Statement regarding DBOG shutdown


today I've noticed that a rumor regarding DBOG shut down is spreading among the players.

DBOG exist since 4 years and there is no plan on shutting down the game today or in future.

We always look forward and do our best, even when there are people trying to block our way. We will not stop.

We for sure made a lot of mistakes and rushed a lot, but with every mistake we want to improve.

Not too long ago we have kicked ex GM Tempest because we could not trust him and his actions now are just proving, we were right and did the right choice by kicking him out of the DBOG Staff.

Currently I'm working on the new client which will be tested within our staff soon and then published to everyone.

The new client is going to have many bug fixes and some minor changes.

After the release, I'll be focusing on bug fixes (of course many bugs are going to pop-up) and then we will be able to focus on new content.

Kind Regards,


  • daneos mi usuario es tigguer no podía jugar no tenia pc y me bloquearon el perfil

  • I'm new to the game and the forums but I'm curious couldn't you guys try to get some of the modders of the community to join the dev-team and get them to add new content like ssj3 or a new race or whatever else while the game is being patched.

  • Wait new launcher? What does this mean you level 70 dropping?

  • i don't wanna bee that guy but honnestly daneos are you kidding us ? you said that this new client is a big thing the best and biggest thing you have been working on you got 6 mounths and honnestly you did like " nothing " no cap , no major events , no great pve balance , pvp still have bugs ...ect and then you come with : " fix bugs and few new things " is this a joke -_- , a new cap is a most you can't wait anymore ...

  • Detalhes: Haverá tradução completa PT-BR? se sim quando?

    • Aí não sei... O Hícaro estava traduzindo o DBOG. Não sei se ele parou ou saiu da equipe de tradução....

  • good

  • Tnx for keeping this game alive :)

  • Very good He should have been kicked

  • Some Comments here , some people are still butt hurt over the past. i Seriously Love how some people would suck others, cause they have a certain color on their name, when colors are out, they see them as slaves. Pathetic

  • lel i got banned can i get explantion tho?

    who did i harassed

  • I have spent a considerable amount of money way too early on your game, and today I am not even able to play it due to its horrible stability. You do owe me a proper fix Daneos. I chose not to do a chargeback back then, not because I have hopes in you, you're the most unprofessional admin in PS gaming history, but because of the nice community this server holds.

    You owe us a functional game, and it's past due we get it. No more blaming on ex-staff members for decisions you made yourself, we are fed-up witnessing one mistake after the other when you are being warned things WILL go wrong if you push certain updates through.

  • Tempest and his brother deserve everything bad coming to them. ggwp

    • His brother??? Who is his brother???

  • tempest kicked hahaha awesome, that guy banned me 3 days for posting a " stfu meme " i love to see he is banned and kicked from staff now

    R.I.P Tempest

  • How can a game progress with a corrupted team ? So many free presents thanks to one GM, but it's ok, the new client will be relased and everybody will be happy. We are not blind. Something need to be done with all theses scandals

    • You re right he is letting her prersents her friends gear+++ however that dog doesn't try to stop her.before 70 he needs to change the corrupted GM first .

  • Change the leader

    2nd chances should not be given. Especially for something she has done

  • I almost had a heart attack when i read ''Shoutdown''.

    I hope those months without anything new will be worth with the new client. I have faith in you and your project, Daneos.

  • Whoever said that wants people to play on his server.

  • GMs corruptos deve ser a pergunta é por isso que eles ainda não estãoDetalhes

  • if u dont fix the current pvp/pve balance there will be a server of 50 guys waiting for the new content

  • Es el mejor juego,esperamos el servidor pronto Daneos,suerte con el trabajo,aprecio el esfuerzo de todo el equipo,hay muchos personas malagradecidas,has caso omiso a esas.

  • please more info about client

  • Everyone still plays the game yet makes fun of daneos for being a bad coder or doesn't care about anyone but himself XD, if that's how people feel then why you still here, why you still talking about the game and last but not least why do you still play? Stop talking shit and leave the game if you hate him or it so much🤬🤬

    • You saying this shit cuz you got +15 shit sweet

    • ele diz isso porque ele não recebe mais presentes +15

    • Both of you are as retarded as the other, show me where my +15's are. I never received a spawned item (hence why im not banned). You guys are just butt hurt you cant and never could touch me in-game XD

    • Her slave,, huh

    • Oraculont, yeah go make a fake profile to comment on my post, rats will be rats after all ;(

      XeoLee, i mean you can go ride that long ass train along with the other dumb-asses like tempest if you want, it doesn't affect or bother me

  • don't shut down the game add cap 70 and everyone will be active and play again

  • this is all bull shit, there is just some1 who is agry, because he got kicked out.
    dbog will not shut down.

  • add cap 70 and the game will be popular again dont abandone dbog please

    • 70 cap will either drop with the new client or shortly after new client is available. Don't worry 👌

    • im still playing everyday ill wait xD

  • I have an arabic passport, if any german shepherd dog looking for one

  • Liar

  • But I thought thursday dbog was going to close not the coming one but the next one

  • does lithuanian passport works on lilim or german only? I hope youre not lying :( good luck tho

  • I showed german passport pls respond