Server Maintenance


The server maintenance finished and the servers are now online. Please note that there might be several restarts today to fix/adjust changes.


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 22th Match 2018 6PM CET

Duration: 30-60 Minutes.

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.

* Updates

- <RankBattle>To fight against botters, the rank battle will now begin every 60 seconds.

- <RankBattle>Minimum level to apply for a ranking battle is now Level 29.

- <RankBattle>Can only be held in channel 0-4 (will be updated soon).

- <Dragonball Hunt> Monsters no more randomly have the chance to have a dragon ball.

Monsters now only have a 20% chance to own a dragon ball after respawn.

- Wagu rank 1-10 reward info disabled until it shows the correct images.

- <Tournament> Since there are so many people wanting to participate in the Tournament, I've made a change, that people with the most ranking points will be able to enter. Please note that this only applies to the solo tournament.

- A bit protection against netpy farmers.

- New chat command "@resetexp". The chat command will reset your EXP to 0.

- <Tournament> Adult tournament min. Level now set to 40. This means only players from Level 40 to 45 can participate.

- No more receiving any EXP when crafting level is the same or higher than player level.

- Unable to craft equipment which requires a higher level than the player.

- Removed the bind from Seal Coin.

- <Mascot> Skill "Dash EP reduce".

- <PRIVATE SHOP>Unable to select items when player does not have enough zeni to buy that item.

- Aggro update to make it easier for tanks to hold the aggro.

* Fixes

- Load between characters shared bank.

- Party revival item being consumed when no member has been revived.

- <RankBattle> Getting teleported to bind point when opponent cancels the teleport invite.

- AOE buffs not being removed when entering a dungeon.

- Identify items at spawned Underworld Invasion Event NPC's.

- <Team-Tournament> Spectators position (to be tested).

- Possibility to get rank 1-10 multiple times.

- Stand up when getting attacked (server-side).

- Possibility to have more EXP than required.

- Warrior HTB skill.

* Other Updates

- The ranking has been reset. And from now on will be reset after every maintenance.



  • Will solve my black screen?

  • The DB Hunt update is a good thing, now we need more days of db hunt and it would be perfect :D

  • How works this Anti-Token Farming while AFK system?

  • Hi! i'm trying to play but it says that my account doesn't exist anymore..

  • Hi, the 20% chance is drop rate or mob with a DB respawn chance?.

    • I think that is a respawn of a mob with a DB drop

  • Hi, can tell me when finish the maintenance? Cant enter yo Game.


    • 30-60 min. the Mainteinace start 6PM Central European Time

  • Hi Daneos, do you have a date for realease lvl 70 cap(max)?


    one love

    • We only have the information that daneos gave on the first open beta news post
      "Level 45 cap is expected to stay for 1 month. After the Lv 45 cap, the duration for the Lv 55 cap will be announced."

      So no cap 70 for a while the caps will go like this according to the same new post

      "After that we are going to have the following Lv caps:

      Lv 45, Lv 55, Lv 60, Lv 70 "

    • between lv45 lv55 ans so on is there always the same Time from one month?