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    v2 not out yet, they working on it, there only test server and wipe not yet happened, i also will play v2, cant wait for fair gameplay since v1 is exploited right now.

    i wonder when they will release the client its now april 1st and still no new client whats taking them so long ugh this is so confusing!!!!

    im sure they just overestimate time it will take them to finish the first version, or they want make sure when beta test will be released some cringy kids wont cry that its buggy or crashing.... keep in mind that they only humans with day jobs and lifes and to make a video game its super difficult and exhausting, Especially when you work 8h at work and when you come back home, you work rest of the day on coding... bruhhh that shit is super hard. only ppl who did not work day in they lifes or still lives with parents cry over that.

    No point in wasting time explaining to blind fanboy...

    No point in wasting time explaining to blind hater... did you mommy just beat you with belt by not passing that history test? :D jk dont be frustated and enjoy the fuking game until you have chanse, daneos give you one and you moaning how you are a victim of life... i do understand that this game is not perfect, im not happy with allot of things to, but instead complaining how you are right, you should try to adult and embrace the reality that its not a froud and not a lie... that they are ppl who work hard and you should be happy. if you would be the owner of this game and ppl like you would complain , what you would do? if its a froud stop vasting time and go play some fortnite or something... omg, noone keeping you locked on this game but you still here to cry :D realy dont want to insult you but why you are so child? fix you issues somehow

    I don't care what "you need", and I know what I paid my money for and this is not it. Period.

    If you can't understand simple facts and need "we promise" in a sentence to see you've been duped, then I really feel sorry for you.

    well all i spend (i spend quit some money) i will be refunded so... until this game did give me good time i think my money went to right place.... i happy i did help this game stay "online" by spending some money. if you are unsatisfied i cant help you, if you cant understand that its impossible to keep everyone happy and keep game running than you should read some more books or do better at school :D they have to take decision, to vipe or not, this is the risk in both ways, either way there will be childrens who will want that things will be by the way they want.

    @arwe2793, Hey kid, you do understand that certain promises were made just to be stepped on in the process?

    "There won't be any wipe after the open beta." -

    "We are happy to announce the release date of the new client" - no actual date was given, but we got this - "The first test will begin at the end of this month where you will be able to download the new client from our website and have access to the development server." -…-new-client-release-date/

    this is not promise, this is a plan for no vote, stop wasting tears, times is changing, community voted for vipe and they will do it, i can promise that i will detonate atomic bomb in NY by thinking that is right thing to do for NY ppl, but if NY ppl will vote for no i wont detonate... show my where they said words "we promise". they only stated that they dont want a vipe, BUT since you childrens ruined fair play by exploiting this game and played unfair, we need this vipe, thank you very much for making dbo team breaking they "promise". when you registered acc you promised in rules to play fair to...

    for few things i do agree, yeas they should explain situation better, BUT, before they announced new client, childrens was crying that its all lie and there will be no new client, they was crying so hard that i assume dbo team decides to post releasion date little to soon while its not fully ready just to calm shit out from these childrens, and now same childrens yet not be satisfied... dbo team is not a company but ppl with hobby and passion, ppl who do mistakes, nowhere they did say that everything they will promise will be executed and delivered, dang even they did not promise anything, they just post in forum the plans they have for future. most of dbo childrens did not support this game, they just get free product to enjoy, did not pay for server and did not give much value to this game only hard tears how this game is bad and how they are victims... sad. i hope dbo will survive childrens tears.

    All i ask is if you refund cash points tu cashers , refund zeni to non cachers because they spend a lot hard time on farming to get their needs otherswise cachers will have big advantage in the first months until players can farm again , and that's called p2w , we want it to be fair between all the players

    Thank You !

    we cashiers paid for server so you f2p players could play, plus we also did farm just like you guys. i think gifts for f2p is cheap, should get something better for sure but nothing to crazy. btw keep in mind that for cash shop, you cant really buy that much, the wagu machine will be event thingy so we wont be able to spin any prizes on server open, only think what we will be able to do with cash is to buy and resell cash shop items for you f2p players for zeni.

    For me these threads looks like you guys trying to buy more time and keep community alive im sure that daneos is late and this is just next thread about same thing without any real news give us rease date, 10 days left until your meme winter 2018 ends waiting until last day or more will be mistake.

    so why are you here, if its a lie, why you flowing this forum and client release? :O


    Everything is a lie~ they will end business

    well they did say that they will release this game, everybody did say that a lie, and they did release the game, then childrens did shut up for a little bit, but now they saying that they release new client, i am sure they will :D how you childrens dont understand that this is hard work, and they just a humans working day job, let them make mistakes, to make a game is hard work, dont expect that non bussines few ppl group will manage everything, just be happy that there is dbo to play in first place


    That's why I keep coming to this thread, this is better than Facebook.

    what do you found so funny? non native english speaker hawing bad grammar? so when you will speak in your second or third language i will come and lmao you cuz its not PERFECT ? as i did say in one comment, most of dbo cumunity is childrens...

    well we can leave the game buggy and exploited as it is, or we can do something about it right? vipe is a risk we must take to save this game... but just think like this, to make and sustain mmo rpg game like this, you need money, time and labor, that fuking dude is fuking ALONE, he did masive job, probably he put more effort to this game than you ever will put to your life, i'm tired of ppl complayning about updates and shit, you guys dont understand how hard is to make a game and fulfill promises when you are pretty much alone. you should try to work 8h a day, then comeback home and create a game for little fukers who do not appreciate you effort. omg try to work 2 jobs at once and you will understand how daneos feel... might be time to stop crying.

    you say you are f2p player and never trust him, so i assume when there was a fb page with info that he is remaking dbo, you did not trust him like allot of other crybabies, then he did release a game, you did not support daneos to pay for the server and complaining how the game is bad and how you unsatisfied with something you use for free, now he say he will release v2, you still dont trust him but yeat after the wipe you will play this game and still will be unsatisfied and cry how you dont trust daneos ? :DDD i think 90% of cummunity is a childrens or even rugrats, thats why its so toxic... we need to find adult ppl who use head about what do hey speak.

    If 80lvl comes...
    Daneos: Guess what we going to dooooooo?! :D wiiiiiiiiiiiiipeeeee again ~

    well i dont see why you complaining, this is first vipe in dbo history, other games do that to. the dbo v1 is buggy and ppl have complains about that, some players in pvp have to huge advantage with exploits, this game not only for you, other player want clean fair gameplay, not just be overhelmed with cheaters.... keep in mind that this is v2, suspect updates and overal game transform...