Server Maintenance

The server maintenance finished and the servers are now online. Please note that there might be several restarts today to fix/adjust changes.


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 31-May-2018 8PM CEST

Duration: 60 Minutes.

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.

Patch Notes:

Patch Notes - May 31st 2018


Due to a hard drive failure, the forum data has been lost and we had to install a backup.


  • hola

  • Que hora os servidores voltarão?

  • 1 hour and no online

  • Que horas os canais vão ficar online ?

  • hello no server ? 4 hour and no

    • yep im waiting as well my plan was to finally grow up today XD

  • what time we online?

  • Hello,

    We are aware of the current situation regarding offline channels and will be on it as soon as we can. Can't provide an ETA on when the channels will be back.
    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.


    DBOG Staff

    • Thanks for the quick response! :)

    • Do you think it will take too long to stop server maintenance?

  • The channels are offline, are you guys doing another maintenance that you didn't announce?

  • All channels that normal?

    • namoral manutenção chata

      um não ser que coloque novas formas

    • Yeah that's weird also today there was some channels offline i was kicked sometimes because of channel offline and i logged in in an another just as this was offline to for the moment only Ch.2 is offline i hope there are no bigger problems :/