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    Hello everyone. My name Is Nickgc9732, Or in game Katsuma Kegawa. I had started a guild a few years ago back in DBO TW2 server called ENGsaiyans. Now that the game is more or less back and alive, My guild decided to reform. We have changed the name and story of the guild, and are looking for new Students and members. In hopes to gain old and new players, We offer classes from old players to teach the new players and also to enrich a Roll play Aspect to the world. We are now Known as the Shin-Motao. If you would like to join, Sign up here to keep in touch and to find out whats goin on with the guild.

    Thank you for your time.

    -Katsuma Kegawa

    I just made a guild a few hours ago. Had a few members and had a JR master. I logged off for about an hour, as I returned I'm no longer in my own guild.

    Also, My friends list has been cleared.

    Its will always be free-to-play. The cash-shop was tested as everyone got 999,999 points to find bugs and all. The server you seen is the dev server where everyone plays and finds bugs. The founder packs aren't pay-to-play. Its early access to play, find bugs, report them and whatnot. Its a great way to learn about DBO by playing early or in-case you may have forgotten something etc. Right now, its only open to those who bought a founders pack so if you wanna play right now, you need to get either Krillin, Goku or S.Saiyan pack. Its worth it~

    Thanks alot. I might get a pack. Its been a long while since I played. I miss the game.

    So I saw a a video that was put out 3 days ago about DBOG and its cash shop. I have reinstalled the DBOG launcher and attempting to update. To my surprise, The launcher does not one to update. So I was wondering if servers are down or not. Also, I'd like to know if servers are open for the game to play,( like i saw in the video of players playing)

    And if it is open, Is it for everyone or only players with founder packs.
    Thank you for your time.