Ranked matches / CC Ranked Battle Announcement (PVP)

Dear Dragon Ball Online Global Community,

The DBO G Staff would like to clear some confusion and clarify with players about the teams current stance on Ranked Matches / CC Ranked Battles (PVP).

The following type of conduct is strictly prohibited, and violates DBO G's Game Policy:

  • Players participating in ranked matches with Alternate characters (Alts), or friends in an attempt to gain Mudosa points while remaining inactive.
  • Using third party software (including any botting, or macro programs) to gain Mudosa points.
  • Any form or act of suspicious inactivity where it is evident that a player is trying to gain Mudosa Points in an unfair manner.

The aim of this rule is is to ensure that all Ranked Matches / CC Battles are to be genuine, and to make this PVP mode as competitive as possible between all players. This is for both Solo and Party. Any player who is caught attempting to Mudosa farm and not participate properly in Ranked matches risk to be permanently suspended from Dragon Ball Online Global.

If any you feel any player is trying to Mudosa Farm unfairly, please feel free to submit a ticket (along with evidence/proof) and a GM will conduct further investigation.



DBO G Staff