Server Maintenance


today (22th February 2018) we are going to have a server maintenance starting at 6PM (GMT +1).

The servers will be offline during the maintenance.

Estimated duration: 1 hour.

* Updates

- Global property is back to 1:1.

- Players will not lose battle combat mode while having a skill lock debuff.

- Skill: Hesitation cooldown reduction RP nerfed. From 12 -> 18 -> 24 -> 30 -> 36 seconds to 3 > 5 > 7 > 8 > 10 seconds.

- TMQ2: Added 10 seconds wait time before getting teleported after killing Raditz so players can pick up the drop.

- When entering a dungeon (tmq, etc), all buffs will be removed.

- The chance to receive rank 1-10 rewards from wagu machine has been updated to have a bigger % difference between the rewards.

- Wagu machine now resets when someone receive rank 1 reward.

- Paralyze, confuse & fear is now reduced by cc reduction system.

- Monster fear, poison, abdominal, pain, burn, ... immunity like in TW. Special thanks to DreameR68, CheatCode & LinkSSJ for helping.

- Chat Command "@exp on/off". Example: "@exp off" -> player will no longer receive any EXP. To enable you have to relog or write "@exp on".

* Fixes

- Respawn in Budokai Prelims. Also made it to be like in retail to avoid LP/EP vision bug.

- Budokai: Auto walk after next round begins.

- Countdowns in TMQ were not correctly updated.

- Some items were not added into the auction house database.

- Budokai season counter.

- Budokai: Match countdown in party finals.

- HTB reflect damage.

- Target wakes up from sleep when receiving DOT debuff.

- Resistance stats for paralyze, fear, confuse, stun(candy) and stun(stone) did not apply correctly.

- Monster transformation & monsters kept using the same skills after transforming.

- Possible to enter a bus while transformed.

- Get off of Vehicle before entering a bus.

- Items expiring while logged out.

- Vehicle shows as beeing used, after usage while transformed.

- Finished quests showing up as not-finished after server maintenance.