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    there's reset skill book... at least in original dbo there was idk if daenos implemented it yet but you can meet NPC and reset your skills as there are no masterclass yet. and it's for free.

    as far as i could see prices are actually pretty high. original dbo was pretty much cheaper it's like 5€ each dogi piece set. no need to answer they will eventually change the price because i saw that already but if we starting thinking at expensive prices those won't drop by much.

    You just gotta replace some textline of the dogi you want to see. That was pretty simply, you might find some video on youtube of the old dbo client it might be workin still.

    There are so much skills to use, unless you put a combo for a controller in order to use the skill (just like xenoverse, and it would be much confusing imo) there are no methods on how to play dbo trought a pad, you would just be able to autoattack (maybe) jump, move forward and interact with npc/machines (maybe).

    In my opinion dogis should be awarded obviously from cash shop but also in TMQ any level, some bosses I'd consider using the stronger in certain areas and some medium-high level quest.

    Bold strike is the only thing SK has good for exp and pvp, you can't shut it down or you better don't ever make an SK. DoT is a must on him that's all. Didn't you ever see Crane Heremit dmg in game? Well that's unbalanced. I'd keep the game as it was everything was fine. If you guys can't build to avoid those 1shot it's not the game problem but simply yours, get over it, there is much things in game to counter another such as attack speed, crits, DoT.

    I think skills in game (old game) were pretty balanced exept for something like thunder for fighters meh but i'd never nerf it because it's a fighter feature. The only things that were not balanced, such as upgrades, the difference between cash and non cash players, I'd say it's better if cash players can only get cosmetics and the rest of the items are 100% obtainable in game such as white stones, bonus roll and some other thing that i forgot. The craft system, most of the players in game did not know about the efficiency of crafting. for the aura thing well it's true it was a bug that it stay forever but it's true that if you remove the title because it was just a title you could lose it. i THINK there should be insert the date of when you won the aura and keep it for ever.

    concordo in pieno che il DW è potentissimo forse il migliore per farm ma non ha abbastanza danni. mai pensato ad un dende/poko priest? o uno shadowknight? (tra l'altro lo shadowknight è la miglior razza che abbia mai provato e che abbia portato ai livelli massimo sia di danno che difesa) un eremita della tartarugga è altrettanto prestante, capace di uccidere gruppi enormi di nemici (e di uccidere in un colpo un intero gruppo in budokai). vorrei darti consiglio su majin ma non ne ho mai provato uno :( andresti sul sicuro con un dende/poko priest (un dende è altamente richiesto nei gruppi ed è uno dei personaggi con il quale potrai fare più soldi senza la necessità di un equipaggiamenti di miliardi di zenie) ma io sono fisso sull'idea che lo shadowknight è perfetto non pecca in niente ed è di quei personaggi che non necessita di equipaggiamenti di miliardi DIPENDENTEMENTE da cosa vorrai fare. ho letto che hai provato il fighter e beh devo dire è un ottima classe ma nel pve ha molte debolezze, certo avrai la possibilità di evitare la maggior parte dei colpi ma non potrai ucciderne più di un paio alla volta e questo ti rallenterà di molto (ma è ottimo contro boss). spero di averti schiarito le idee.

    imo it should not be harder to exp a character but should "help us a bit" increasing of not too much the rate. let's guys remember this is still a private server. about maniac and engineer class as i already said in some other post i think it will be released after the final game version, if the developers and staff will choice to imploy it. my point is that increasing rate a bit will not make people spam for weeks to get some rare item and/or level up characters to level 70(that required almost 6 moths or more for most of the community, unless some "hidden trick").