Recommended Cap 60 Patch Part 2 - Dogis!

Hey Everyone,

In 15 mins, at 05:00 UTC on 07-25, I'll be rebooting the server to add in all the new dogis! You can see them below. Most are in the cash shop, along with some bundle sales, except for the Piccolo Dogi, and ranger helmets. The ranger helmets are from last Halloween, so your existing models will be updated, and the Piccolo Dogi is in the Token Shop! Thanks for playing everyone! Part 3 of Cap 60 + patch notes for all changes will be coming soon! Look out for Dogi Balls in Part 3!


  • Make Piccolo Outfit with no cape, to be able used by Human and i back to game :p.

    PS: This one miss wirstbands.