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    hi, i have idea, i see for example original dbo aura like in picture 7f719cdb8657d74ed9573e4f54248deb.png, its a low res texture. it would be cool if someone improove it so it would look likei n the rest of imagesGoku-Super-Saiyan-2.png381614352.png

    For a sunglases cosmetic shop you could make a majin M letter on forehead, its a wery simple 2 treangles mesh with a m letter texture. Super simple, super easy and cool

    Hi, idea, make a window that shows your dayly logins and for streaks you would get some gifts, nothing crazy, sometimes some stone, sometimes zeni, sometimes something hp pills. What dbo tw server was giving for dayly logins

    Event idea: for example ,idk how many moderators there is but lets say 10, so 10 mods hide in the map and ppl should find them, when a player finds a moderator he gets a gift, so there would be 10 gifts in total, hide and seek. If someone finds a moderator he free from duty and there would be left only 9 moderators to find...

    I see in cash shop there is defendera armor mark II would be cool if it would be colorednin iron man colors amd +, iron man helmet and called iron man suit :D new dogi and helmet

    For the freezes, is there any plans or ideas? For me i fixed little bit the freezes

    by folowing tutorials but they way more intence and hardcore that it used to be few years ago, actualy few years ago they were 3x more rare and 5x less intence, i used to barrely feel it, it was something that other ppl were complayning, for me almost non existing problem , might be new computer related, i used kind of old ddr3 memory based system, now i have ddr4 ram and ddr5 vram and AMD machine instead intel. Might some other project found a sollution to that and can hellp

    Hey i would love to hang out with you, i also have a friend from a time when this server just started, from daneos shift :D he also returned after the vipe, im more or less noob at this point but we could teach you a trick or two ;) i will add you today

    Hey, guys, i noticed how noone realy knows about dbo and those who did play in the past, they dont know about vipe or anything, we just got a good admin, new opurtunity, if we combine our strengths we could make this server popular with many new players but we need to work together.

    i think if we just tell everyone day after day, that there is game called dbog, about changes, vipe and mew admin, we should sed stable increase of new aplayers amd chanel getting populated, kokara and korin tower full of shops and players.

    For example, if you watch some dbz or super videos in youtube, just leave a coment about dbog, if you in some facebook group, gaming, dbz or anything related, just leave a comment, forums, twitter, instagram... If you have your own facebook or insta page with subscribers, just support this server by bringing more new players. If we all would do it every day, next thing you know, dbog will see its golden days again :)

    On dbog there were only 2 vipes, first one when game went live from testing phase amd second one when verdant took a server, the vipe was needed of the cheaters and item dublicants... For zenkai, i will defenetely going to check it out, probably dbog server rates will drop at that point and ppl will stay on the server they like, some will play zenkai some will play dbog, well thats my opinion

    Again rng and wasting hundred dollars to get dogi we want?

    Plus i dont spend money, i grind stuff, without spending a penny so far got 90 wagu coints, 200+ seal coints, like 15+ lvl 30 up stones (and i dont pick up those in first place) from wagu i only spend 35 coints and got all good dogis... If we speak about devil wings from haloween event, i have 7. So i think thats a rather to easy to obtain stuff. Everyone is walking with fancy dogis, thats not rare at all, pretty mutch dogi and all the fancy stuff is worthless

    Hi, verdant add allot of dogis in wagu machine, i have idea how to improove it.instead adding allot of fancy dogis, put allot of crapy ones, then on top one fancy dogi like gogeta and make it rare to drop, and rotate it every week. The one fancy dogi would be ultimate prize of the week and harder to get