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    about founder pack items? we will receive again ?

    Ok, tu acha desnecessário, opinião sua, mas o que importa aqui, é opinião em geral, o que a "comunidade quer" e o que o jogo precisa, e sim ele precisa disso e pronto, tu ta ai assim por que vai perder umas bostas de uns items e tal ? tem gente que vai perder isso , vai perder aura, vai perder cash, eai ?

    a mudança é completamente necessária, tanto pra balance, e tanto pra novos conteúdos que não tinham na versão do client tw e sim na kr, como ele vai implementar um sistema que tinha na matriz do jogo como se ele não consta no cliente do tw ?

    pensa um pouco meu jovem, mudanças são necessarias, pode ser ruim no começo, mas vai melhorar um jogo que é uma bosta pra algo decente e melhor.

    my opinion is like that of some people up:

    1: wipe.

    2: no cash return.

    3: Do not make the same ridiculous mistakes from people on staff, do whatever they want with items, spoiling the "all" game shit.

    4: See the community suggestion and see what most prefer, and think of implementing, or use as a more viable possibility, because who plays the game is who is wasting time in this forum exposing the opinion.

    opinion is not just mine.

    2ºIs it a "suggestion" when you said that it was a law?

    3ºyou are the only RETARDED here that simply does not know if you want to read, and do not know how the game works.

    4º that would not change in absolutely nothing, and would be much better for all, that the shit of the item, instead of drop in the superior item, appeared there, in front of him with the shit of the stone that the item is already without having to reveal.
    5º then I'm forced to have all my bags free and lose my spot for a sk or dw cancer going to reveal the item in full cap 60 where I do not need to waste my time selling item?
    as I said, the drop is predetermined, if the mysterious is a stone, it will be a stone from the moment it drops.


    and what would that change for me, that would bring benefit only to me?

    the drop is the same for everyone, stop being a filthy and learn to think, the POB never had this mysterious items from the beginning of the game, and never changed anything.

    I use 3 z32 + one z24, pick everything and start selling by using pet skill, then continue doing that until i have every slot with mistery items, usually get 1 stone, sometimes 2 or 3, so i don't see the point of removing them.

    Also are you sure that if you remove them, stones drops are going to be increased?

    do you know that the drop of the mysterious item is already pre determined when you get it correct? that is, if it's a stone, it's going to be a stone, it's not going to change, it's just an ordinary item, as if it were something random, when in fact it was already determined when you picked it.

    OBVIOUSLY, if the stone does not come to that item, instead of being a mysterious item, it will be a stone there in the drop, so "theoretically" the drop will be better, and you will not be forced to go to a npc to " reveal "10k of mysterious item to come a stone.

    as you said, you get many, and there are 1 or 2 stones, that is, it's not that much of a difference, but you're basically required to have free slots for that and also get out of your spot, and lose the same for some random.

    I am sorry if you only have 1 Bind item in the bag.
    of course, only I must have this problem lmfao

    no one is going to take the stones off of you, they will normally drop off the mysterious items, even longer than now, since they will drop whatever they drop on it and off it.


    It does not make sense the thinking you have, because you do not know how it works.

    Mystery item = is a stone that drop and this as a mystery item

    If you remove the normal ones, the stones you drop on them, normally drop off of it, obviously however how will one person pick up with the bag full of items binds? Are you going to have to lose the stones of the mysterious items?


    My suggestion is:

    That removes the chance to get U Stones from the mysterious items, for the following fact that who does not always pick up these items, or in the case of many people, does not have enough space in the bag to get these items ...

    I do not know what can be put to replace, or just making the drop to, mysterious RARE / Legendary rarity so you only need to pick the ones, which are harder to get.

    I hope that the reward of the event will be changed soon, so many good items to stimulate the players in the event like dogi balls legendary, equipament box, change name, reset skill 1 SP / full, mainly equipament boxes, we spend a world of boxes to achieve 1 fuking good stats.

    DBO is one of those games where farming is taken into priority and requires time in order to get the gear you need. It was designed like that on purpose.

    designed to be ridiculous how okay, the problem that this here is not what it was before, everything can be altered and improved. (I.e.

    I'm not kosher and for me it does not make any difference, but since I'm not kosher, I can say very well about drops, few people farming more than I did in this game, and there were few good drops.

    this game is 100% troll, drop of items is crap, almost impossible to drop something good.

    and with boxes then? very difficult, get a decent max stats.

    every game based on luck, you lose time and time for nothing, for the most part can not better equipment because everything depends on luck.

    another thing, I want to see in the lv 70 cap, where you go the bids 2 ~~ 4 and drop equipment "SUPERIOR" nor excellent drop with frequency, still with a shit of stats.

    if the drop were decent, nor would you say that