Server Maintenance


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 12th April 2018 8PM CEST

Duration: 60 Minutes.

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.


  • please fix bug with dende priest

    i can't heal the npc

    it said invalid target appointed

    anyone can help me please?

  • It is a drug that maintains the horrors of direct and look and my net and pc are good and it is not only me that I have this problem all my friends also log in the game does not play 30 min of this if you do not log in and take it as it happened to me yesterday 3 times in either the wifi or cable dc the same way and the net ta the same thing other games do not change only the dbo. For God's sake, see what's happening because it's too much. I want to play and I can not

  • please fix bug with poko dragons.. Then dragon kill mob dont give exp.

  • Why SubWeapons no give AT Phy and Magic??

    • they never were supposed to give additional Phy/Mag attack it was bugged before

  • Please adjust the speed of opening the mailbox to a steady state.

  • Pls Fix Sky Dungeon entrance i want chack what inside

    • there is no need for a fix it is a event dungeon that normaly isnt there, so befor daneos not do event with this dungeon nobody can go inside