Recent changes to Dragon Ball Hunt and Crafting Systems

Dear Dragon Ball Online Global Community,

As you all may be aware, there has been changes to both the Dragon Ball Hunt and Crafting systems. The purpose of this announcement will hopefully clarify with members and explain the reasons behind these changes.

These changes were implemented to help benefit members and their experience with Dragon Ball Online, and there are still more adjustments that are going to be made:

Dragon Ball Hunt

This event was altered due to the constant feedback that was received by the community throughout Pre Open Beta and Open Beta.

Many members of the community expressed their disappointment on multiple occasions that they were unable to attend the Dragon Ball Hunt due to the current schedule, as the Dragon Ball Hunt Event was only available for 4 hours every weekend.

It has been decided that the number of hours for the dragon ball hunt event will be extended, and the schedule will be adjusted. What this means, is that players will now have more allocated hours to Dragon Ball Hunt.

Due to the extended hours, this was why Dragon Ball Hunting was altered so it helps balance out the amount of Dragon Balls that members receive each week, while retaining the same difficulty level (in regards to hunting).

The new schedule with the increased hours will be announced sometime in the near future so please stay tuned.

Crafting System:

The current change to the crafting system has been altered to help members keep up with the current level cap. Some players were crafting gear that was higher than the level cap (in some extreme cases, level 70 gear). The DBO G Team felt was completely unfair and would bridge the gap between players, and as such the system was adjusted so that it would suit the level cap.

The DBO G Staff would like to thank every member of the community for their on going support and feedback that is submitted. Please remember that your feedback is important to us and we will always try to improve your experience with Dragon Ball Online Global.



DBO G Staff

  • questo gioco è la mia infanzia

  • Everyone is ready to leave

    Congratulations on your accomplishment

  • These changes in the Dragon Ball Hunt was horrible, how will classes like fighter go farmar? it's obvious that some classes will take advantage of having damage in area, you should think things through before making such a radical change.

  • i recently updated the game then i logged in and i head no characters :\ why???

    • Maybe you played during the pre open beta and that's why you don't have characters

  • I think if you made it so that the db hunt didn't take place so early on American servers, it would be more populated.

  • Sincerely, no one gave feedback to change the event of the spheres, in the pre open beta this event was perfect and ngm had complaints, although everyone managed to make this event, now the event is a real crap, it got tediously boring giving nor do I like to play more .

    Anyway, this event as it was before was the most awaited by the guys every weekend the staff awaited the event from the spheres of the hungry dragons.

    You managed to improve for the worse a thing that was perfect, is worse boot in that.

    I hope you come back as before, I believe that many people do not want the event for more days or hours, but rather as it was before.

  • Thank you! Keep up the good work :)

  • Crafting was not unfair, people with high crafting levels had to spend hours farming to get money, farming to disassemble items. And because of the randomnes you had to spend milions of zeni and many hours to get a decend set of gear.

  • Dragon ball stealing and buying/selling should be punished with permanet ban.

    • You have a problem with your head

    • steal db is just of the community, not of the game, the game map isn't yours, is an open world...

      some people is just horrible u.u

  • It would be best if you can search the Dragonballs on the weekend and during the week because many do not have time on the weekend

  • Why you made the caps so long? i mean, even if u play 1 hour a day u can climb to lv 45 in 1 week or 2, but a month it's too much
    If u want to add some things to the game do it like u did in the pre open beta
    I dont like the cap Lv. That makes the game boring

  • first u wiped everyone acount then your team remove Popo's Chest i vote-1

    your guy screw game 1 day your dbo end no one play this final ps if u great ful u should make another event popo money event start at monday

  • rightly, if we had been told this before we would be normal, but yesterday (saturday) the extended period of time did not arise, and I am left with 2 hours and almost nobody left the spheres

    PD:thank you very much for letting us know

  • Okey , then what about the Brown Boxes u guys got feedback that they are the mosst p2w Aspect of the game and soon they wiill become the main currency instead of Zenie ... then what u guys are doing about brown boxes , cuz clearly we can't keep like that ..

  • This game is amazing! I enjoy it very much and I will most definitely keep playing for many years to come! :)

  • My game does not enter, and I can not play, I always put my password and my name and it does not enter,

    Why does this occur?

  • Wow that was a fast response to yesterdays forum blowup.

    As one that started a post on this yesterday morning I gotta say thanks and this is the way to keep the community happy.

    I seen the change to crafting as well.

    Is there a way you could change that to +10 above cap. This will allow for working on next set of gear. I have probably 50 mil into crafting and countless hours. At cap on 2 characters, this is something I do, farm gear, sell gear to vendor and craft gear to try an get the best stats. This is very timely, spending 3 hours farming zeni to craft 30 items when crafting level 15 craft items.

  • Awesome!

  • Thank you for the hard work.