[EVENT] Christmas Event

Hello DBO G Community,1724-monster-53-png

I would like to announce a new event that we will be hosting this Sunday, December 9th at 6pm UTC+1.

What does this Event consist of?

The objective of this event is that you have to kill 2 Bosses.

1st BOSS: You have to kill a boss called Nana [Lv 70].

2nd BOSS: You have to kill a boss called Weiyi [Lv 30].

After they has been killed, multiple rewards will spawn for you to collect!



What Nana [lv 70] will drop?

Nana will drop a lot of Overflowing Chest's.



What can you get with this Item?



What Weiyi [lv 30] will drop?

Weiyi will drop a lot of EV Santa Claus Gift Bag's.



What can you get with this Item?

E1ZKHQA.png          CopDhBZ.png

Where will this Event take place?

This event will take place at Yahoi East, specifically at Tocco's Tomb on Channel 0.


I hope to see you there!



DBO G Staff

  • The Boss already happened? i been sitting here for 2 hours with a crap ton of players and i have yet to see the boss, there are still a bunch waiting here, i havent seen a single boss, frankly this pisses me off

  • I did not get anything all the time dc serwer wrrr ;(;(

  • Cuando acabo el evento, salio el gorila lvl 70, salio el mensaje de "acabo evento" y a los 5 seg, aparecieron objetos

  • cada vez que entraba al juego me sacaba y lo peor que estuve 1 hr antes de que comenzara y luego me saco cada rato eso no es justo, que apuesto que los chinos y los europeos tienen toda la recompensa y ahora todo sera mas caro, la idea fue buena mala fue lo que colapso

  • the idea was great, but the server couldnt handle it, i got nothing not i capsule, you said there ll be enough for everyt one.

    there where a lot of caracters not doing anything, not fair, i feel robbed

  • Well, even I paid a visit to dbog for this quick event. Overwhelming crashes and mess. Wouldn't it be simpler to send rewards for each account that has been online today? I mean anything to compensate because most of the players didn't get anything. Something to consider, but cheers for trying.

    • Consider this idea please Hardlock. I knew it before it happened, every time there's a boss thing everything collapses. Even without the crashes most players would have not been able to move a finger. It's totally a bad idea to call a huge amount of players in the same place in a 2009 game that is not properly optimized, and ofc it won't handle this nor any future boss event. I barely can move when Underworld Invasion Boss, wonder this.

    • indeed, i couldnt move at all after drop aal i saw where usernames, that was it. It was verry frustrating. Been sitting there from server restart. Thats 13 hours. And i got nothing......

    • i lost my enthousiasm for the game. now the loot is getting sold for ridiculous prices. 450kk for a dogy 50kk for the boxes.... apparently somebody got something. a lot of us nothing.

  • Queria saber la hora del evento, pero ya me fije que es a las 6 pm UTC+1

  • I love these events you guys have been doing, sadly I haven’t had time to play in a long while but happy to see stuff like this and more to come in the future.


  • Impressive, I might just pay a visit from my old laptop if it has dbog on. What I'm curious about, is whether this event is the last one this month or will there be more?

    And to be certain, by "account bound" you meant to say "character bound", right?

    • Hello,

      Yes, I meant to say character bound.

      I plan to make Events every 2-3 weeks. It will depends on the ideas and if I have time.

    • Alright, appreciate the effort and answers.

  • Are the drops or the rewards BIND? Also, can anyone participate? what if im a lvl 20 char or lower?

    And considering that a HUGE amount of players will be there, will there be enough drops for everyone to take? Also I don't know how are we supposed to loot if we get lagged or idk.

    • in the original game all low players did the lvl 30 boss on all channels and the high lvl did the lvl 70.

      if it laggs at looting you can maybe use pets with looting or spamming spacebar xD

    • Hello,

      Everyone will be able to participate. You can't abuse the loot with the pet skill because the loot will spawn in a range of "x m. The drop will depend on the players base (more players = more loot).

      And yes, the rewards will be bound to your account except the Overflowing chest (if you don't open it) & U60 Stones.

  • Will they give us all the prizes that are there, or will it be 1?

    • Hello,

      It's random, they can give you 1-3.

  • Will the boss have much lp so more players need to attack or?

    • Hello,

      Yes, the bosses have a lot of LP but the lv 30 one will be much easier.

    • go back to egypt hehe danin

  • Will the boss reappear?

    Or will it be once?

    • Once

    • este boss daneos no cale nada no cayo nada 1 hora esperando para nada filo da putaEn