[Announcement] New DBOG Client

We'd like to announce that we'll be releasing a new client for DBOG in the near future.

This client will revamp multiple features of the game, including certain systems from the old DBO that had been unnecessarily discarded by NTL in later updates.

That being said, there will be numerous changes made when we release it, but also in the future, as well. This new client will be able to provide several new possibilities for interesting additions to the game that the previous client couldn't!

We can't reveal any surprises, but we'll let you catch a glimpse of a couple of new things.

  • Discord integration (Rich Presence):


  • New Stat Window that displays ALL of your character's detailed stats:


  • Also, are you tired of those pesky game freezes? Well, worry not, they're no more!

Again, there's a lot more coming (some already finished and others still in the works), but we want to keep those as surprises for later.

Edit: As for the ETA, you can expect it to release early next year. Until then, we'll keep updating the game with bug fixes.

  • O que outras pessoas estão dizendo eu sou Neakis

  • This haven't been applied yet, or i'm wrong?

    • This new Client is still under development, and they gave us a new ETA and it's early this year now.

  • Any news on this, because it's already winter?

    BTW video is down.

  • more info

  • dile a tu amigo daneos que deje de modificar el balance hombre... que esta la gente ya dejando de jugar =_= no te acostumbras a un balance y ya entra otro … en fin... ustedes veréis lo que quereis… y otra cosita … porque no baneais a los 2 players que todos sabemos que venden BOT de pago ?

    si quieres te doy sus names… dame privado ingame.

  • hey put item to change your character name

  • Daneos add possibility to move game to secondary screen. Asking, because my primary is giant TV that's is bit left of me and farther from me too, because it was only thing I could plug in in this eras GPU while my monitor is plug in to motherboard.

  • I guess I'll return when this comes out. Keep it up.

  • i do remember in TW version old times ago we was getting like gifts, i do remember when i did go to web site and login after long period of time playing, i realize that i have bunch of unclaimed gifts. it would be so awesome to get like monthly gifts or something, like random item capsule or doggy that is only available get from gifts. It would be nice to see calendar where for each day logged in you would get some items, nothing to crazy, may 10k zeni, lvl20 ubgrade stone, then after like 1 month login combo single gift is larger... it would make players play more

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  • no update, just wait for update in december or 2019, :(

  • and resistence rate?

  • Nice guys! I'm really excited with the news and the surprise new features!

    The game really need it. It's becoming harder everyday to find a decent cc party and evasion rate seens to be really big, and I really love this game, don't want it to die.

    I've been thinking that should be some way to make the lvl up more adventurous and fun, instead of boring UDs and quests repetitions, idk, i think that the current way the things go make the game really boring for new players, specially. And we need new players, the future of the game depends on it! Maybe the next updade are something related to that too, idk.

    Thank you guys for the good work! Can't wait to see more of it :)

  • Honestly, I needed to hear that.

    The current game is boring, I hope it hardens the drop of the stones (purple / green) enough, to become something rare, preventing them from catching +15 fast using real money.

    Will accounts be reset? I have no knowledge of this, but I hope so, it is necessary.

    And that does not have level cap ... or that does not take so long, because I uninstalled the game in cap 60.

    Yes, I used google translator.

    • There will be a lvl cap increase and no, there won't be a reset.

  • Hopefully some small updates will still be done before it releases. I wanna see stuff like master class change come to the cash shop

  • OMMGG tysm.. finally the hidden stats!!! coming with other godly goodies!!! :D !!!!!!!!!


  • winter 2018 starts at 21 Dec ,you guys will annonce it between 21 and 31 , i think that it will gonna bee the 70 cap

    • They said Winter 2018 not Winter 2018/2019 or Winter 2018-2019, so other words they may did a mistake or they just could said December 2018 instead of Winter 2018. If it's not mistake then that means the release could be moved to Winter 2019 (January - February).

  • muchas gracias por darnos información sigan así DBOG

  • Sounds vague, but if it means you can update everything easier and get more creative, then great! But this doesn't mean you're not going to hold another maintenance until Winter, right?

    • Dont worry. Once big things are finished, I will focus more on the server. But no new features are coming until the new client is out.

  • OMG It's so nice, I'm very excited with this information.