things would be involved and specially nameks would require some thinking for new trsnsformations.

    Nothing's impossible for a good coder and since Daneos actually managed to revive DBO, I'll highly assume he is one

    not entirely true, if you want to create new areas u gonna need designers and probably more stuff we dont even know about is involved
    code doesnt create the graphics characters etc. after the design is done the code brings it to life.

    yeah this is unfair-.- bring back old dbo drop rate:(

    why is it unfair? its the same for everyone so how is it unfair?
    this is not the old dbo, as far as everyone is concerned Daneos can change it as he sees fit. Diferent is not always worst.

    There is nothing wrong with the drop rates as far as i know. i actually find quite a few superior and excellent and some rares every now and then.
    Maybe its not your lucky day

    Most of the normal quests are working as they should at least until lvl 40.
    I think so far only 1 quest I couldn't complete not sure if it was bugged or if just couldn't figure out what to do.

    Time machines and ultimate dungeons I encountered on my current level also work fine.

    I think some of the higher level dungeons are still not in the game but they will be in do time.

    Long story short the game is getting closer to completion every day and is updated regularly.

    Agreed. We need the second event to occur during the weekdays, but not like a day apart from Saturday. I was thinking Wednesday, but that's just my two cents.

    For the moment Daneos has to be online for the event to happen. Maybe he cant be here during the week to turn it on. he probably works like everyone else.
    yeah sure having it during the week would be nice since i work most weekends.

    I know its to early to even think about adding new content to the game but its something that has been in my mind for a while.
    Is it possible to create new skills dungeons etc in the long run or will it all be limited to the stuff we had in the original version?
    My guess is it can be possible using the already existing models in game for new dungeons what about new outfits etc could it be done with the right people working on it or is it just not possible ?
    I know i am looking far in the future but somehow i would like this project to become better than the original ever was.

    I believe someone already posted the link to the event's time table above.
    In game a DB icon will appear on the bottom right corner while the event is running